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Very interested!!!!


i made it
Around the end of X century, it has a mixture between historical facts and fantasy.

Everything started years ago with the news of the arrival of Leif Erikson to new lands he called Vinland. Many followed their dreams of becoming rich in this new land and formed new expeditions with the idea of creating new settlements. In one of this settlements, called Osnirk, something strange happened: a viking ship arrived to the place to make business, the village was completely abandoned, they found blood on the ground but nothing else. This ship returned home with such news. This is where our characters get involved: Mc's father or perhaps uncle had traveled to Osnirk as part of the settlers, much of a reason to want to investigate, the same happened with yc as well, someone important was in Osnirk.

What will they find one they get there? enemies? mosnters?
What a cliche, anyways, I have many ideas in my but this one is easiest to make a plot of!

The story would take place in any Amercian city you desire (I´m not american so you choose) a zombie outbreak takes place not only in this specific city but also in others ( we will see why later). So our characters (that may or not know each other) first have to escape from the city and search for any place to hide, not even military bases are safe as this outbreak is a total chaos. maybe they join a bigger group? stay only the two? why are they even together?
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