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It's an average day in New York City. Traffic as usual, the sidewalks filled with crowds of folk, and construction going on as usual. It was also just another day for Ramona and her company. Suddenly there is a loud rumbling noise that spreads across the city, causing the ground to shake. No one is hurt, but some car windows are broken and buildings lose parts of their structure. It caused a panic, which sent emergency respondents into a frenzy. Upon investigation, the police force finds that in the outskirts of the city, there is a huge hole being drilled into the ground. But... there is no one to be found. Only a very large drill that seemed to have struck some strange energy crystal hidden deep in the ground. And the drill itself? It is not of man made origins. Which prompts the arrival of the Men In Black, a secret government organization that investigates extraterrestrial occurrences. This event still makes news however, sending the people of New York City into a scare. But news of this happening is quickly taken off the media, which raises suspicion within the Humanoid community. Individuals born with extraordinary abilities. Following shortly after this, Humanoids have been found dead. Often mutilated in the most gruesome ways. In every case they are usually missing some vital organ. People have also been reporting sightings of strange U.F.O.s that seemed to blend in with the skies. This prompted Ramona to do some investigating herself, because whoever did this got one of her closest friends. Upon investigating the sight of the drill one night, she finds a group of strange purple skinned beings huddled around the dead body of a humanoid. They spot her however, and capture her thanks to their superior technology. She comes into contact with this alien race known as the Grel.

They reveal that hundreds of years ago, they planted a mineral in the earth's core known as Wilnstone, a mineral that once honed through means of technology, can grant people longevity. The Grel don't care that their drilling is destroying the earth either. They have also come to the conclusion that Humanoids are a threat to their plans, and they have decided to eradicate them. Which explained the murders. They revealed themselves to the world and promise to eradicate anyone, human or Humanoid, that gets in their way. The governments of the world and the Humanoids have joined forces to stop this alien race, but there are traitors among them. Ramona is an ambassador of the Humanoid community and she is being held in captivity along with other ambassadors. Can the forces of the world save them or will the Grel succeed in wiping out the Humanoids?



The Grel are a technologically advanced race of aliens who focus on their own self interest and the cultural and genetic preservation of their own race. They have the physiology of a human, but they posses a lot of traits different traits from humans. For starters, they have purple skin that dulls in color as they age. They have freckle-like spots on their skin, however this trait is seen more in the females. They have pointed ears which gives them very keen hearing, although the males tend to have bigger ears, making them superior in this field. They have black eyes with yellow pupils. The males are known to cold and calculating, but the females are know n to be vicious and savage. Now i will highlight some of the abilities that Grelians have:

-Superhuman condition: Grelians are ten times faster and stronger than the average human. This doesn't mean however they are unstoppable, as they can still be taken down by a cunning human.

-Enhanced hearing: Grelians are known to have a very sharp sense of hearing. They can hear sounds from up to 10 miles away without much effort.

-Regenerative factor: Grelians have an incredible regenerative factor, able to regenerate from limbs and catastrophic wounds within seconds.

-Retractable claws: This is the one that ability Grelians are known and feared for. They possess the ability to grow claws from their hands in the same way Wolverine does. The males only grow a single long claw while the women can grow a two claws that are pronged at the ends like thorns, making them more deadly than the male claws.

-Energy projection: Grelians can release a beam of energy from their chest by absorbing energy sources around them and metabolizing it. This is often used as a last resort move when the Grelians feels they are in a pinch.

-Grelians are sensitive to extremely loud and are subjected to sensory overload. Sensory overload will stun them for about ten seconds.
-Can be killed instantly by cutting off their heads, as their brains are the central system of their regenerative factor, although thier bodies can remain active for twenty-four hours.
-can be killed by conventional means but takes heavy weaponry to kill them
-They can die instantly in cold environments because they are from a planet that is closest to the sun in their galaxy.

Humanoids are humans who were born with an extraordinary ability. However Humanoids cannot posses reality warping or time traveling abilities. Humanoids are said to be the next stage in human evolution.

Just your average homo sapien.
this is quite interesting.
Hey, welcome to the Guild. You can always pm me if you want to do a personal rp :)
Hey I'm for something like this.
Can I still apply?
No traction dude.
Can I still join this?
Seems interesting. I'm always available for a modern role-play :)
This is going to be my first role-play that I post on this forum. It's gonna revolve around a plot that I created for a comic book plot. I hope this gets someone interested enough to jump in. This will revolve around my OC Ramona. Here goes nothing.

My OC:

The Luminary Order

A year after the death of Ramona's father, her first year as a CEO was not going so well. Workers were not showing up on time, tensions between co-workers were getting so bad that she had to let a few go, and her profits didn't seem steady. Luckily, her advisory team lead, Joanne, was helping her through all of this. But she had no idea that things were going amuck all across the world. Riots all across Europe and the Middle East erupted following the appearance of a mysterious symbol(the one above). Ramona saw this and decided to to do some research on the symbol. She found that the symbol was a symbol that was used by an old cult called the Luminary Order, the first occultist group consisting of mostly humanoids that existed in ancient Egypt. The symbol represented the end of the world.

She needed to know more, so she travels to Egypt and runs into a gypsy who tells her that the Luminary Order has been resurrected by the energies of a powerful telepathic. Antonio, her brother. His goal is to destroy the world and create a new because he blames Ramona still for his issues. Everything was fine until SHE came around. He just wants her dead for good. Even if he has to destroy everything to do so. Returning back to her company, she finds out that Joanne has been actively trying to bring the company down under the telepathic control of Antonio. After firing Joanne, she puts the company under a hiatus and decided it was time to recruit help from other heroes. She sends out a SOS message to the Hero Association hoping to get a response. But will she finds the help she needs or will she get more than what she bargained for?
@svpernxva I would still be able to take you up on your offer if you'd like.
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