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After a several year hiatus, I am back.

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Hello all! Im interested in the first original idea as well as the D. Gray Man one.
Im interested and would love to play Northstar. Is there a particular character sheet you'd like us to use? @Apollosarcher

Is this still open? I would love to join. :)

Hey there! I'm craving some kind of historical fiction roleplay and am in love with all of your ideas. PM me with the pairing you're craving the most, Id love to start something. :)
Hey there! Im super interested in your Arabian King/Prince x Servant idea. PM me if this is still open, thank you. :)
Interested in Shadows of Rome, Treasure Hunters: The Lost Treasure of Reebis, or any Batman related RP. :)

Thor knew he was not thrilled with the idea, but he was happy that Loki had given it some thought and agreed nonetheless...even if it was only to make him happy. "Wonderful!" Thor jeered, his mood lightening up further, eager for his excitement to rub off on his brother, even a little. "Let us go, then." He said, jumping for his seat and towards the door, hoping his brother would follow.
Sounds good c:
Name: Jonathan Wilkes
Nickname: Jay
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Markings: battle wounds and tattoos under his usual garments.

Everything else will be revealed throughout the roleplay. C:
Oh yus yus. What time era would you prefer this to be set in? something could be worked out with Elsa's magic making her immortal..or Jack visiting Arendale in the past. Hmm..
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