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Nodding too Lexianna i turn back too Furm and adding too Lexiannas question i ask, "You said he was a bad leader? he wasted lives? if its as bad as it is here everywhere else we should be able too rally the people...i love an old fashion rebellion."


Eyes glowing and the air around me snapping with sparks and wisps of light i stare down the father and speak, my voice layered over itself several times. "How dare you call that light. Thats not what light does or what its intended for. Its not too be bandied about and given and taken away at your whims. Let me out of these chains and fight me on even ground you coward. Your called Father but a father watches and protects, Not punishes absent cause."

"Weather I'm this lady of the lake or not we're not gonna be able to do very much too help unless we get back too at least our normal strength. We'd stand an even better chance of we could get Darling and nevermore back. We're here too help but we're not at half our power let alone full power." Leaning into Blaze just a little I deadpan." I have three piercings you can't even see..."
Leaning forward too dodge the little gremlins I scarf down a whole fish and turn too the elder.


While the father and Nevermore are speaking I whisper too the child,"Get behind me little one, and stick your fingers in your ears really hard." After she shuffles behind me and as the father is walking past my cell I yell at the top of my lungs, "Hey fathead, if you like demons you'll love me!!!" I heave the bed as hard as I can at the bars, a split second later I spit a small puff of flame after it. As the bed smashes into the bars splintering and disintegrating into dust the fireball hits the cloud and ignites it. I turn and sheild the child as an explosion blasts its way through the cells. The small space amplifying the force of it bending the bars of my cell at a weird angle.

"if it was just the fish I could help you for a day or two we'd need help and information about this place though." Turning too the elder with a suspicious look I listen intently too his tale.
is this like the wall in the last one?

Shooting the stink eye at Sven, i down another shot. "This stuff is weak." i mutter too the man passed out next too me. Turning too Sven i ask. "How are you throwing this feast? You said the village was struggling. How can you spare the fish? Unless you have a magic water cow were gonna be eating veggies..." Pulling the smokes out of my pouch i light one. "Can i smoke in here?"
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