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Current Why are you all so young? *starting to feel old*
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Going to try and make a foil token for MTG tonight :)
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*Imagines what I want to write* *Starts typing*..... where was i going with this again? I think I need more sleep...
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Sometimes you just need some Five Finger Death Punch Radio to make yourself feel better about life.
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I believe my UPS driver is afraid of my pet chickens that hang out on my porch... they've been delivering to the back door lately. This amuses me.


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~Looking for a more story driven role play at the moment
~ Please be over 18+ as I am
~ I don't require samples of your writing
~ I write at minimum of a paragraph at a time, as long as you give me something to reply to I'm alright
~ I like to develop plot as we go in OC
~ looking for a quick paced rp with preferably two or more characters on each siee


~ Master x slave/pet
~ Vampires x werewolves/humans
~ Loose based Historical settings
~ Dragons, elves, dwarves etc
~ Furries, anthros and morphs
~ Dragon x Mortal/mage/ other
~ Long distance relationship

~I love new things so pitch me anything you want. I will say I'm bad at playing pre-establiahed characters from books, movies, games etc.

I'm currently only taking on a few partners at the moment, maybe two at most.

Please PM me because I forget to check the thread.
Dendayer was out in the woods moving as quietly as a shadow tracking his missing sheep, one had escaped his pens. That's when he heard the boy calling and went to see what he could of the situation before he'd decide if he wanted to aproach or anything. When he saw the child was alone he relaxed some, "Hello. Are you alright?" He asked coming out from the brush as graceful as every elf was taught to be.
Name: Dendayar Birchleaf
Date of birth (year is enough): 1991
Physical age (if ghost or vampire): 21
Species:  Glade elf
Witch/wizard (yes or no): no
Gene (only for witches/wizards; yes or no): no
Gender: Male
Pronouns (e.g. he, she, they, xe): He
Occupation:  Farmer
Sexual and romantic orientation: Never thought about it.
Additional information: 6'1, 150 lbs., Dark purple eyes with gold specks, white blond hair. Since elves age until they find their purpose in life Dendayar stopped aging at twenty-one. He moved closer to the Vampires castle since it has friendlier humans who don't destroy his crops.
Bumping up
Bumping this up as I'm trying to regain my life after almost a year away.
Do you have a gender pairing preference for this idea of yours?
Very much like your concept I'll drop you a message.
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