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2 yrs ago
Ready to challenge! Maybe......-.-
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I am a random striker! I might just attack you in a random pm, or battle you in a arena all the way to the end, most of the time i lack armor, but this is for distraction and challenge, alot say they easily won by cutting me open, but alot also have underestimated me,I love not knowing what will happen! Shall we find out?

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Wait what is a gym again? XD I Shall use my mind and use tactics with whatever my body can handle, because lazyness gets in the way
Hello! As the name suggests, I am a great warrior Goddess with precise strikes and speeds unmatched! My strong body has steel for skin! Errrr actually im a 23 year old chunky girl that loves to battle and challenge people to usually 1 on 1 duels, I always put up a great fight! Just don't punch my stomach....i mean! Yes my stomach will withstand your blows steel remember! Well im off to learn this place, those interested in more send a msg my way
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