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I am an artist, traveler, and part time commune member. I've been roleplaying for years, since I was ten. I spend a lot of time scavenging through junk either to repurpose or use in my artwork, which involves metal and glass blowing. They often refer to me as a creature of the night.

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I've sent you a PM. :)
I'm very much still interested. A lot had just come up so I disappeared for a sec.

If there isn't any more room, I totally understand and apologize for flaking.
I am sorry to say that I will not be able to participate in this RP. I was pretty stoked but it's just a little too much right now.

I imagine the legionnaires took turns holding each other back lol.
I have to concur with Ophidian and will be taking the same route tbh.

Is there any more room? I would love to join in on this
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