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Anchor plucks the pumpkin off of their prisoners head with a satisfying pop.

"You heard the man. How about you tell us your story, small one? Starting with what you know happened here."

Anchor finishes tying his rope into a knot around the goblin, keeping the goblins arms strapped to its body.
Seeing Theren take down the remaining goblin, Anchor takes his hand off of the pumpkin atop his goblins head and begins to reach into his backpack for his rope.

"It's just you now, small one. Listen to us and you may get to leave this town alive."

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After Theren tells Anchor of the two goblins in the field, he silently curses at himself for shouting a moment ago. Luckily, it seems neither of the goblins heard him or any of the other commotion his group had been causing.

"I will try to subdue one of them. Maybe this one will stick around long enough to let us know what is going on."

Anchor moves through the gate to the pumpkin field and reaches out to grab the first goblin he can get to.

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"Very well," Anchor replies with a smile. "Let us see what we find."

"Ahoy, in there!" he shouts loudly, continuing his journey south. "Is anyone else around?"

"That's true," Anchor responds to Theren. "I suppose the first place we should look is the keep over there. You've been through a lot, from what it seems. If you'd like to head back to the caravan, now might be the safest time."

Anchor then begins to head south, towards the broken bridge to the keep.

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With no more goblins or hounds in sight, Anchor heads back to the town square, still on high alert for anything new to make its presence known.

"So, anyone have any clue as to what's happened here?" Turning to address Marcon and Theren, "We fought a couple more goblins in the temple there, but didn't get anything out of them before they fell. Did you find anything before those dogs got you?"

As Anchor charged towards the two goblins, he watched as two bolts of magical energy flew past him, leaving barely anything left to hear his threats.

Just as he decided to turn around and start making way for their third assailant, he sees Marcon fire a perfect shot at the goblin, taking them out as well.

Still unsure of how many goblins may have taken up residence in the town, Anchor stays where he is, trying to see any remaining threats from his new position.

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Anchor watches as the second dog fled. He closes his eyes for a moment and tries to catch his breath, but is snapped back to awareness by the sound of two arrows breaking off of Tortetarts shell. Looking in the direction they would have came from, he sees the two goblins just as he hears Marcon react to a third arrow, this time from the south.

"My friend, you and the elf need to get back to the wagons," He says to Tortetart. "See if you can get any of the other guards back there to aid us."

Anchor turns and begins running towards the goblins attacking from the north. "Ye might as well be shooting at a wall, ye bilge rats!" In stressful times, and perhaps spurred on by Galen's presence, Anchor would find his way of speech turning back to the way he learned while on the seas. Hopefully the added flourish would help him draw the enemies attention"

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Seeing Tortetart go down, Anchor presses forward, closing the gap between him and the melee. Falling down to one knee, mostly out of exhaustion from his mad dash, he puts himself as between the beast and Tortetart as he can.

Looking behind him, he places a hand on Tortetart's shell.

"Not today, my friend. Mishakal did not send you to Nightstone to become dog food!" Anchor says, as a warm glow passes from his hand and into Tortetart.

Turning back to the dog, "As for you, why don't you try me for your next meal!", Anchor shouts.

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Anchor turns to look for the source of the second goblins demise, and sees Ealwald standing there. A brief look of disappointment appears on Anchor's face at the loss of what could have been a decent source of information. He shakes it off, however. It's not everyday that one comes face to face with threats such as goblins, and sometimes self preservation is the best option.

Realizing the bell was still too loud for him to shout over, Anchor makes his way back to the entrance of the temple. He uses his now drawn trident as a walking stick, and as he passes Ealwald he gives him a supportive pat on his shoulder.

Once at the entrance to the temple, he shouts again. "Goblins about! Watch out for anymore!"

Anchor glances to his left towards the town square where he sees Marcon and Tortetart advancing towards what appears to be two large dogs fighting over a body. Looking closer, he recognizes the body as that of one of the elves from the caravan. Pushing off the ground with his trident, Anchor advances towards the group to aid them.
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