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Bump, added some pairings this time! :)
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Welcome, thanks for dropping in! I’m Wavy and this is my navigation post: a neat lil’ place for plots, concepts, OCs, and pairings I’m wanting to roleplay. You’ll mostly find broad listings here that mirror my tastes and interests; of which I’m confident in there being something for everyone. Though, as this thread will be updated over time, if indeed nothing does take your fancy, then please check back on occasion or, better yet, message me your own idea(s) directly. This post should only be viewed as a starting point, with everything being non-definitive. My private messages are always open and gladly accepting of new requests.

With that in mind, here’s a bit about me to help lay the scene:

* * * * * * *

I write in third person, using standard grammar conventions such as ( ) ! “ — . , ? opposed to asterisks * *.

My responses are typically 3 – 10 paragraphs. I consider myself to be a semi-adv. – adv. writer. Thus, novella or adv. literate level replies are preferred.

All of my characters are male, meaning I only do Mxf or Mxm rps; though I’m comfortable playing side-characters of any kind.

Real-life face claims preferred, unless they’re a fandom character.

All characters and rpers 18+. Mature themes with a build toward romance and Nsfw is always the aim of my rps. I don't do fade to black, and I have no preference for whether my character is dominant or submissive. So long as romance and some Nsfw occurs, I'm happy!

Other things that I tend to include (for plot reasons) and themes I enjoy exploring are —

We will always discuss what things you and I are both comfortable with first!
Here is a list of pairings I'm interested in writing. Most of them have loose plots attached to them, although again, they are only a suggestion. I'd also love for you to mix and match ideas as you see fit: want to do the exchange student x host plot? Make one of them a werewolf as well! Yu can freely move around ideas like that The role I would prefer is bolded.

Also keep in mind, some of these are more taboo than others. Politely skip over the ones you don't enjoy.

Vampire/Werewolf x Human/Hunter
College Professor x Student
Prince/King x Royalty of opposing kingdom
Prince/King x Peasant
Bodyguard/Knight x Royalty
Bounty hunter(s) x Target
Dad's close friend x son/daughter
Popular Jock x Unpopular Nerd
Frat House x Uncertain Freshman
Tank x Mage/Healer
Cop x Wrongly accused/Driver
Small town lovers pairing
Asshole bully classmate that survived the apocalypse x only other survivor
Newly divorced parent x their kid's best friend
Lone neighbor x college student who moves in next door
God/Demi God x Accidental Summoner
Demon x Accidental Summoner
Non-human Test Subject x Scientist/New Intern
Tenant who won't pay rent x Landlord/Landlord's child
Boss x Assistant
High School Teacher x New Teacher/Senior Student
Stepfamily Pairings
Guy that has never noticed the other x Person that has had a long-term crush and goes for it
Actor/Model x Photohgrapher/Publicist
New Superhero x Super Villian/Established Superhero
Exchange student x Host
Personal trainer x New community resident
Friend's brother x the friend who promised they'd never fall for him
Veterinarian x person who adopted a cat because they gave up on finding true love
Casino Owner/Mafia Leader x Naive person angrily confronts them about their father's increasing debt
Teacher x Student from 5 years ago reconnecting w/ them

Any and all genres accepted, except for Western. I cannot roleplay as a cowboy even if my life depended upon it :/
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