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Anchor, having seen enough of the empty barracks, follows the group deeper into the keep.

Hearing what may be an argument going on, Anchor is reminded of his own reason for coming to Nightstone. With the state of things as they are now, the survivors of what ever attacked this town may require his service as a mediator more than ever.
Seeing Marcon take the lead in ahead of Tortetart, Anchor follows. Passing Tortetart, he pats the Tortle on his shell and says, "Best to stay behind us for now, my friend. I feel the tides ebbing, and with it my Goddess's presence."

With Marcon checking the Western Gatehouse, Anchor heads to the Eastern gatehouse door and opens it.
Seeing Tortetarte tumble, hit his head, and then not get back up sent Anchor into action.

Anchor moved quickly towards the gap in the bridge and stuck his trident into a solid plank and launched himself across towards the other side.

Anchor, having moved closer to the broken bridge along with his compatriots, watches as they make their attempts at crossing the large gap.

He let's out a quiet cheer as he sees Marcon make it across, but it is cut short as he watches Tortetart's attempt. Anchor would never claim to be an expert at long jumping, but in his opinion Tortetart's technique seemed lacking.
While trying to keep track of what the Goblin was telling him, Anchor began to notice the trouble brewing between the Drowning and the two guards. Not liking their tone, he realized it would be best to end this interrogation now.

"I think you're right, Marcon, we've learned all we need from this one."

Anchor began untying the rope around the goblin, telling it, "This town has been reclaimed. Leave here with your life, and don't try to return!."

Finishing untying the rope, Anchor pushed Blik in the direction of the main gate of town. A path which would also hopefully pass the two guards.

Distracted by the sudden ear-grating sound of the manic goblin, Anchor does not yet notice the possible confrontation started by the approaching guards.

"Alright now, Blik, alright. Let's start with with what happened to everyone who lived here? Were they still around before your lot got here?"

As a show of friendship, Anchor begins brushing any pumpkin guts off of Blik's head.

Anchor plucks the pumpkin off of their prisoners head with a satisfying pop.

"You heard the man. How about you tell us your story, small one? Starting with what you know happened here."

Anchor finishes tying his rope into a knot around the goblin, keeping the goblins arms strapped to its body.
Seeing Theren take down the remaining goblin, Anchor takes his hand off of the pumpkin atop his goblins head and begins to reach into his backpack for his rope.

"It's just you now, small one. Listen to us and you may get to leave this town alive."

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After Theren tells Anchor of the two goblins in the field, he silently curses at himself for shouting a moment ago. Luckily, it seems neither of the goblins heard him or any of the other commotion his group had been causing.

"I will try to subdue one of them. Maybe this one will stick around long enough to let us know what is going on."

Anchor moves through the gate to the pumpkin field and reaches out to grab the first goblin he can get to.

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"Very well," Anchor replies with a smile. "Let us see what we find."

"Ahoy, in there!" he shouts loudly, continuing his journey south. "Is anyone else around?"

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