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I'm deeply interested in the dynamic of a female protagonist and the bad guy developing a romantic or sexual tension between them. It makes it more spicy and exciting to see them tussle, and of course, she always seems to slip out of his grasp or gets away because he decides to spare her life. I would like to do an rp where they eventually have to join forces for whatever reason, whether it's formed by a temporary truce, lies and manipulation, blackmail or the beginning of redemption for the villain who is having a change of heart.

I'm open to any type of story involving this theme, although action-adventure or survival-horror is what I imagine most for this idea. Right now, I'm not too picky about post length, writing style, grammar or anything like that; I just want to have some fun.

PM me if you want to brainstorm with me or have an idea already. I'm willing to play either role (plus side characters/NPCs).

For fandoms, some of my favorite pairs are:

Resident Evil: Jill/Claire x Wesker
Rise of the Tomb Raider: Lara x Konstantin
The Evil Within: Juli Kidman x Ruvik/The Administrator
I'm looking to get back into rp'ing again, but my brain has been feeling super rusty and I barely have any ideas. I would prefer casual partners in this case; I'm simply not in the right mindset to start making novel sized posts right now.

That being said, I'm still down to do almost anything. Please send me whatever idea(s) you're feeling in the mood for, except Slice-of-Life. I'll play any gender, any orientation, any sort of sub/dom/switch role if you want 18+ content. I can play multiple characters too. My writing style and length varies a lot. I don't care what you give me, as long as it isn't a one-liner.

Below is a short list of stuff I'm interested in, off the top of my head -- just to give you an idea of what I tend to lean towards. I have a wide variety of things I like to write about though, so even if you don't see something listed here, that doesn't mean I don't want to do it. Suggestions are always welcome!

General Stuff
Serial Killers
Magical Girls
Psychic Powers/Experiments
Mad Scientists
Survivor during a crisis/disaster/apocalypse
Twisted Fairytales (including Disney stuff)

Fandom Stuff
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Bendy & The Ink Machine
Clock Tower
Devil May Cry
Dragon Age
Dragon's Dogma
Final Fantasy
Haunting Ground
Hello Neighbor
Kingdom Hearts
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
The Evil Within
Vampire The Masquerade
Status:-Still available and searching!-
UPDATE:-Added an important fellow I'd forgotten to the possible pairings list.-‚Äč
The Creator Lied To Us

For those of you who have played/seen the ending of Bendy & The Ink Machine, allow me to assure you; I have no goddamn clue what was going on there either. It doesn't matter! I've heard all of the theories, headcanons, fanon, everything you can think of surrounding this fandom. I'm not picky about sticking to in-game lore, I just like the concept/design of these characters and can adapt to any AU (except slice-of-life stuff... unless it's like exploring the idea of bendy coming to life for the first time, and how the humans dealt with having him living in their studio, not trying to kill them of course).

I can play them as their cartoon selves, corrupted ink creatures, humanized either partially or turned fully into real people, and even actual honest-to-goodness demons complete with satanic rituals! If you're ready for this kind of inescapable fun, come follow me into the black pools of abysmal ink that awaits us below~!

Characters I can play:
Bendy, Alice Angel, Sammy. Possibly Henry, Joey Drew or an OC cartoonist/ink creature. I don't know about Boris, but I can give it a shot.

Particular parings I like:
Bendy x Alice Angel
Bendy x Sammy
Bendy x Henry
Bendy x Bendy?
Bendy x OC (human or ink creature)
Bendy x Joey Drew (as a young man; first starting the studio or age regressed by time-distortion)
Bendy x Projectionist (only if he's more humanized/has a head with a proper face at some point in the story)
Bendy x Satan/The Devil/Lucifer himself (figured it'd be interesting to explore the demonic themes more seriously)
Alice Angel x Henry
Alice Angel x Boris
Alice Angel x Alice Angel?
Alice Angel x OC (human or ink creature)
Alice Angel x Joey Drew (as a young man; first starting the studio or age regressed by time-distortion)

I'm open to other combinations as well; just suggest something and I'll see what I can do.

Three Easy Rules for RP'ing With Me:

I take a long time to plan out each post. I also have a hectic schedule and cannot always reply every day, so it's normal for me to skip a day or few.

Please talk to me about the RP, if something made you laugh -- let me know, if you find a song that fits the RP -- send it my way! I'm more motivated to write when someone's actually excited to see what happens next. I tend to think my partners don't like my posts if they never have anything to say about any scenes in the story. :(

Dude, I don't want to be your tour guide. Take some risks, make some twists! Be an individual, surprise me with your own eventful moments, have an actual impact on the plot! I'm tired of steering the entire story while my partner is only following along, waiting for me to create new scenes for them to interact with next. I do my best to entertain you, but I want to be entertained too!

Give and Take -- a two-way street for satisfaction:
When it comes to the topic of post length, I generally give 3-4 paragraphs or more. I'm asking for at least 2 paragraphs minimum in return; I would prefer a little more if you can manage it, but I don't want an essay page, please. I'm not afraid to let you know when I'm feeling intimidated and might have to turn you down; if you're a super elite wordsmith that makes all of my shit look like pointless drivel in comparison, I cannot possibly be an effective partner for you. I'm sorry to say you're gonna have to go away, Grandmaster.

Now What Will You Do?:
Alright, if you're still around, then thank you for sticking with me to the end!
Now it's time for you to start feeling interested~!
What are you waiting for?
Post here or pm me.
Holy shit, do I see The Evil Within listed there?! Hell, I was already excited to do horror in general, but I've been dying to do an rp around Ruvik. I could give Ruvik x Seb a shot, but I would be leagues better with Ruvik x OC is romance is an option (which I strongly prefer). Kidman x Seb is something I have an interest in trying as well, though that's up to what you ultimately feel like going for. Even if you want to do an entirely different idea, that's fine by me, so long as it's still horror-themed.

FUN FACT: I have no limits I'm aware of at the present time, and I've seen a lot of shit so... either I'm a resiliant, psychopathic sonuvabitch, or I just have yet to discover what might utterly destroy my mind. Throw whatever you want at me; it's all fair game! :D
I'd say Summoner's Lineage first, simply because I had a similiar idea a while back that I wanted to do with someone. Then Symphonic Strength, cause I've been craving to be a part of a magical girl team. And finally Blight, because you mentioned Bloodborne. ;D

Either way, I'd be very interested in joining you with whatever you end up doing; I always wanted to be part of a small group rp.
Reporting in, just to prove that I still intend to take part in this when it's ready.
Sorry it took so long, I was waiting on a friend to return my laptop so I could complete my CS.
Name: Avery Ortega

Gender: Female

Age: 23


Personality: Hedonistic, curious, easily bored, always seeking something more than the mundane, at times incredibly lazy, takes some things too seriously, can be quick to anger or become annoyed, extremely introverted around people she doesn't know, lacking a lot of self-esteem but hides it behind a false inflated ego.

Bio: (prefer to reveal these details through the story, if you don't mind...)

Power: To become incorporeal a.k.a. the ability to phase through objects. The incorporeal state only lasts for a few seconds, and can take effect automatically in the event that the user is aware of incoming harm, or manually if they make a conscious effort to pass through an obstacle. Any items the user is carrying will be dropped, however, as the person can become incorporeal but their belongings remain solid and will simply fall through them as if they were a ghost. Clothes, for some reason, are the only type of item that can be carried on the user. Probably by the sheer subconscious desire to remain clothed at all cost.

-Amira (mother)
They never really got along well while Avery was growing up, so after becoming an adult, she does not make much of an effort to keep in contact with her single mother unless it's important.

-Raphael (older brother)
He died when Avery was too young to have any real memories of him, but he left behind a few journals that she reads to be reminded of what he was like.

-Markus (ex-boyfriend)
They broke up, but remain on relatively good terms, although Avery does harbor some spite and jealousy at ties about his new relationship.

-Elizabeth (1st best friend)
They don't talk to each other anymore for reasons Avery is ashamed of, but she still continues to stalk her on social media in secret.

-Maria (2nd best friend)
They haven't yet forged a friendship as strong as Avery once had with Elizabeth, but Maria is one of the only people she feels like she can care about at this point.

Sentimental Attachment: Her brother's journals and his other assorted belongings.

Weapon: She will make use of whatever she finds in the area.
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