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Current I'm sorry I ever thought discord would be a good RP platform... the limitations...
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So should we gather the magic-ing?
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A wise man fears three things: A moonless night, a storm at sea and a gentle man angered. <3
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Maybe, just maybe, this idea is Plus Ultra... but is it Plus Ultra enough??
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Just getting started.
Hey all~

The great Demon XAnth here! Trying to find some of you out there in Mundania, or otherwise, who would be interested in some RP! Just a quick run down of who you'll be playing with: I've been role-playing for two whole evers, and I love it. I'm down with all sorts of stuff but I'll post a few ideas that have been sticking with me lately. I'm an adult and you should be too as I'm interested in no-holds-barred RP ((sex, violence, gore, drugs)) That being said, dood.... We can't lead up to it anymore?!?! I'm likely not the partner you're looking for if you want to hop straight into the shock without the value~ I think it's really important that I level with you all on the necessity of romance in my RPs. It's as important to me as a good driving plot AND should be worked towards, not instantly given or implied.

Meh. Anyways! I'd love to find some long term RP partners that would also be interested in ooc conversation about the RP ((or probably anything)) I think you'll find me super easy to RP and Chill with. Maybe we can collaborate over Discord?

The general RP ideas, two of which come to mind:

Ready Player One: wherein Wade Watts holds an annual competition to commorate Halliday's competition and his victory. I'd like us to play OCs in the competition.

My Hero Academia: ((Doods... who doesn't love this show?!?!)) Really I'd like to play hero Teachers at US but perhaps we can work out a better plot of this? Possibly traveling with a group of students on an over seas senior trip??

Something super high fantasy: really anything in this department? I could jive with you on this idea for quite some time if we wanted to work something out.

Welp, those are the ideas I've been chewing on a bit. Definitely down for suggestions. PM me and maybe we can get something started?
It couldn't make much of a splash because they were Sky Pirates :3 Seriously, that game was awesome.

If I can't swell you all on that then how about Azure Dreams (PS1). Pokemon's weird foreign cousin who's part time is dungeon delving and harem anime?? A true gem
Has anyone hopped on the died-before-its-time Dreamcast wagon???

Because Skies of Arcadia and Record of Lodoss War alone require it's attention
I wish more people would use my take names
And less my given QQ
More DnD posts on the horizon then?
Gender: Male
Harem Type: Female
Harem Story Line: The New Dojo
Story Length: Long

Shine City Forever :3
If you post one I'll start working on it today :3
Wouldn't mind a visit to Deadman Wonderland myself.
I can definitely get into this :3
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