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Just a 22 y/o woman who likes to write for predominantly male characters. I also like drinks. <3 ㅇㅈㅇ

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Hey girl~ Count me in!
In Sentaku 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hi Otter~
Saw this on the discord, it looks awesome!
Not familiar with the site, though... Do I need to make a sheet?
I'd love to join!
Pardon, though, haven't made a Naruto sheet in years. Please let me know if I'm doing anything improperly!
Half asleep and heading to bed ATM. x'D
연인의 검색

Hello, good people.

I prefer getting right to the point, so I'll make this quick so I don't take up all your time.
Call me Yeonin/Yeon-in. I'm 20-something years old and I like drinks. Heh.

Moving on to more relevant topics...

•Multi-paragraph format. 2+ paragraphs preferred.

•Real images/IRL face-claims are a no-go. Please don't ask unless you ALSO LIKE his Dark Materials, then maybe. Art/illustrations/anime only.

•Don't be shy if you're craving things, I love weird stuff. Interpret that as you will.

•Any pairing is acceptable, couldn't care less. My partner/their character just have to interest me, gender is not a concern.

•I don't double up, and I don't have a gender role preference. NPC'ing side folks for post development is fine.

•We can skip all the naughty stuff or you can have my email, it's my partner's call. If you don't like 18+ content, we can skip or avoid it.

-Any timeframe or setting is fine, these plots I've listed can all be adjusted. Supernatural stuff is cool, too.

•PM me if you're interested, toss me a character concept or a basic sheet and let me know which plot(s) piqued your interest. Sorry for typos, I'm mobile right now.

Anime/show cravings:

Todoroki x OC
Bakugou x Midoriya

Avatar: t.L.A.B./L.o.K.
OC Avatar x OC Companion

Shera: Princess of Power
OC Princess x OC Princess

Half-assed Ideas: Mostly Fluff Romance

1) Muse A has just moved into a new apartment after having recently found out they were pregnant. Young and too embarrassed to tell their family, they decide to get a fresh start in a new place. Muse A makes it a point to introduce themselves to all of their new neighbors in the hopes they might make a friend, and among these neighbors is Muse B. Muse B is a quiet and generally very serious person, albeit one with a large family who is quite used to babies and children. They find themselves constantly checking in on Muse A, worried about them and their growing baby and alarmed to find that Muse A is unprepared and has no idea what they're doing.
•Suitable for MxF, FxF, or MxM/Mpreg/Omegaverse. Mostly looking for Muse A, but let me know if you'd like to do Muse B. We can talk.

2) Muse A's race/people are all treated as second class citizens or less. In a society that is both classist and racist, Muse A's opportunities are pitifully limited. Muse B despises the system but has never seen it directly impact someone up until they meet Muse A, a hard-working new honor student in the school that Muse B attends. While this prestigious establishment is 'best suited' for the upper crust, some very extraordinary black sheep manage to drag themselves through the intense curriculum for a chance to be more than their breeding. Muse B sees Muse A working themselves into the ground despite the poor treatment and various obstacles the school's officials have put in place to degrade impoverished students. Muse B, a noble/royal, can take no more and desperately wants to be of help.
•Interspecies, suitable for MxF, FxF, or MxM. Prefer to play Muse B but will do either role
I'm Yeonin (연인) and I hope to write with you soon. I'm looking for a new place to write, and I'm hoping this will be that place. ^^

A bit about me:
--I started writing stories in little journals at 7. Writing is a very precious to me.
--I post in multi-paragraph format, as I enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing.
--When using character images for reference, I will not use real images except for special cases.
--I roleplay in any timeframe/era, but I have a soft spot for the dark ages and feudal eras.
--I generally write for men and have absolutely no preferences as to the gender of my partner or for the characters they choose to write as.
--I am 22 and I am a-okay with 18+/NSFW themes. Please let me know what you are/are not comfortable with!
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