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Yeah, I tried to get a post going. But Leopardfang was sort of waiting for the activities to be posted before jumping in so if I do something it's going to be slightly awkward. Could always try and get the conversation going though.
I was waiting for Brambletail to get a post in but if there's not one tomorrow I'll have a post up!
:Willowclan Territory -> Camp

Snow. White, cold, and utterly annoying to try and blend in with. Leopardfang was an experienced hunter, but with leaf-bare keeping the prey in their dens and the snow making his fur stick out like a sore-thumb it was proving difficult to catch anything of substance. This was probably why he had only managed three pieces during his solo hunting patrol. It was relaxing hading out into nature alone but he would be lying if that was the only reason for his jaunts around the territory. The lack of fresh-kill had made his anxiety sky-rocket and knowing that no rest would come he had ventured out of the camp early to find some food.

During the day he had managed to slip around the camp without being seen which was a feat considering how large and blatant he was. He kept a low profile, only speaking when spoken to and handling tasks without being told. And with no Apprentice to train he had all the time in the world to just help out where he could. He had observed the re-padding efforts and had silently dragged a whole dens' worth up, leaving it beside the Apprentices' own pile before then trotting out to check the borders. Unfortunately for him, he had missed the fox fight and Sunfur's excitement with an adder.

Leopardfang shook his head with amusement as he munched on a vole he had caught along with a mouse on his way back to the camp. It, again, wasn't much but every little bit helped and he was hoping that the other patrols would bear more fruit and have more luck. He was just finishing when he heard Fernstar call for a clan meeting. Now that was a cat Leopardfang admired, carving out an existence and getting all of these cats to come together. She had his full loyalty and backing and when she spoke he listened. The news was good, Starclan finally coming to Blackpelt and perhaps recognizing Willowclan as 'official'. Not that it needed it really, it was a home for -many- cats who would otherwise be outcasts. But he supposed it was nice to be recognized.

As Fernstar wandered to her den Leopardfang stood as well and made his way to the entrance only to be beaten there by Sunfur. Leopardfang stood politely outside while the other Warrior made his way in and then chuckled a bit to himself when he overheard the start of the conversation. Great minds think alike, and while he had expected Fernstars answer, he still worried. Which if you knew him, wasn't surprising. He sighed a bit and padded off to begin washing the day's dirt from his coat and started keeping an eye on everyone.
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