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Hello! I've decided to do a new roleplay story! I've been on a hiatus but lately my writing side has been bothering me to start again. :)

Some things to know:
- I'm female and most comfortable playing female characters but I am able to play male side characters. I'm also comfortable with fxm & fxf.
- My writing ability is Casual with 3+ paragraphs, I'm happy with anything that is more than one-liners.
- Grammar isn't my strong point but I do use websites to allow me to check my work.
- I will reply back as fast as I can. Though I am a mom of 3 little kids and my job will start up again next month. I will let you know when I won't be able to reply for a few days. I would love for you to do the same.
- OOC communication is great! Even if it's only about the story or becoming friends. Never be afraid to suggest new ideas to the plot!
= Please be 18+! I'm comfortable with cursing, gore, violence, & smut. Let me know what you are comfortable writing about & what you aren't!
- PM if interested.
- Have fun! :)

Interest ideas/list:
Star* means that is the character I would like to play as, bold is what I'm REALLY craving

- Mob boss x wife*
- Mob member x girlfriend/mistress*
- Mob boss/member x victim/target*

- Student* x Teacher
- Student x Student
- Best friend x Best friend
- Employee x Boss
- Bully x Target*
Ollie quietly listened to the man; she folded her arms against her chest as he explained himself, he did have some good points. They shouldn't stay here for every long, but none of them have weapons or food. She wasn't too worried about the food, though; she was more concerned about protecting herself. She didn't realize that her eyes started to roam to the ground until he mentioned the radio broadcast. She only remembered bits and pieces; there was a city with no Zeds, and it was in Wyoming.

Her forehead wrinkled as she tried to remember where it existed, without having a map, her memory was fuzzy. Trying to remember all the states weren't high on the list of her survival guide. She reached up and ran her fingers through her hair as he finished his little speech, having some strange points, he didn't end off strongly.

"As you said yourself, it's probably a trap or a lie. Even it is true, how long will it stay Zed free? I do agree we should continue to move and not stay in one place, but we still have no weapons or food." She rubbed the back of her neck and glanced around the barn. Some of the other survivors were already looking at benches to see if there was anything worth their time. She could tell that everyone was still on edge, hell she was trying to mentally prepare herself as they continued to plan things out because she knew that any horde could show up on their doorstep.

"I'm not speaking for everyone but how about this? We search the barn and farmhouse, see if we can't find anything that will be worth our time. I left something important to me somewhere else that I need to go back too, but I'm not going anywhere without a weapon." She turned her head to another man that mentioned about other survives some moments ago. "I don't believe there are any more survivors from the station either, but if we stay here searching for items maybe that will give them enough time to find us; if there is anyone else." She commented.

Ollie walked to the barn door and glanced to the direction of the farmhouse. "It seems someone already had the idea of checking out the house." She whispered to herself.
Ollie didn't like being out in the open during the night; it wasn't safe, didn't have the sunlight to help her see. She could have been back at the hideout already, but a horde had surrounded the town, she was scouting a few miles behind her. It seemed there were too many hordes being formed as the days went on by, but what would the reason be if it was true? She shook her head. Being lost in her thoughts were never right for herself, she needed to make her mind clear, maybe get some rest.

She remembered seeing an old gas station a few days ago when she first started her Scout expedition. It seemed a lot of people used it as a shelter or even a landmark which meant that there wouldn't be anything worth to loot. It would keep her safe for the rest of the night, though. In the morning, she would head back out and continue on her own business.

It took her twenty minutes to get to the station but wasn't even there ten minutes when a horde attacked it. She cursed to herself; there was no luck for her tonight. The adrenaline pumped through her blood streams; she had fucked up. Ollie left her weapons behind at the town; it was an honest mistake on her fault. Everything became a blur, it happened so quickly, but somehow she managed to escape, but her clothes covered in blood. Infected or clean, she wasn't sure, but that didn't matter right now.


Ollie's eyes opened when she started to hear movement, for a split second she forgot where she was. Everything from the night before flashed back into her mind, as she sat up, and leaned against the wall. Some patches of her memory were still fuzzy, but she was safe at least at the moment. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, her body slowly waking itself up from the short slumber.

Bang! Bang!

Ollie flinched but calmed herself and realized that it was from someone banging on a door, not gunshots. Her eyes rolled when a man started to shout out orders and ideas. She stood up, dusted the hay off of her body, took a few steps closer to the man, and waved her hand in the air.

"Hi. Not trying to step on your toes right now but what exactly is your plan? Continue to run out the horde, hoping that another one doesn't pop out from somewhere else?" Ollie asked. "Plus, why West? Unless I accidently invited myself in a friendship community that was formed by all of you. How do you know that's where the majority of people want to go?"

Her freckled face didn't show any hints on how she felt about everything, though the seriousness (with a hint of sarcasm) in her voice could tell anyone that she meant business.


I'll take a look at it, and thanks! :)

Aw, thanks! ^.^

Well, thanks! I was trying to shoot for super cool, because who really wants to be just cool? (That was a stupid joke, I apologize )


Hello, and thanks! :D

My name is Kayla, or if you would like you can call me Starry. I'm a 24-year-old mother that has a slight addiction to candy, additionally may cuss a little too much.

Honestly, I haven't touched my creative writing since high school. Sure, I've written a little here and there but nothing to 'serious', I would love to dip my toes back into that. I've never written a story with someone else, or ever joined an RP forum before so I'm completely new to this whole thing! Though, before I did make an account, I snooped around for a few days, and I think I may have a hold on how the website and each category works. It seems that it will bring a lot of fun!

If I did have to put myself in a category, it would be casual because when I do write to myself (to myself?! Does that even make sense? ), it's a quite a few paragraphs. I do warn you, I'm not the best with spelling or grammar; I was born and raised in the states but English class was never my strong point (even though I did love to write ). I will try my best though to make sure it looks crisp and clean, I do try to use some online spelling/grammar check websites to help me check any mistakes. As to what I like to write about; in my personal life, I would write about romances, modern day life, a little bit of fantasy, apocalyptic/horror, slice of life, and etc. I've tried to do historical stories but I'm not good with trying to keep in that timeline, I also not comfortable with canon characters/real life people because I can't bring myself to get into someone else's mindset!

Well, since that is out of the way, here is a list of some facts about myself! :D

  • I have two beautiful children, with the third one on the way.
  • I work two jobs. One is an 8-5 weekday, while the other is during the weekend nights.
  • My personality is mixed with bubbles, hyper-ness, and a sprinkle of anxiety (isn't that a lovely mix?). I'm a very caring and kind full person, well, at least I try to be!
  • I ramble A LOT, and forgetful, as some would say if my head wasn't attached I would have lost it years ago!
  • I live in a very small town that is located in Iowa. Timezone is UTC-06:00.
  • If my children or jobs aren't in need of my care, I spend way too much watching YouTube, such as gameplay series.
  • I'm truly a kid at heart that sometimes needs a reminder, that yes, I am indeed an adult.
  • I have no idea where I'm trying to get too so I think this might be the end of this list. Doesn't it feel like we are best friends now?!

Oh gosh, I think I might have rambled on too much. Well, I can't wait to meet new people, start some stories, and join this beautiful community! If you any questions for me or even a group/1x1 RP(s) that you would like me to look at. Don't hesitate because I would love to answers them or join the RP's.

Starry xoxo
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