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@Cao the Exiledi dont think so
The story takes place in the fictional continent of Asbernia, which is divided in several kingdoms that constantly fight each other for supremacy, yet none of them seems to outbest the rest for a long time, so the monarchs of these states only dream of going back to the days when all Asbernia was unified under one strong Empire, the Dalmasian Empire, 1000 yeas ago.
The arrival of a new civilization to the continent changed things quite a bit, in no less than 50 years these foreigns defeated the Kingdom of Burlof, and renamed it as the Kingdom Tiber, these tiberians seems to be fearsome warriors so all the other kingdoms look at them caution, and rumors say their new leader is a cruel woman that rules with an iron fist.

So these is when YC comes in action, she would be a noblewoman (perhaps princess) from the kingdom bordering with mc's. maybe she was sent as an ambassadress in an attempt to settle a friendship between the kingdoms. What will the future hold for them? love? treason? war and death or perhaps peace? hard to think of it when their cultures are so different
im sorry for my late reply, i have been busy with my studies.

-The story will take place after the imperial legion puts some order after crushing Ulfric's rebellion. Perhaps 3 or 4 years after. Also, the Dragonborn is nowhere to be seen
-Each Jarl sends their own mercenaries to the island so there will be some competition at first, but they will end up working together sooner or later.
Much of the plot must be discussed as i only have the big idea, no details.
Everything starts when a group of horker hunters get lost in the Sea of Ghosts after a storm, their ship ends up in a strange island that does not appear in any map, the hunters managed to return to Skyrim with news about this island, soon all the Jarls found out about this and the High King decided to call them all for a meeting. They decided to explore the island with the help of mercenaries so they would not lose good soldiers in case the island was dangerous.
So your character is one of those mercenaries or settlers who is sent to the island, what will they find? who knows? get your sword ready just in case.
So the big idea is to focus on the lives of two females that live in the wild west during the XIX century.
The circumstances under which they meet can be discussed but my idea is that they become either bandits or bounty hunter, perhaps the assistant of some sheriff. in any case they lives of this two will be hard
We can also encounter some real famous people from the real life as well as to approach to the supernatural world of the natives, myths and more.

If interested just pm me
Wendigo here, nice to meet you all.
I have some experience in roleplaying but I can´t really tell I´m a great player.
In any case you will sure find me looking for some FxF rp
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