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The humble potato that which has fallen from the heavens after being cast out by it's unforgiving father. I do not carry hate I give only love to thee and therefore shall transcend into the beautiful madness we call existence.

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What happened to this? XD
Yayyy I miss this
I'm also fine with restarting if you all are cool with it.
Just wanted to pop in and ask how everyone's doing.
I'm waiting for the rp to thaw xD
This sounds awesome! Gives me Grimes Kill V. Maim vibes!
He smiled at Brielle feeling a sort off odd old feeling welling up inside of him. Oh how he wished youth didn't go by so fast in these times, the children of the world all have to grow up so quickly now. He wondered what life would have been like before the demons attacked. He walked in now, headed straight for his desk and stood in place looking over what he'd left from the day before. He was a tad early, but students soon poured into the room, some stopping to greet him this early morning. This was always his favorite part of the day, seeing the kids smile as they entered, excited to learn more about the world.

He looked down at his desk and found his hands moving to the drawer on one side, from which he pulled out a strange dusty notebook. After a few minutes of waiting the classroom had soon filled up with the youthful blood of the community.

"Good morning class, I have a bit of exciting news for you today. Now I know you all expected us to be going over flora and fauna all day and some of you weren't so fond of that. But we've had a slight change in today's lesson. We'll still cover the basics of this, but we aren't going too deep. Because today I've brought in a guest for you all. She's actually a close friend of mine, her name is Brielle and she and I will be demonstrating some sparing for you today. You'll also be able to spar with your peers. Now then, Brielle...would you please come up here and introduce yourself this morning?"

He smiled sweetly in her direction giving her a welcoming gesture to walk to the front of the class. The entire student body applauded and smiled waiting for her to walk.

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