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17 May 2017 1:56
Current Just one more week....after my exams i will be rping more ;_;
3 Apr 2017 4:46
My heart <\\3 childhood. Had a moment of silence as he put his things in the middle of the ring :(
27 Mar 2017 18:55
For the love of Senpai
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4 Mar 2017 2:07
3 more weeks....till university finishes *thanks the universe*
21 Feb 2017 19:38
Having that one loyal and patient partner ♡ Inu
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Well! O.o I've been rping since I was 11/10 years old (I'm 20) yes it's ages. Love anime, manga and metal. I'm a big fan of Naruto, literally a big fan. I'm an artist but not studying art ^-^". Progressed to university! And I like gaming...o.o not really good at these things xD

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In Another search!! 29 Mar 2017 17:02 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
@Rica the witcher? Played the game? XD i am so craving that
Hi @Red Helix have you played the witcher? currently craving that right now XD
Hi, recently I managed to FINALLY play The Witcher 3, yeah I have not played the previous games but I will be reading the books that had inspired the games. However, I am really really word CRAVING for an rp like the witcher. I play males and females, as I am a female I would at least ply a female character in the rp. I am a sucker for romance, so the RP will be mature so 18+, this is the first interest check that I have made for a specific game before!

I will match you're length, also if you do not give me much to respond to then the replies will be short. That is an issue I have with some partners, they expect casual but the content they give me is very little....
Seriously craving the witcher 3 rp!
Would love to do the witcher rp :0 or a demon x angel type of rp
Hii! Would you like to rp with me? I dont mind doing pairings but I'm also craving the witcher 3 rp xD
In Another search!! 10 Sep 2016 22:54 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
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