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Thats my problem with this phone. I can't put in all the detail I want because I hate typing shit out on a phone. I'd rather have a keyboard. My rps suffer hardcore.
The shadowy figure chuckles a bit and leaned in real close to Quaver. "I just hope it's a good show. No one likes to have thier time wasted." It said before disappearing and and appearing next to the dark haired on with a wicked grin. "Yeah this place was meant for odd ones. It's the reason that talking cat owns this place. He's an odd one. It used to belong to a friend of the cats but she's been long gone for a very long time."
The cat didn't respond to either of them. It just floated off deeper into the tent to disappear for now. It's shadowy friend stocked around. His yellow scanned the room taking everyone in. "I just can't wait to see what you all have in mind. Hopefully it's good so we can draw in more odd ones. Maybe put that cat in a less grumpy mood."
The cat first turned to the beastmaster and let out a small sigh. "No offense but the kind of kocreatures that would normally find their way here on the levels of eldritch horrors. They arent something that can be manipulated so easily." It said as it motioned to the brastmasters own shadow creatures.

The cat then turned to face the being calling itself Quaver. "As for you I don't even know where to begin. I won't be putting on a show. Too much work." The yellowed eyed shadow creature rolled it's eyes and hissed at the cat. "Then let them put on a show. Who knows cat it might bring some one in You're really to give this realm away to." The cat thought about it for a moment before nodding it's head. "Fine do as you wish."
I can say my life is totally different too. When I was here last that was like 6 years ago. I'm trying to role Play but at the moment I just have a phone. So my rping blows xD
The cat watched as one being after another entered its tent. The cat sighed and looked over at the shadow creature. "There I did my part. You think she'd be happy? People and creatures are coming in." The shadow creature chuckled a bit sliding up next to the floating cat. It shook it's head. "Nah You need more Cat. That funny talking goblin is pretty interesting though."

The cat looked over at the being known as Quaver with a small sigh. "There is no ringmaster at the moment. Well I might be the closes thing to a ringmaster. This is my tent but I have no intentions of putting on a show. This is just a place where the odd can meet up. The things this tent can attract makes this place a circus without putting on a show."
My user name isn't the same but the picture pretty much is the same. Slightly different. I have a thing for Cheshire Cats :P and I've been good but bored. Which is why I'm back. How about yourself?
Hello Cara! It's been a while a very long while. :P I was a regular on this thread or the first one you had a long ass time ago back when this site crashed and had to be remade.
The cat looks over at the cloaked figured with a flat look. "Oh I dunno a circus tent?" The shadow creature appeared towering over the cloaked man. "Why must you be so rude to new comers!?" It called out before looking down at the man. "I'm sorry about that cat. It's always so grumpy."
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