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Rune Factory Role Play

@Kamphund: If you need to expand your canvas in Photopea, go to "Image > Canvas Size." You can multiply the height of your canvas by the number of frames you wish to make your canvas/image. My images are 659 pixels (if my memory serves me right), so if I want two frames, I adjust the canvas height to 1318 pixels. I typically scale my images a little larger than the canvas boundaries, in one direction or another, and let images overlap to prevent blank space.

Sorry, I feel like I'm overloading the chat. Hope my earlier tutorials were helpful.
Did my tutorials help???
I've resorted to creating a bunch of files in this format.

@Amastacia: I'm trying to find a program that makes it easier to stack images (not just layer images) evenly. I'm still looking. It would be nice to find an easier text program as well.
That's fine, it takes a long time to get everything matched up!
Out of curiosity, how is everyone preparing to set up their posts? I've finally combined my background image files with my avatars and speech bubbles. All I have to do is enter text into images to make posts. What's everyone else doing?
@Kamphund: If you take a screenshot of your dreamselfy character and send it to me, I can send you a transparency.
Rune Factory Role Play

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