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“I’m going to be late for the meeting in the amphitheater. Why did Monokuma need us anyway? We already know what we have to do to get out of here… We all agreed to stay strong and don’t do anything. Did he got tired of waiting…?” Yukimori was in a hurry. She didn’t hear Monokuma’s voice that called out that all the students should arrive at the amphitheater. She immediately rushed outside of her cabin as soon as she saw the notification from Monokuma. Her blue ribbon was still a bit losing around her neck as she buttoned up her blouse. “Why does this always happen to me? I’m sure that I set my alarm at 8 Am.” A small sigh escaped her mouth as the sight of the theatre came in her vision. Making her speed up a little when they all stood there yelling and discussing something. Rather confused she arrived in silence.

Yukimori tied her ribbon correctly as she moved closer to the others. Rather embarrassed of being late she looked up at all of them, hoping to get an answer out of their conversations to know what Monokuma said.

The first one she heard speaking up was Aurel. Searching his voice when all of a sudden she saw a half-naked, white-haired boy standing there with a towel around his waist. A blushed came on her cheeks, covering it up with one of her hands as she listened closely to what he was saying. Making her frown first, but then her eyes became slightly bigger at the surprise (Did Monokuma tell us to kill each other fast? Because he was bored?! That’s just insane…). When Aurel left she noticed Ryuma who spoke next. 4 simple words were all he had to say, well she couldn’t blame him. Others already spoke for all of them. ( Of course, we won’t kill each other. Why would we? We are classmates after all.)

Yukimori wanted to talk with Ryuma about all this for a while now. He seemed like the person that would listen to people without judging too much. Making her way quickly to Ryuma after he spoke. She got surprised when somebody raised their voice, she turned around to find out it was Himura. Throwing bold but true facts at Monokuma, she was happy that Himura wanted to find a way out of her as fast as she could. Yukimori nodded in agreement, but deep inside she felt like Monokuma wouldn’t even care about what we all said right now. (After all, he built this whole place to keep us all and to make us kill each other. Would he really stop when we said this to him…? I hope that we can all stay strong and move out of here quickly before somebody gets killed) Her thought lingered in her head. In a second she remembered what she was planning to do, and got back to asking Ryuma what he thought about all this.

Ryuma’s back was already turned to her when she noticed him standing up to make his way out of this mess. Her feet felt like bricks that she couldn’t move on her own, moving slowly towards Ryuma as she reached out for his wrist. Hesitating for a moment, she shook her head and gently pulling his sleeve for a moment. “Euhm … Excuse me, Ryuma? Could I ask you something, if you have the time of course? I don’t want to bother you with this.” Her grey/ blueish eyes looked up at the big guy standing in front of her. Regretting the fact that she pulled his sleeve immediately. What would he think of her touching him like that, she’s still a stranger to him. “I wanted to speak with you about all this, you seemed to be the type who wouldn’t judge others that fast. It would be nice to know what you think, maybe you might feel better about telling someone your opinion…”

Yukimori had a small blush on her cheeks, and her hands got a little sweaty from how nervous she was. Holding her own hands before her as she waited for a response, hoping he wouldn’t think bad about her approaching him so out of the blue.
Yukimori was a little dumbfounded when suddenly Himura just left after she had spoken her mind and reacted to Yukimori’s thoughts. She wanted to say something, but the words never came out of her mouth when Himura left. Her tea question got ignored by her and in that moment she wanted to sit back down and pretend she ever asked. Because, she felt a little embarrassed to suddenly propose to drink tea with a stranger. Yukimori heard Flare’s voice and the words she said made Yukimori light up, a smile crossing her cheeks as she nodded. “O-Of course, I will come with you. I stored the tea on the counter close by the cabints that require the cups.”

As they walked towards the kitchen she looked up at Flare. She was a quit interesting person, for some reason Yukimori felt save walking next to her. The first time that another person showed interest in the things she made was weird for her, it made her feel useful even when it was just sharing tea. Another smile crossed her face, but not for to long. Both encounter the fighting scene between Snow and Momo, her stomach tighten’d up. (W-Why are they arguing like this? We’ve been here for like two days… This is bad…)

Without her knowing, she moved a little closer to Flare. Like she was scared of getting into the fight herself. But her body told her to not move away and see for herself what the outcome may be. Noticing that Snow poked the shoulder of Momo, made her bite her lower lip. “She shouldn’t to that… It’s a trigger to get into a real fight…” Whispering this to herself as she payed attention.

Just like she predicted. Snow got pushed, a shiver ran down Yukimori’s spine when Momo grabbed Snow’s collar. Pinching her eyes closed when another push was giving (Why do they have to do this… I don’t want this to turn out in a real fight! This is what this stupid bear wants! Driving us to hate and hurt each other) The outcome wasn’t what she expected it to be. Snow fell down her knees and cried with no sound. Yukimori felt sad and guilty for some reason, she made her way through the people that gathered around and kneeled down beside Snow.

“I-I may not be a good help for this…” Whispering this as she looked up to Momo and Shirou that got in between them as well. (Okay Yuki? What now?!). Biting her lip once more as she started speaking in a rather loud voice to get the attention “C-Can I say something…! P-Please…” Her voice went down once she got everyone’s attention, hoping that they wouldn’t think that she wanted to be the center of attention. That’s the last thing she wanted.

“I euhm… I just wanted to say that this isn’t the time to fight or argue… W-We are in a tight spot her… All of us.” As she spoke her hand lightly rubbed Snow’s back to comfort her a little from the adreline she must have felt durning the fight with Momo. “This might be what the bear wants from us. Driving each other crazy and pushing us all into fights.. T-That might turn… In… Y-You know…” Gulping down as she just shaked her head and looked up at Momo “I’m not chosing side’s… Both of you are wrong and right.” Yukimori’s heart started to beat faster and faster. Hoping that she won’t get on any of their bad sides. So all of a sudden she started to apologize “S-Sorry for … Saying all this … I-I just don’t want anyone to get hurt or feel bad…”

Slowly standing back up as she clenched her hands into fists, holding her skirt lightly. “W-We shouldn’t force them to say sorry either… It’s their responseability.. B-But I think that the best corse of action is to just leave each other be… And avoid each other for a little while, so the two of you can cool off…”
After this she bowed rapidly and made her way back to Flare. Trembling lighty. “L-Let’s get the cups and tea.. B-Before it gets cold…” Yukimori’s hand pulled Flare’s sleeve lighty. This was something she would have never done when it would have happened in her other school. So this was very thrilling for her. “S-Sorry…”

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All of a sudden everything went so fast after that one sip of her tea. People made small groups around her. Some were asking what the other’s thoughts were in this whole situation, others were just pretending like nothing happened and that this was just a regular day. Yukimori didn’t really know what to think in this situation. After all, they are all ultimates just like her, everyone had their talent, and they were special. So why were they put together to kill each other? Is it because they were special? Maybe the outsiders just wanted to get rid of all the ultimates with special talents and that’s why they put this together.

Yukimori shakes her head. Bringing her cup back to her lips for another sip to get rid of these strange thoughts. There must be a reason for all this, but that will remain a mystery for all of them for the time being.

She didn’t feel like an outsider. This moment the room was filled with people that have something in common. They were all ultimate’s like her. Yukimori would love to find out what their talents were, how they knew they were ultimate’s. Just the thought made her crack a small smile while wanting to take another sip from her hot black tea. When suddenly two girls came up to her, startling her when they took a seat. She almost spilled her tea but gulped it in quickly before she put her cup down.

“M-Me?” She asked in a shaky voice, couching lightly after she realizing that her voice sounded crappy. Looking up at the two girls as she recognized one them. Flare Dawnray, the girl who helped the injured getting back to their cabinets. The one next to her was still a stranger but Yukimori had checked all the profiles so she remembered her name. Himura Chikako. “Euhm… I-I’m Yukimori Maiya… Nice to meet you…” After her small introduction she thought about the question that the girl asked her. Funny… Yukimori just thought about that as well, what were her thoughts about this whole situation.

She didn’t want to be rude, so she answered honestly on the question. “I just think… That this whole thing? Is insane… We are ultimates and we all have our own talents… The moment that we all finally get to meet people just like us… We are put together to kill each other…” A small sigh was heard, her fingers playing with the small and fragile cup as she continued “It’s just not fair…” A few seconds after finishing her sentence she looked up with a small blush, lightly ashamed “I-I’m sorry… This may sound a little stupid… But that’s just what I think…” Yukimori’s gaze shifted between the two girls as she tried to remain calm “Euhm… And what are your thoughts on this…?”

Before they could answer she noticed her cup once again. A brighter blush came on her cheeks as she shaked her head even more “S-Sorry…. This is rude of me… Would you both like.. Euhm .. S-Some black tea? I just freshly brewed some myself…. I-I can go get the cups if you would like some… Tea... Black tea…Yeah..” Lightly ashamed as she didn’t offer them sooner, but she gave them a light smile. Happy that they came to sit with her.
Yukimori jumped up in her new bed when she heard a sudden voice speaking up, her eyes were wide and it looked like she didn’t know what was going on at the moment. Her surprised look changed once she realized that she was still on that island. A small sigh escaped her mouth when everything hit her once more even though she knew well enough that this wasn’t a dream but the reality, it was still a shock for her. The cabin wasn’t such a nice place to sleep in at all; it was cold, blankets were tinner then the once she has at home, the desk she spends hours of working on it wasn’t close to her. It felt all a little strange, this made her tug her blanket a little up just till it reached her chest. After a while staring blankly to the wall before her. She rises up, as she made herself ready for the day and walk out to the mess hall where everyone would probably go after they woke up, she stopped by the mirror to give herself one glance followed by a shy move from her head to the doorknob. (L-Let’s meet the others then…)

Closing the door behind her as she made her way to the mess hall. Her steps were carefully placed as she enjoyed the sun rising up, painting the sky with yellow and light orange was a beautiful sight to see. Before she knew it she had reached the mess hall, noticing a girl with blonde hair sitting outside with some beards who were feeding themselves with the bread she had in her hand. A small smile came on her lips, bowing lightly before her with a light blush on her cheeks “G-Good morning… F-Flare was it right?” She became shy when she realized that her words may sound to forward in a situation like this, before running inside the mess hall she excused herself “I-I’m sorry, if you may excuse me I will make my way to get breakfast… G-Goodbye” With these last words, her feet moved themselves inside to the dinning room. Flustered from the interaction, she got settled down by the sight of the table that was already set up for them.

“Mhm, did she…?” A nod was the only thing that finished her sentence, just a moment before sitting down she also took other things to eat with the sandwich, Flare had prepared for her “I can really use a cup of tea right now… This is all so hectic and confusing… I don’t know what to do…” As she was talking to herself, she placed her lips to the freshly made cup of tea. Her eyes wondered through the room, placing her cup gently down with a sigh watching her own face reflect in the tea as her hands clasped the cup to warm her hands from the cold morning walk she had before. “Mhm…” 

Yukimori stopped and became a little shy after her entrance in the group. Speaking her thoughts out loud while so many people watched her in silence, she had never done that before. At home they never really listened to what she had to say, it was like talking to a wall and expecting an answer from it. In school it was just the same. When they asked her something, the moment she wanted to respond they already done other things instead of waiting for her reply. This time, they all listened to her even when she was stuttering… It felt strange but she didn’t put too much thought in it when all of a sudden the ultimate hero spoke up. Looking surprised at Shirou when he mentioned her name, like she was being ordered around. “M-Me…? But we just said that…”
She stopped talking, and her gaze went to the injured people laying on the floor. (He’s right… Makeshift bandages won’t work… B-But he can’t expect for people to listen to him… W-We all just met each other very uncomfortably…)

Yukimori didn’t know what to do at this moment. Why would she listen to someone she met in such a short amount of time, taking orders from him wouldn‘t be such a great idea, wouldn’t it? Eventually she nodded, with the injured people in mind of course. She wanted to be a bit of help in this situation.

Her heart throbbed when she saw Flare getting mad at Shirou for being reckless, it wasn’t great for him to think he could order people around in a situation like this. That’s why she responded Shirou in a short way. “A-Alright, but please… Don’t order people around like that… We still need to get used to his situation… O-Okay?” Being a little embarrassed at what she said she quickly walked up to Flare, Ginshi and Chikako. Not knowing how she did it, her body acted on its own. Instead of being all shy and hiding from people around her, to acting what she wanted to do. “I-I might not off such big use but… Can I help with something here? I can help you carry him…? Or help the other injured person… Just tell me what I can do” She said, Nodding confidently afterwards. Like she was proud of herself for asking them such a simple question.

Yukimori’s eyes could tell that she meant what she said. Even though she was shaking a little from all the stress she had build up from talking so much. Standing there with her hands balded into fists, telling them with her body language that she really wanted to do something for them to be of some use.

Before they left to the location they were heading to, she turned around and bowed towards Aurel. Like she was saying sorry for not understanding what he meant with his statements before. “Y-You are right… People who are alone are easier to be targeted, i-it must be like a small bunny in a forest… It’s an easy prey for an hungry fox or wolf…” Ruffeling her own hand in her hair as she smiled a little awkwardly towards them. “I-I don’t really know what i’m saying or doing… I’m just very confused at this moment from everything that happened… D-Don’t mind me...”.

After she finished her apolagies, she wanted to go back to the injured people, but a gaze got her attention as she stood still. The dark eyes that met hers belonged to Hisakawa Hiroki, the ultimate type A student. But those eyes turned away, as also her gaze went to somewhere else, like the sudden look he gave her flustered her. His words caught her attention. (Lab…? Do I have my own lab…?) Confused, she took her PDA and search for the button that brought you to the map. He was right, she had a lab of her own marked with her name. Why would Monokuma build some labs for students to use on their own? Shaking her head, as she just ignored that thought and went on with what she was doing.

Yukimori put her PDA away as she nodded slowly towards Hiroki. “Y-Yes of course… I didn’t look at the map yet, so I didn’t know I had a lab that belonged to me… If you don’t mind I would like to check it out with you myself… But, I would like to bring the injured people to a calmer place first where we can tend their wounds…” She gulped down, she was talking too much once again. It felt uncomfortable but good in some way. She continued “Afterwards, we can go to my lab… So I can gather supplies myself.. To make better bandages for the wounded people…” 

As her cheeks were flushed red, and her heart beating faster and faster in her chest. Everything she did up till now, was really heavy for her in some way. Saying all these things and even acting like this, isn’t like her normal self at all.  Is it this situation that made her act like this? Probably… Her mind is just really messed up at the moment from all the information they all just recieved. “How will this play out..” she whispered, followed by a light sigh
Yukimori didn’t pay much attention to what was around her at first, she was too busy with observing her PDA. It was very fascinating that such a small thing can contain so much information about every single person walking around here. Plus a very detailed map about this place where they have been put in. As she turned her PDA around to look at the wiring and software that was put into it, she got interrupted by shots… Gun shots. Two small and painful screams were heard when the shots ended. Her body was frozen on place, the fear of those screams combined with the gunshots made a shiver run through her body. Her lips trembled as she wanted to scream? But instead of screaming she pressed them together, looking the other side of the scene. Her mind went blank for a few moments when a few thoughts popped up, she wanted to turn around and look what happened but on the other side she just wanted to run away. Yukimori turned around, seeing two people laying in a stranger’s arms. A red liquid was seen, know as blood. (Blood… Blood… T-They are injured… H-How? Because they stood up for themselves..?) 

Confused as she was, she didn’t know what to do next. The want to help those people, they were hurt and not even a little. But she had no medical experiences, so how could she help? Struggling with this, a sudden voice was heard, saying that she had the medical experiences they searched for. A girl with blond hair ran to the two people that were injured and started to help them (Good… I could have made it worse… So I’m glad someone with the right knowledge can help). A small sigh from her mouth was heard when she got curious all of a sudden. Who are these people that jumped to the rescues of these strangers? Yukimori took out her PDA and scrolled through the profiles. Seeing the boy with orange hair, he was the first one that acted to help those people. (Mhm… Ginshi Hamazura... Of course like we assumed, he’s an ultimate as well. Like everyone here. He’s the ultimate Judo master? Makes sense… Explains the speed and the strength he showed back then.) She glanced up to take a closer look, he’s seems strong. Her eyes went to the blonde girl with medical experiences.  (Flare Dawnray.. Ultimate Dog trainer? I love dogs… Her talent is pretty cool! Must explain the medical part… I guess.) Nodding at what she had found out she looked up once again. Happy that those two helped them after all that we just took in from the bear. Everyone must be very confused at the moment.

A male voice was heard from behind her. Some words he said caught her attention as she slowly turned around to have a look at who was speaking. A white-haired boy, he seemed shy to speak to such a big group of strangers. (I would be too though…). Yukimori walked closer tot he crowd, listing closer to what he had to say. He was right… Our memories, she almost forgot about those. Suddenly her thought started to spill out in words coming from her mouth. “We went to Hope’s Peak Academy in spring indeed… I checked the date a lot, making sure to not come late on my first day… Looking at the weather…” Lifting her head lightly up as she saw the brownish and yellowish leaves hanging on the trees. “It’s fall… That must mean we spend time together in the summer… Hope Peak must have held a summer camp as well like all the schools… The boy is right, we must have know each other before all this happend… But putting ‘friends’ or rather said ‘classmates’ together to… “ She gulped “To kill each other… What’s the reason? Amusement? Game? Survival? He must have a reason to all off this right?” Yukimori looked up as she finished her speech. Suddenly a blush came on her cheeks as she looked at all the people around her that may had listened to what she said. Shaking her head lightly.“I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to spill my thoughts out like that.. .I-I have this habbit when I’m thinking very deeply about something… Y-You all don’t have to listen to this…” Whispering a last apoligizie as she sighed.

 Nodding at the last words the boy stutterd out, this time her voice was gentle and rather quiet. “I… I think it’s a good idea to check what this place might have in store… But I guess people were already planning that… It’s better… To not force us all in groups, after the news some of us… Might want a little alone time or space right?... That’s what I think at least…” Her last words faded away as she thought that it might bother them when she talked. Her eyes wandered off tot he side as her thoughts went wild again, but this time she didn’t pay much attention to it(When I have some alone time… I would like to find more information about the people around me as well… I-I mean through my PDA of course…). What’s most important is that they need to find information about this place and their memories… A start of a fearful and dangerous adventure. 
Yukimori wanted to answer Nao's questions, but when she was about to speak she saw people entering the amphitheatre and her mouth got shut down. Now that she was getting lightly used to Nao and Shirou, she had to introduce herself to even more people. Her heart raced and her mind didn't know how to act in this situation. (Should I introduce myself to them or... No Yuki... Just sit down and hold yourself, they might think your weird again. Breath calmly and see what happens next...). Yukimori gulped, she looked down at her hands that were holding her skirt down. In a moment she tried to look up slowly to observe the people that entered, there were quit a few people that seemed very... interesting. (If I can't speak to them at least I can observe them a little.... Yukimori ... that's weird as well...). A sigh escaped her mouth, one of her hands loosened away from her skirt as she put a string of hair behind her air and sat up a little. (At least you can try to look like a decent person.) 

Everyone arrived. It was a very awkward and quiet moment for everyone, nobody said something. That's normal of course but somebody has to say something right? Everyone must have questions about what is happening and where we are. As these thoughts and questions crossed her mind she got interrupted by a tv that popped out once again. (What?! A stuffed animal?!) That was the first thing that caught her attention. Yukimori listened closely to what the stuffed animal had to say, even when it felt a bit strange to listen to a stuffed animal. But soon it wasn't strange at all and it became more scary, her eyes slowly widened as she listened further. (We lost some of our memories...? That explains why we can't remember where we were before all this happened. So... Could it be that we knew each other before this all happened?) Shaking her head lightly as she concentrated on the other things monokuma had to say.

Then something snapped. Not knowing what she just heard, her grip on her skirt became tighter as she stared at the monitor. (W-Wait... Haha... Kill? No... Haha this must be joke right?...) Yukimori gulped once again (A joke are you crazy?! This isn't a joke at all otherwise we won't be sitting here and people would jump out saying it was a joke! Dammit... This can't be real...). Her head slowly lifted up as she looked at the other people around her, taking in mind that she had to kill them to get out. How? She can't do that, she can't even kill a bug because she would feel bad afterwards. One of her hands went through her hair to cool of her forehead, letting it all fall down with a deep sigh. Some of them seem... Very strong.. And smart... She will probably be one of the first victims for sure... A weak girl like her... To scared to come up for herself or te even speak to people because they might hate her once again... Yukimori was lost at words as she took the handbook that the stuffed animal mentioned before in her hands. At first she didn't open it she observerd it and whispered to herself "Whoa... This is a rather fine tegnique they used... I wonder wich metal parts they used and wich software they put into it...". Suddenly she got shy as she just looked at it like a NORMAL person, starting it up. (Why did you observe it like a little kid seeing his first toy.... You idiot)

Scrolling through profiles as she found Shirou's and Noa's profile, she decided to check it out first because these were the persons she met first and talked to when she woke up here. (I see... Noa's Talent is... Linguist? That's cool! Damn she must be very smart. Let's check Shirou's profile....Hero fo justice... That explains why he tried to keep us calm...). Looking up for a moment to see how people took the news, in secret Yukimori was freaking out and wanted to just hide in a corner to all this was over. But for some reason, she knew that this wasn't going to work out, and that they should work together to get out of here. Some fo them were freaking out, others seem rather calm and checked their handbook as well, a few even left already. Yukimori nodded and a small sigh escaped her mouth once again. (What are we going to do about this mess... I hope they... Won't kill people... But that's to much to ask in this situation... Right?) And so she decided to wait, and check the other profiles later when everything calmed down.
Yukimori shakes her head when the guy asked her if she remembered something before she woke up in this strange and unknown place. Her head turned to the girl that distant herself from them, making her look like she was afraid of new people. Not like Yukimori needed to talk about that, her heart raced from nervousness as the guy talked to her. Her hands clammed together as she looked back at the guy with a surprised expression on her face (What?! He doesn't know where we are? How? There must be someone who knows about this place? W-Wait the girl! maybe she knows more about this. She must!). "A-Are you sure about that...?" Her voice trilled a little as she spoke, a small cough made her voice turn back to normal. Her mind was full of crazy and scary thoughts, only thinking about the bad solutions that this place might have. Like what if they want to do experiments on them?

She turned back to reality as the guy started to talk about the girl. Nodding her head in a quick pace as she agreed to the guy's words. "O-Of course, she must be. I-It's not like this place is scary, but I'm confused about the fact that they put strangers in such a place... W-What do they want with us...?" Shaking her head once more than she held her hands tight and looked back at the girl "L-Let's just talk to her and make her comfortable with us... S-So that she isn't scared anymore..." (Good job Yukimori, you aren't even comfortable yourself. How are you going to make a stranger comfortable!) A small sigh escaped Yukimori's mouth.

Yukimori walked right behind Shirou's back, still keeping her distance. Not sure if she should be the comfortable or easy with these people. But, still wanting to do this she started to introduce herself to the girl as well. "H-hey there, I am Yukimori Maiya. But you can call me Y-Yukimori, nice to meet you..." Her shy voice spoke up right after Shirou introduced himself, agreeing with his words as her eyes looked lightly to the side. Not sure if she should make eye contact with the girl or not. Yukimori didn't want to scare or make her uncomfortable after all!

Surprised by the boy that sat down, her arms immediately crossed around her stomach, shy about her own appearance as she looked at the girl. Nodding lightly, as Yukimori sat down next to the bench on another bench where Shirou sat. "W-We won't hurt you... We don't know where we are either... W-Waking up in a strange place and not knowing the surrounding people must be scary. I understand, so please don't think we want to hurt you." Bowing her head lightly as it looked like she apologised for how things turned out like this. Even though, she couldn't do anything about this situation. 

"N-Nao... Well that's a nice name if I may say so... I-If you feel comfortable, you can sit down... S-So we can talk about this, maybe we know more when we think about it together.." Saying this in a quiet voice as she didn't know how to talk to her or how to make her feel comfortable. Did she say something strange? Wouldn't it be better if she just shut her mouth and let the guy talk? Not knowing what to do she just stayed quiet after the few words she said to her. Taking a deep breath as she absorved the girl and the boy once more. (I-I hope they don't think i'm strange... They seem nice... B-But can I really trust a couple of strangers in a situation like this..?)

That thought lingered in her mind when suddenly it got disturbed by a screen popping up. Yukimori looked directly in the way where the screen popped up, getting a small goosebump when it started to speak to them. (W-Who is this person...? Campers?! T-There are more people than just the three of us...? A-Amphitheatre... W-We are here already...?) The moment that the screens pointed to the place where they were now, she went quiet for a few minutes. Not knowing what to say at first, she turned her head lightly to Nao and Shirou. 

"S-So ... There must be more people on this Island than just us three.... I-If I'm correct, otherwise that... P-Person, would just have started the meeting he was talking about ... R-Right?" A small shiver ran through her spine as she looked down at her hands, laying on her skirt. Thinking about what the bear exactly told them (H-How to get out...? So we are kidnapped and imprisoned!). That moment when those words came to her mind she grabbed her hands tightly together, speaking up once again. "D-Did that person just mentioned to get out of this place...? S-So it clears one of our questions...? W-We are imprisoned and kidnapped... O-Or am I hearing things wrong...?"

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A voice of a stranger woke her out of her thoughts. Looking up at the boy that had stood up from the stone bench that was a few meters from the stage she was sitting on. Her body automatically reacted, and she crawled away, still facing into his direction. "I-I ..." Her quiet voice Lost at words was heard. Trying to get herself together, she shakes her head a little and took a deep breath. The hands she had placed next to her slowly pushed herself up and dusted her skirt off, facing the boy before her once again. 

"W-Well ... I didn't sleep that well on ... The floor." Feeling some small shivers through her body as the boy kept approaching her. But she kept calm and didn't let the boy notice that she was nervous to even talk to him, it would be strange and she doesn't want to make a bad impression. "N-Nice to meet you? S-Shirou Emiya... I'm Yukimori Maiya. B-But you can call me Yukimori!" A small blush was seen on her face as she made a light bow, nothing major just trying to be polite (W-Why did you yell your name...?). Yukimori took all her strength and walked towards the boy, getting closer would talk better as it seemed that he wanted to talk to her. Shyness to over and she still had a small distance between the boy and her.

Suddenly she heard someone curse and turned around from where the voice was coming from. Startled from the yelling girl she looked at the stage and noticed that the girl from earlier was gone (Did she run away because of how I looked...? I spaced out again didn't I? Well...). "W-Where is the girl from earlier...? She was there before I noticed this boy..." Whispering this to herself. Yukimori wanted to call out for her but her quiet voice won't be enough, so she turned towards the boy. The light blue eyes that were still filled with confusion and shyness looked right into the boy's eyes. "S-Should we see what's going on with the girl? O-Or let her be so she can get used to her surroundings first...? I-I don't want to be rude or anything...." 

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Yukimori Maiya

The sounds of water from the lake nearby, and the birds that chirped and flew through the sky made Yukimori open her eyes lightly. She felt a hard floor underneath her and that might cause the pain that was felt through her whole body. Pushing herself lightly up from the floor as a small groan was heard, her head was spinning a little as she reached for her forehead right away. "W-What...? Why does my body hurt so much. Did I fall asleep on my way to hope's peak academy...? Last night I did sleep late... I knew that I should have put my books right away after my alarm went off..." A sigh of regret escaped her mouth as she tried to get herself together. The hand that rested on her forehead slide down to the floor as she opened her eyes a little more so her view would get better. What she saw made her surprised. Stone objects were all over the big field that lay before her, next to that big field was an amazing view from a lake. "I can't remember... That we had this kind of place in town...?" She whispered to herself in a quiet tone. 

Not realizing that there were other people around her she slowly stood up and looked down at the floor. Mhm, this kind looks like a small stage. Turning around to see how big it was she finally saw the others lying around, a gasp escaped her mouth as she backed off a little. "W-who are these people... I-I didn't know I walked with them to Hope's peak academy...?" Trying to get herself together she walked a little closer to see if she was right, that she didn't see them before. Not to her surprise at all, she didn't know them at all. What she did notice was that there was a boy and a girl, of course she wouldn't try to wake them up or talk to them. 

Wanting to at least give it a try she started with the girl, one of her hands slowly wanted to reach to the shoulder of the stranger. All of a sudden she pulled her hand back and blushed bright because of how shy she was (Dammit, Yukimori! ... I guess our next plan is to just wait for them to wake up...). Crouching down next to the girl to get a better look at her. Her hair was short, and it was pitch black. Looking at her hair made Yukimori play with the ends of her white her. The clothes that the girl wore seemed expensive and made with the finest fabric, especially the blouse she wore. Yukimori stood up again, her eyes slide over the lake that took place next to the field, with a small smile she stepped away from the girl and just glanced at the boy that she didn't approach from how bad she was with boys. (The girl was already difficult enough to aproach... S-Sorry...) 

A small brise of the wind went through her hair as she looked at the other side of the field, noticing that there were other places beside this kind of looking theatre."Where are we...? I can't find a building that might look like Hope's peak academy..." Plombing herself down on the edge of the stage as she tried to get everything in place, waiting for the others to wake up. "I wish that I had one of my books with me..." 
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