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I am an artist, traveler, and part time commune member. I've been roleplaying for years, since I was ten. I spend a lot of time scavenging through junk either to repurpose or use in my artwork, which involves metal and glass blowing. They often refer to me as a creature of the night.

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I've sent you a PM. :)
I'm very much still interested. A lot had just come up so I disappeared for a sec.

If there isn't any more room, I totally understand and apologize for flaking.
I am sorry to say that I will not be able to participate in this RP. I was pretty stoked but it's just a little too much right now.

I imagine the legionnaires took turns holding each other back lol.
I have to concur with Ophidian and will be taking the same route tbh.

Is there any more room? I would love to join in on this

Name of nation: Rakka Horde

Species: The Rakka are a species descended from opportunistic carrion-eating scavengers. Regardless of technological advancements, the Rakka are still what their ancestors were – opportunistic carrion-eating scavengers. They look like beak faced rats that walk on two legs. They are smaller and weaker compared to most other races but make up for it with their clever nature and numbers. The creatures breed like rabbits and live a generally short lifespan, twenty years at most, making societal advancements at a slower pace than others.

Description of government: For millions of years, the Rakka have been trapped on their homeworld in solidarity, constantly competing against one another for resources in small clans. It hasn't been until recently that a miracle Rakka was born, a strong willed being whom unlike the rest of his kind, has somehow achieved immortality. After hundreds of years of uniting Rakka clans under his own banner, the immortal one has become an emperor, a living deity worshipped for his everlasting life and genius. The Rakka fight one another to achieve any sort of standing in their life, leading a band of scavenging warriors at best. Still, any Rakka currently living has only known the Emperor as being a worthy leader and follow his command before any other.

Description of military: They have no organization though the Rakka have great numbers and are known to use their enemy's weapons against them. Capturing damaged ships and weaponry and combining them with their own makeshift devices. Most of it is junk but the Rakka make the most out of it. Compared to most militaries of this age, they may seem literally as dangerous as a rat. However, those who have survived the overwhelming number of the creatures, even though they were only armed with light guns and melee weapons, cowered in fear as the overwhelming numbers encroached upon them.

Technological Overview: The Rakka were still in the dark ages when they were first discovered by a spacefaring species, but they were soon aiming for the stars after stealing the technology of aliens. Although they have yet to come up with their own design on this sort of technology, they are adept at using it with their own adaptations, using junk to replace any damage as time goes on. Because of this, many of their ships have existed for hundreds of years and are significantly outdated, but are hardly recognizable for what they used to be now that they are mostly junk.

Cultural Overview: There isn't much of a culture beyond the worship of their supreme leader and infighting in order to place themselves in a hierarchy. The Rakka are only just now ending wars that have been waged against one another for hundreds of years. They are simple beings but thrive on making the best out of what they have. An example of their work would be a junked up ship with makeshift cannons attached to it. Of course, the ship would be painted red, because it goes faster.

History: A couple hundred years ago was the unification of Rakka kind. Great Rakka Klik the Undying defeated those who would challenge him and working his way from a small clan, soon became Lord of the Rakka, uniting the planet under one banner. As time moved on, the Rakka came to view Klik as a deity, with generation after generation holding him to more godlike standards. It wasn't until another species had located them on their homeworld that the united horde first waged war, stealing the strange space faring technology and adapting it to their own uses. Now, Lord Klik guides his people to the stars, hoping to salvage and steal what he can from the other worlds of the galaxy.

Other: Although the horde itself encompasses most of Rakka kind, the strange outlier here and there have managed to leave their people in search of adventure among the other races, working as scavengers, pilots, bounty hunters, and more within the confines of other societies.
I'm interested in joining and will put up a sheet soon.
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