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female / 18 / total noob.

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Looking for someone who would be interested in a Casual+ roleplay- or Advanced roleplay.

I prefer 1x1. Ask for my discord and I'll give it to you. (I'm more active there.)

I have a few plots and don't mind creating one together. Just let me know what you'd like to do.

I'm looking for a male, but I also don't mind roleplaying with females- though there would be no romantic themes. (Just platonic.)

Quality over quantity. 18+ preferred but not necessary.

I don't really mind what genres we do but if you must know my preferences, Romance, Horror, Apocalyptic, School, and Modern.

All of these can be added together for example: horror/romance historical/romance/horror horror/western.





Hopefully you don't mind the lack of plot. We can make one together. Remember, I will do all genres.
Hello hello, I'm new to this website and am a bit lost haha. I suppose this is where I put my introduction.
I'm female, 18, and love writing! I hope to meet many new people and start wonderful roleplays soon. Thanks for reading. x
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