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3 days ago
Current @memeber 00492 would she take two more? Lol Congrats on getting some you time!
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7 days ago
It's been a long week everyone hopefully tomorrow I can get replies out
20 days ago
It's Friday night and no one is on... on any platform I rp on.. *sigh*
21 days ago
"That's not a knife." *presents the bowie* "THAT's a knife."
27 days ago
The dragon hovered in front of the prince as the young man stood at the edge overlooking the sea. The dragon's wing beats made the prince's dark hair and while silk robes wave and fly as if....


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Bumping this up as I'm trying to regain my life after almost a year away.
Do you have a gender pairing preference for this idea of yours?
Very much like your concept I'll drop you a message.

~Looking for a story driven role play at the moment
~ Please be over 18+ as I am
~ I don't require samples of your writing
~ I write at minimum of a paragraph at a time, as long as you give me something to reply to I'm alright
~ I like to develop plot as we go in OC
~ looking for a quick paced rp


~ Master x slave/pet
~ Vampires x werewolves/humans
~ Loose based Historical settings
~ Dragons, elves, dwarves etc
~ Furries, anthros and morphs
~ Dragon x Mortal/mage/ other
~ Long distance relationship

I'm currently only taking on a few partners at the moment, maybe two at most.

Please PM me because I forget to check threads.
@VKAllen I'd be interested. My schedule is a little hectic since I have a kid but I manage doing about every other day in posts on here.
Idea scraped.
-bump- update -bump-
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