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Yo. I'm Vitch. I can be a major shitposter at times, but I do enjoy roleplaying, and I've been roleplaying for years. My interest in roleplay has always been kinda off and on tho. Like I'll be into it for like a month, and then I'm gone for the next three. Idk why I do that. I've been gaming a lot on my new pc a lot lately, and if you wanna game feel free to pm me and we can friend each other on steam or sum.

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You know what? Find a seat and get comfy, because you're not banned.
Both, I see

Unless you were asking if time magic was related to why there are fantasy elements, then no. Or at least that wasn't what I was thinking when I came up with the idea.
wait what about

Time magic? Hmm. Time magic is pretty difficult to use in a roleplay. It would likely have to be like some crazy event that would have to include like every player. Or we could branch it off into a whole new timeline in another thread. The magic would have to be like some kind of ritual that a big group of characters would have to participate in in order for it to work. If you're thinking smaller scale, maybe like a single use rune or something, but it would have some seriously hefty costs. Magic always has a price, and time magic would be one of the most expensive.
I'm not exactly sure what I would call it, but it would be a world with your basic fantasy elements. Different fantasy races, like dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. It would have beasts, like dragons, sea serpents, giant flaming wolves, etc. It would of course have magic as well, like runes that you can use to enchant items, or enhance your senses, spells launch fireballs at your foes, and curses to cast on your enemies, etc. And don't forget the high tech environment, plasma rifles, nanochip implants to grant powers to those not so magically inclined, crazy prosthetic limbs that can transform into rocket launchers at a thought, flying cars and spaceships that you can take to other planets, etc. I keep adding in the etcs because possibilities are endless. Any one character could have limitless potential. It would be complete and utter chaos and it would be fantastic.

I'm new. Not new to roleplay, but new to the site. I've been roleplaying for years. Not sure how many exactly, but it's been a long time. I can get pretty advanced with roleplaying, especially with my starters. I get very carried away with starters, almost always adding like too much backstory imo. Hmm. What else? Oh, genres. Uhh. I don't really have a solid preference. It really just depends on my mood, though I do like to have some sort of magic system, or powers involved in rps. I mean this isn't like required by any means, I just think powers and stuff are fun. When I'm not roleplaying, I enjoy gaming or watching tv. I built a pc recently and I've been playing a bunch of different games on it, including MC, New World, FH4, GTA, along with a variety of others. My discord is Vitch#9838, so if anyone wants to rp or game, hmu there. Or here. Idk how notifications work on here tho. Probably email. I don't usually pay much attention to email.
That took way too long. I'm glad it worked.
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