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I do not have much of a plot at the moment so I´m looking fordward to see what good ideas you guys come up with. Anyways this is what I got:

The story takes place in an alternative timeline, the Dragonborn never appeared and so such character remains only as a legend (at least for now). The Imperial Legion managed to crush the Stormcloack rebellion and everything seems to be going just fine in the Province. My character, an archeologist, would show up in Skyrim after years traveling around the other Provinces with her grandfather.

Perhaps our characters meet at some tavern whenyour character finds it strange to see such a young girl witha sword and decides to see what my character is up to or something something like this. In any case the two end up venturing into some old catacombs and this is when they find out your character ins the one and only Dragonborn! With such discovery many adventures and problems (like fighting dragons, female Miraak and more) show up.

What I have in mind is a teen x milf relationship, I first I was planning to play the teen but I have no problem with playing the milf. So If any girl is interested just send me a PM

So the big idea is to focus on the lives of two females that live in the wild west during the XIX century.
The circumstances under which they meet can be discussed and sure they will have different reasons to be there, but my idea is that they become either bandits or bounty hunter, perhaps the assistant of some sheriff. In any case they lives of this two will be hard
We can also encounter some real famous people from the real life, we can also approach to the supernatural world of the natives, myths and more.
I will be taking some insporations from games like Red Dead Redemption and Westland Survival.

If interested just pm me
The story takes place in the Kingdom of Rynassia, which is currently in crisis: the radicals peprformed a coup with the help of some high ranked Officers who were not happy with the new laws King Albert had created. The King knew they could not win the civil war, thus sends his family away from the Capital, Lavandear, in an attempt to keep them safe from the radicals.

This is when our characters meet, on one hand I had in mind an experienced mercenary who had served the King many times, so as a last job she is ordered to protect the King's granddaughter. On the other hand we have the Princess, young and rebellious, who will have to learn to survive in a country her family no longer rules.

The plot is quite simple for those who played the game.

It all goes around a group of citizens who are hiding inside a bar at the south zone of Racoon City, it was when they were about to lose all hope that a radio notice called their attention "A safe zone at the north exit of the city". So this group decides to take this risky chance and try to make their way through the streets infested with zombies.
So our characters are part of that little group, a group where none knew each other before the apocalypse, however, who knows what can happen between the characters
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