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Alyra Vosrin

The strain on her body was incredible yet some how she managed to slowly inch the bomb up the ramp. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see her Ubese friend unload with her blaster, seeming to not want the cover. She was just thinking how unwise it was when the heavy repeater cut a swath over him. Each blast tearing through his torso in a line as it knocked him off his feet and into the air. Alyra turned away before he hit the ground and just kept pushing. It didn't seem anyone was going to help her as explosions rang out and the crew fired back. She wasn't even sure whop was shooting at them or why.

Was it her crew? Did they want her dead so bad they would assault another ship here of all places? It seemed pretty extreme but then again she had destroyed their ship so it wasn't unreasonable. She continued pushing the device up the ramp even now her muscles screaming at her to stop. Everything was on fire burning and aching as she continued to push. a few crew members ran by into the hold of the ship as words were exchanged. She began to wonder what she would say if they did find out it was her fault they were getting attacked, but hoped that they wouldn't stick around to ask questions.

Suddenly the ramp began to move, Fast, too fast. The ramp on the CR-90 has safety protocols to prevent rapid closure, a lot of ships have them to keep anyone from getting crushed. Yet it seemed this ship was lacking in safety. The ramp moved at an alarming speed as it moved upward she suddenly found herself moving downward and into the hold. She couldn't process what was happening but she knew just enough to let go of the bomb as she did she was thrown clear across the hold from the momentum. The bomb rolled in and went only a few feet and then rolled stopping against some crates. Alyra was not as lucky, same force, less weight, it wouldn't take a genius to figure it out, or even a normal person if they were not flying through the air in the hold of ship.

Alyra impacted the far wall of the hanger with a loud crunching thud and everything went black.

The pain brought her back suddenly. Searing pain in her chest as she breathed in and she let out a groan. Slowly she opened her eyes and she could feel the comforting rumble of the ships engines under her and for a moment she felt peace. Looking up through the haze of blaster weapon discharge int he hold she could see the crew gathered. They were speaking but Alyra couldn't hear anything then the captain turned around to a man and the dog he had with him and raised her weapon and without a word shot them both. Perfect shots, the boy right through the heart and head, then his dog in the side of the head and then the torso. Alyra's blood ran cold: She was next. Pulling herself up she looked for an exit but could only see the door with a few crew members in it. Her shoulder was throbbing, it hurt to breathe and she could taste blood in her mouth but she staggered towards the door while Captain shouted orders now actually making sound but she couldn't make out the words. A red Twi'lek walked through the door and Alyra bolted past her and the others into the corridor and began to stumble as fast as she could away from them. She knew she was an easy target but she wasn't going to lay there listening to the hum of this beautiful ship and wait to get shot.

Fighting the urge to find the nearest access shaft and disappear into the depths of the ship she instead stumbled through the long hallway to the nearest Refresher. Finally she stumbled upon one and pulled herself inside and closed the door. She then found the control panel for the door and cut the ships sensor to that room and sealed the door. The Blast door hissed closed and she stopped and tried to take a deep breath but instead winced in pain.

"Fuck, what have you gotten yourself into?" Breaking the silence she half expected something else to blow up. But it didn't and so she moved from the door to the sink and pulled her pack off her back and started to take inventory of what she had. She assembled her Electro-staff and pulled her secondary blaster from her pack, putting it in the open control panel by the door. "Alright, you have been in worse situations, first we need to find out what is broken and get cleaned up. Can't hide on their ship forever. We are going to have to introduce ourselves. Stay positive. Maybe we can be friends" Even her voice sounded fuzzy in her ears and she was talking wrong, probably to do with the swelling. Reaching into the refresher she turned the hydro settings to their coldest, just above freezing and began to slowly undress. First checking the door again to make sure it was still sealed. It was and no sounds of anyone looking for her. She took off her armour, trying to minimize bending as much as possible. She had definitely cracked a rib or two, and probably dislocated her shoulder. She finally got the courage to look in the mirror and it was just as bad as she thought. Several cuts and her nose made her looking like a Gamorrean. She stood there looking at herself for a moment and then decided to start with the shoulder. Using the door of the Shower she steeled herself and then suddenly leaned into it while pulling out. With a pop and blinding flash of pain her shoulder was back where it should be. Next she looked at herself in the mirror and put her thumbs on both sides of her nose and with a sudden movement attempted to put her nose back in place. The blood started flowing as soon as she took her hands away. But her nose did look better, not right still but it would have to do for now as she didn't want to pass out again.

She stepped into the water and sighed as deep as she could without pain. Letting the water wash away the dust of Anchorage and the blood. Not all hers but most of it. She was used to the cold and the shower was comforting. She felt the ships engines winding up as it began its ascent. With that rumble she finally let herself process and she began to weep. Blood and sweat and tears washing away she let it all wash over her. The betrayal, the running, then nearly being killed. It all washed over her as the tears fell. After a few minutes they stopped as she couldn't breathe with all the blood in her nose. She turned the shower to sonic to blast the water away and then stepped out drying her hair and recalling everything she knew about the CR-90 ships. She slowly dressed paying more attention to her various injuries.

She settled on the fact that she couldn't fight her way out of this one. She was too weak to do so. No this was going to be a different kind of negotiation. So she backed her stuff up and trying to wipe all her blood off of the various places and picking up her staff she unsealed the door and stepped out into the hallway.

Alyra Vosrin

"This one!" Her companion said in annoyed response, as he pointed a finger towards a hanger. Just as she began to push there was a flash and explosion inside the hanger, followed by blaster fire. Alyra was taken aback, running headlong into a gun fight was not her first choice. However, it seemed that was exactly what her Ubese chose to do, as they began sprinting forward pushing the cart with all their might. She paused briefly to grip the blaster hilt under her back pack but then quickly placed two hands on the device and joined him in his marathon into danger.

They made their way into the hanger and into the scene that looked like the end of a fight. A few figures on the dock and a few in the hold of the ship. Everyone seemed to be standing down at this point much to Alyra's Relief. The ship was indeed a CR-90, and it looked magnificent. She could see where some of the batteries were modified and it had scorch marks from several battles. This was a well running well looked after ship and she began to feel as if things were getting better. As she looked down she could see a rather lovely looking woman in a tight body suit holding a blade up to a young man, she was unsure if this was good or bad.

Her companion released the repulsor and began to walk into the deflating confrontation as they said "Bring bomb." in basic. She began to comply, all while trying to plan out what to say and how to say it. Then the repulsors sputters and glowed red, the sign that they were out of power. She looked down and knew there were only seconds left, she thrust the device as hard as she could towards the ship, it wasn't far at this point and it made it just to the based of the ramp before it slowed to a stop and the over taxed repulsors finally gave gave out and it fell to the ground with a loud thud. Alyra winced as it fell. There were a few sparks and it let out a few audible codes and then laid there quietly.

Alyra guessed this was it her introduction, she looked up and all eyes were on her. She held up her hand and spoke "Hello there, I-" She was cut short and the hanger doors hissed open again and she turned to see three individuals walking through the hanger, one carrying a massive gun and the other a blade. The survival instinct kicked in again as she scanned for exits. Somehow Alyra knew this was it, a trap. But then something she didn't anticipate, the rather attractive young woman in a body suit began shouting orders.

"Get on the ship."
Alyra had no issues with this plan as she reached behind her and pulled out her blaster and aimed it at the three closing in. Then she looked to her companion who had now turned and was crouching as if ready to tear the intruders limb from limb.
"Get on the fucking ship and don't you dare leave the bomb behind!" she said to the two men she was with.
Her course of action crystallized as she was not inclined to get into a firefight right now.
"Here!"She shouted in Ubese and tossed her blaster to here Ubese friend.
"You two help me with this thing!" she alled to basic to the two men the captain had addressed last. Alyra vaulted to the other side of the Device for cover and began to attempt to push it up the ramp. Even as she started to push the blaster fire began to fly. Her mind was beginning to swim as she pushed with all her might and the sounds of battle seemed far off as the haze settled onto her mind. One thing remained clear to her though even as her vision got blurry: "Safety is just up this ramp, I just have to push this up there and not get shot and I am safe." She gritted her teeth and kept pushing.

Alyra Vosrin

For a moment Alyra's heart jumped at the possibilities. a captain meant a ship, and a ship meant a way off this rock. However it also meant going back to port where she was likely to get turned on. Yet with all the potential outcomes, she really didn't have another choice. So she reached down and helped this Ubese lift the device and simultaneously investigate what it was. She was able to reactive the repulsors by engaging them at 100 percent lift, unfortunately the power cell that ran the repulsor wasn't going to hold out for more than half an hour at this rate but it would make it effortless to push therefore faster, assuming they could get to the ship in that time. The device seemed to resemble a containment vessel of some sort but what material was inside it she couldn't tell, given where they were it was probably dangerous, likely explosive, and definitely valuable. The coolant leak seemed to get worse when it was elevated again as the hissing became louder so Alyra crimped the tube, whatever was in there had plenty of redundant cooling tubes so this one shouldn't matter but she gave her best scowl to insure that no one knew it was that superficial or they wouldn't need her to fix it.

As they began pushing the device into through the crowd toward the space port, Alyra began to think now about the challenge at hand: the Captain. Apparently everything depended on impressing this person, whoever they were, and apparently they liked people pretty. There were many things Alyra felt right now: The pain in her ankle causing her to limp slightly, the throbbing in her head, the throb of her clearly broken nose, the busted lip, the sharp pain running up her jaw, and the blood drying all down the front of her face, but not at all pretty. She considered trying to clean herself up and she straightend the pack on her pack and tried to wipe some blood off her face but then they passed by a glass store front and she caught a glimpse of herself. She looked horrible, busted lip, swollen eyes and face, blood all down her shirt. She cthoguht about taking a moment to set her nose but given current company she figured that if she lived long enough she would wait till she was in private to deal with more blood. So she resigned herself to meeting the captain looking like she lost a fight with a Wookie, and decided gathering information would be better.

"So tell me, Who is your captain? Is it of a ship, do you have a crew? what is the the name of the ship and crew? and what kind of ship is it?" She ventured to ask in Ubese to her companion. Hoping for some indication of what to expect as the began to near the port, it looked like the repulsors would hold out.

"You ask too many questions. CR90 in the hanger. Come now, or test your luck with the guards." He responded in Ubese, and kept moving. Turning a corner they were now in sight of the entrance to the Spaceport.

Not a very chatty person but then again it could be her shitty understanding of the Ubese language. Either way she would just have to count on her charm and skill set to secure her way because her looks were not going to do it. Running her hands over her pack on her back as the approached the doors of the hanger, she could feel the grip of her pistol digging into her back and she felt the tips of her electro-batons sticking out of the bottom of the pack. She was as ready as she was ever going to be. Trying to to use her tongue to clean some of the blood off of her teeth, and checking to make sure they were all still there, she spit it into the sand. She began to push into the device as they entered the Spaceport and steeled herself. Whatever was next she would deal with it too. Whatever it took to get off this planet.

"Alright, lead the way. Which hanger?" She asked, this time in basic, as they crossed the threshold and she ventured a glance back to her companion.

Alyra Vosrin

Alyra was fighting off the tunnel vision that wanted ever so much to creep onto her. Vaulting from roof-top to roof-top over alleys and through openings in the fences. While running like this it was too easy to focus on just what was in front of you, the next jump, the next point of contact, but when you are running for you life, not paying attention to your surroundings could get you into a very bad position. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her breath was coming out in quick huffs. She had been running since her escape pod touched down outside of the city. Unluckily for her, her crew mates had the shuttle and had managed to make it into the city. They had already spread out and prepared to intercept her, not doubt spreading some story of disloyalty among the crew and fabricating crimes against her. After narrowly escaping two of the crew in a marketplace she'd had to evaluate her plan, it seemed getting off this rock was going to be a bit harder than stealing a star fighter.

She stopped at an opening on the rooftop. Looking out she could see the vastness of the planet expanding out around her. She took a deep breath of cold air. Had she been one of the frailer pink folks she might have even thought this was an unpleasant atmosphere but to her it was just a reminder of home. She could look out and see the mountains in the distance with their icy peaks and the wind whipping snow around as it wound through the valleys. She loved the spectacles of nature; each planet was unique in the sounds, smells, and sights but even here on this planet in its frozen wastes it was still beautiful. She looked further up into the sky and she could see the shapes of all the ships in orbit for the festival. Wiping the drying purple blood off the corner of her mouth she spoke out loud "Come on Alyra, Think of a plan. You can’t just keep running through the city. You are going to run out of steam soon and they are going to catch you." She closed her eyes and took another breath and slowly exhaled. "Alright you have to get to a safe place, and there is no safe place on this planet for you, therefore you have to get off-world, to get off world you need a ship. The space port...." Opening her eyes, she slowly breathed out again. Somehow she needed to get onto a ship, preferably through official channels. Out of time she pulled her hood up and dropped from the roof into the street below and began to make her way towards the center of the city.

She did what she could to conceal herself. Nothing stuck out more than a young girl with blue skin and Purple hair. Especially when her face looked like it got into a fight with a rancor and lost. She smiled behind the scarf the has wrapped around her face. But by the stars she was thankful that her pursuers had the same hindrances as she did: no blasters. Of course, they had them, she could feel her own under her backpack in the small of her back but using it would bring hell down upon you, so they were reduced to using their hands. That put them at the disadvantage, because while she could hold her own in a shootout it was just not her skill set. Still she was in over her head here, she wasn't sure how she would get on board a ship, or even if she could join a crew that wouldn't turn her over to Tegran and his crew. Risking it wasn't a great option but then again, she was out of choices.

Gritting her teeth Alyra turned down an alley and began to make her way to the docks. She would check the board for job postings and just risk being out in the open. Walking now she could feel the limp as the adrenaline wore off her knee was beginning to have a hard time holding her up and she knew her left eye was swelling shut, but on the bright side she couldn't taste blood in her mouth anymore.

Just as she moved out of the alley into the main road with a boisterous bunch moving through she heard someone call out "Over there! She's over there!" "Fuck" she let out under her breath and leapt up to a window-seal and then again to the roof and began to run. That run didn't last long as she came to another cross road and jumped into the street, without losing momentum she rolled and kept moving. Feeling the adrenaline pulsing through her body again the pain was almost gone. Vaulting down another alley now trying to stay aware of her pursuers as she heard one call out "Cut her off ahead!" . This is why she liked being up high, she could see where the streets went. That was the last thought that went through her head before she rounded a corner and suddenly saw a large device blocking her path, right in the middle of the road. Instinct took over as she jumped, back turning she cleared six feet as she could now see that this appeared to some sort Baradium Fission Device. She hit the ground with a thud and quickly scrambled up as she saw two Gand on either side of the device and an Ubese walking closely to the deice itself.

Before she could even come up with an escape plan a figure rounded the corner and ran right into the device knocking it off its repulsor lift and it clattered to the ground with a sickening crunch and began to hiss as coolant leaked out of one its various hoses. Then just after another figure emerged from around the corner this one jumping over the device and grabbing Alyra by the hair. He pulled her close as the words dripped from his mouth like venom,"I've got you now, bitch". Alyra recognized this voice even if the mask hid his face. Gareth: the Filthy pig. Alyra struggled against the hold he had on her as she looked around. A third member of the chase came running down the alley towards them and the first one to stumble into the device who she recognized as Ahln was standing up. She was really not liking these odds and trying to think of any move that would free her when her hand began itching behind her back to her blaster when suddenly the Ubese jumped on Ahln with a startling ferocity, but no matter it was just enough of a distraction. She grabbed Gareths hand and twisted it back to release her hair then pulled him back towards the wall of the alley. It only took a moment for her to push off the wall with her foot, wrap her arm around his neck, and drop with a sickening crack as his body went limp and she dropped it to the ground.

Alyra looked down the alley and raised her fists as the other figure came sprinting out of the darkness. This time she was ready and a few blows later her attacker was unconscious on the ground however, she was sure her nose was broken this time. as she tasted the blood in her mouth again she turned to look for the third and there she saw the Ubese with rock over their head bringing it down repeatedly on what remained of Ahln's head. After a moment he dropped the rock and stood up looking over at her and the hissing device. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. She wracked her brain for any knowledge she had tucked away and managed to say in Ubese "Hello, I can fix this of you have somewhere safe?" She was exhausted and this might be her only chance she looked down at the device and back up at this Ubese against expectantly, hoping with every fiber of her being that this would work. It had too she was out of other options. She couldn't keep running eventually her luck would run out.

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