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I can't access the discord server.. can someone send a invite link?
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Oof getting drunk on Christmas with your best buds is a good time. Enjoy your nights... drink some water and make sure you stay alive lol
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Updated: April 13, 2018
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Nice to meet you. I've been here since before the guild fall.

I'm a 24 year old American male. I'm straight. (Just an fyi I guess? :P )
' Birthday - March 3, 1994 '

I'm not really looking for anybody in particular, but I am looking for somebody who can write very immersive stories, especially in the Medieval Fantasy genre. It doesn't have to be that genre specifically. I just have a slow start in RPs sometimes due to immersion difficulties. I basically like to do 'improv' world building as we go along with our posts. We don't have to have every little detail fleshed out. It makes it harder to get started in my opinion.

Somewhat active at the moment, but I'm in the U.S. Military. So there may be some times where I won't be able to respond other than hiatus reasons. I hope to be around more in the future. I always have my days where I just like to write and think of something to write about. Sadly I don't always have a creative mind, but it's a work in progress.

If there is something else I should add, let me know!

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Miller's stomach sank as soon as he heard the hiss from the creature. He quickly put the car in park and grabbed his assault rifle. He hurried over to McKenna. "I know you heard that.." He whispered next to her as he looked out into the tunnel.

Another hiss sounded and the trotting of legs could be heard echoing through the tunnel.

"Sounds like it's coming." He said as he backed up, trying to get a nice open area where the creature couldn't use objects to hide.

"Should we call for back up?" He asked.
Miller tried his best to see in the dark as his eyes adjusted but it was just too dark. When McKenna signaled for the lights, he turned them on immediately. When the lights lit up the area around them it exposed abandoned cars with skeletons everywhere. Luckily there was a bus, but it was hugging the wall so it was easier to pass. They continued to walk and drive through.

The tunnel smelled of death. There was no way for some of the corpses to disintegrate into the environment. "Damn.." Miller said out loud. The stench was nasty and he just wanted to plug his nose, but couldn't.

They approached a car which seemed a little out of place. It had survival gear and items inside, but the person it belonged was no where in sight. They came upon a corpse which had seemed relatively fresh, and had the wounds of a parasite.
Footsteps approached McKenna from the back. A moment later Miller stepped beside her. "Hopefully this will be easy." He said looking into the darkness. He glanced over to her, "I'll drive the car slowly and I'll be ready to hop out at any given time." He said, "I thought it'd be easier than to walk back through the tunnel."

He walked back to the car, pressing the gas ever so slightly to keep up with the pace of McKenna. "Venom, starting our approach now. I'll give you updates in a few."

Miller left the door open to the armored vehicle so he could get out as soon as possible if needed.

"I think Parasites is a pretty fitting name." Miller said. He had his right hand on the steering wheel. He put his left arm on the window opening, enjoying the nice cool breeze. "Do you plan to be here for the rest of your life?" He asked curiously. Right after he asked that question they came upon the tunnel. "Well..." He slowed down to a stop before entering the tunnel "You don't have to answer that question. I don't see much of what life could be outside of this." He said looking at the surroundings and trying to get a glimpse of the inside.

"I guess we go or we don't.." He trailed off. "Make sure to have your weapon ready." He said, getting a pistol out in a easy to reach location.
Regi Bergman

A trained leader for the Athenians.

'More to be added'
'Hmph.' Lena pouted looking out the window. Not even a few seconds later she pulls out another device. It was a small camera and she began to tinker with it.

"Bergman, do you think it's a good idea to let them go ahead like this?" Darren asked as they drove along.

"Well, in the past they had recon and sniper teams. It's better to lose a couple lives than a whole unit of them, but lives are sacred and should be protected." Bergman responded watching the road and evading the cars just like Miller had. "It definitely wouldn't be safe for them to being moving out like that, but it HAS to be done. Humans are a limited resource at this point it seems."

Reina looked over and listened. She's a passive, diligent and a willing person, much more introvert than Lena is. She combed her hair back behind her ears. She wanted to talk but didn't know what to say in this gloomy situation. Being outside for her was always depressing. She had pictured a much different life than what she was living now, but she has to adapt to the new one that was provided for her. She felt like she was better off than most, especially now with the Athenian serum.

"Yeah.." Darren said. He didn't want to argue with the man who had actually had the most combat experience out of anyone. The logic seemed sound.

"Alright it's honestly better than nothing. We won't know till we try." Miller responded to McKenna.

"Venom, go ahead with the drone." Miller said through the talkie.

"YES!" Lena sounded off immediately. She picked up the drone once again and began to fly it. "You'll see boys, how useful this thing is, just wait." She said and smiled, proud once again. "She flew it with a little camera installed. "I'll fly it higher so it'll be less of a chance of being spotted and viewed as a threat. These hunter things are probably more focused on the ground..." She said trailing off a little bit, "It's just speculation."

"I like that. It's something new." Reina said and smiled to her Lena.

After a couple of minutes the drone reached a reasonable level of height.

"I've installed a heat signature camera." She said and switched the mode on the camera. It didn't show any heat signatures from the pathway ahead.

"Viper, this is Venom. I don't see any hostiles or friendlies in the area ahead." Lena radio'd over to Miller and McKenna.

Miller heard this and looked over at McKenna. "So far this isn't too bad." He said and shrugged lightly, giving her a small smile trying to raise her spirit a little. "Hell we don't even know if they have heat." He said. Miller glanced over at McKenna, "I think Predator is a good name for them. What do you think about the other ones?" He asked curiously.
"The sad truth..." Miller said continuing to drive. He looked over at McKenna again, "I think we should try to figure out how to detect if those things are inside someone." He said looking back at the road once more and evading a vehicle. "Our scientists made our serums they put into us before civilization collapsed. Maybe we could ask one of the doctors or scientists what kind of equipment they might need." He paused again using what spare time he had to look around in the environment. "Maybe like an X-Ray machine or something." He shrugged.

After a second Lena's drone whizzed by the car.

"Dammit." Miller said reaching for his radio. "Venom don't use the drone right now. We know that those hunter, predator things will know if it's just more than us. Over."

"Ugh. I just wanna use it!" There was a silence over the radio for a second. "Fine." The drone turned and whizzed past the truck again returning to the other group.

Miller looked over at McKenna, "They might not know it's actually backup. We could try to use it?" He asked as if he was wanting to know what her thoughts were.
"This is Viper. I read you loud and clear." Bergman replied. "Copy that Venom. My eyes are always open. Out." Bergman said sternly. The vehicle started. A small rumbling came from their car. A moment later Miller started the armored Jeep.

"Alright. Let's do it." Miller said looking over to her.

After a few minutes had passed they had to drive though a lot of abandoned cars. Bergman and the other 3 had stayed back quite a ways, like they were supposed to. Everything seemed to being smoothly so far.

"I've gotta concentrate on dodging the vehicles in the road." Miller said as he evaded another one. "Make sure you keep your eyes out there for me as well. I've gotta rely on you to keep us alive for now." Miller bit the inside of his lip softly as he concentrated.

After another few minutes a person was seen looting a vehicle nearby. He didn't look like he'd be a threat, but they couldn't be sure. From what it looked like, he wasn't armed.

"Must be a solo run." Miller said. "I feel bad for the people living outside the bunker. I feel like we got it easy." He glanced over at McKenna for a second and continued to drive.
"Alright sounds good." Miller hopped in the driver seat figuring that McKenna would want to take command of this mission. He felt like it might make her feel more experienced and wise.

"You're good if I drive?" He asked, "I'm a good driver and I've heard you're a good shot." Miller would prefer to drive anyway, cause then he feels like it would be him who's in control of his fate... more or less.

A vehicle started up from a few feet away of them.

It was the group of four and Lena was driver. Maybe it was cause she was the best driver? Miller didn't really know.

Miller listened to what McKenna said. He led her through the door away from the armory so they could speak a little more freely. "I already went over it with Bergman. He's willing to stay a ways back until we radio in what we want." He said and continued, "I agree. If it's just you and I then it'll be a lot more smoother. If we run into traps or something, if on you and I." He paused a second and looked at his gear doing a second look to make sure he's got everything he needs. "That way we could radio in any issues or a situation before they arrive, potentially saving 4 lives instead of wasting 6 of them."

Miller was always open to new strategy or advice to achieve certain goals.

A moment later the group of 4 came out of the armory ready to go. Bergman spoke up, "We're ready, we'll be in a armored vehicle with a mounted gun. We'll let you guys take the lead, on foot or in a separate vehicle. Either choice is okay with me or the captain."

Miller nodded in response to his words.

"Woo hoo!" Darren shouted with excitement. He was a thrill seeker through and through.

"Mhm." Lena said enthusiastically, clearly she wasn't about this life and wated to deal with her toys. She liked to tinker and work on robotics and other type of electrical engineering.

Reina and Bergman both walked by not really saying anything, but their eyes were focused.
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