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Current Ahh today's going to be a good day, no foul mouthed rants. *ex messages* aahh nope
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Sorry for the slow replies everyone, currently experiencing food poisoning!
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Single again *listens to 10000 sad songs*
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*resets phone data* ..........*playlist is gone* -.- *sits in the corner and cries*
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Well! O.o I've been rping since I was 11/10 years old (I'm 20) yes it's ages. Love anime, manga and metal. I'm a big fan of Naruto, literally a big fan. I'm an artist but not studying art ^-^". Progressed to university! And I like gaming...o.o not really good at these things xD

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Hello! I rarely make threads so let’s give this a go, I am looking for people willing to double up or play males. I used to be open to playing male’s, that was until in all of the rp’s I participated in I played males and that was not fair to me at all! Side note: I tend to play good villains XD that tend to be males. I can do mature but you must be 18+ over, also it shall be done through inbox. I prefer!

My favorite genres tend to be: fantasy, action, and romance! but I love dark rp’s. I tend to write from 1 liners to 2+ paragraphs depending on what you write to me, sure you may give me 2 paragraphs if I do not have much to reply with then the rp may be slow (had people drop out…even though they did not give me much to reply with). Rp’s sometimes tend to start slowly or begin to slow down that’s normal! Haha you must be patient with me, usually I try to come up with a lot of ideas. One of issue I have had is partners relying on me for ideas, I mean I LOVE sharing idea’s but there are times where I require communication with my partner so we are on the same page. DRAMA is a must in my rp’s I love causing issue’s and drama for the characters within the rp, if you prefer a perfect love-story then I apologize you are not in the right place….

Also, I love OOC talk, I am a friendly person, I do love talking to my partners! Seeing how they are, where they’re from ect. I find it awkward when there is no communication at all! Also! I tend to use my phone so! I do make grammar and spelling mistakes, but I would ensure that it is corrected or at least readable (I tend to reply whilst really sleepy).

I have been rping for….10+ years!?!? Wow! Hahah so I do have the experience. I am always online! No matter what! Unless something has come up, I will always let you know if I am busy with university exams or personal issues. PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO RP WITH ME IF YOU JUST DROP THE RP :DDDDD I am usually up late nights putting effort into the rp and BAM! You just drop it and I may not rp with you again!
I LOVE anime/manga based RP's.

Also! I don't usually look at threads so please do inbox me!

Here are the type of pairing’s I prefer:
And also for other kinds of pairings i can do
Angel x Demon
Vampie Boss x Secetary (or employee)
Demon x Vampire
Werewolf x Vampire
Bad Boy Demon X Good Girl Angel
Arranged Marriage
Vampire Kidnapper X Human
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Werewolf
And More!
@Rica the witcher? Played the game? XD i am so craving that
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