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Nice to meet you. I've been here since before the guild fall.

I'm a 23 year old American male. I'm straight. (Just an fyi I guess? :P )
' Birthday - March 3, 1994 '

I'm not really looking for anybody in particular, but I am looking for somebody who can write very immersive stories, especially in the Medieval Fantasy genre. It doesn't have to be that genre specifically. I just have a slow start in RPs sometimes due to immersion difficulties. I basically like to do 'improv' world building as we go along with our posts. We don't have to have every little detail fleshed out. It makes it harder to get started in my opinion.

Somewhat active at the moment, having just joined the U.S. Military recently, I won't have a lot of time to do anything. I hope to be around more in the future. I always have my days where I just like to write and think of something to write about. Sadly I don't always have a creative mind, but it's a work in progress.

If there is something else I should add, let me know!

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Sure! :)

Well thank you kindly. :P I hope your day has been excellent. ;)
After Lucio and Anna had went separate ways he headed back to the inn. โ€œHey, welcome back.โ€ Verna greeted him. Lucio put up a hand as he walked through the doorway in response to her. โ€œThank you.โ€ He said walking over to her.

โ€œHow was your day? Did you spend it all with Anna?โ€ She asked as if she was teasing him. Lucio smirked back at her, โ€œYeah.โ€ He said leaning on the counter and looking up at her, โ€œShe kissed me too.โ€
Vernaโ€™s face almost appeared as if she had expressed jealously but hid it, โ€œDid you want a drink?โ€ She asked bending down to get a glass. โ€œSure. Thatโ€™d be fantastic.โ€ Lucio said standing back upright and sitting down on the stool. Verna filled up a glass of ale and passed it over to Luico.

โ€œHere you are love bird.โ€ She joked. Lucio scoffed lightly as she had said that, taking a sip of his drink. โ€œWhatโ€™d you do today?โ€ He asked, putting his drink down. Verna opened both her arms motioning to the bar. โ€œThis.โ€ She let out a breath, โ€œMy life isnโ€™t all that exciting.โ€ She said and shrugged doing her daily routine of cleaning glasses.

โ€œNothing has to keep you here forever.โ€ Lucio said taking another sip of his drink. After another few minutes they had continued to talk, eventually leading to Lucio drinking her blood from her thigh once again. After he had finished and went back to the bar to continue drinking, a person had walked through the door.

It was Theo Walker, the mayor of the town. โ€œAh Lucio. I was hoping to find you here. Come join me.โ€ He said motioning out of the door that he had just stepped through. Lucio nodded and stood up from his chair. โ€œVery well.โ€ They left the inn and headed deep into the woods.

Eventually they had come across a cabin. It was decent sized, nothing to big or small. Nothing too fancy either. A couple guards stood outside on the edge of the perimeter. They had almost drawn their weapons until they recognized Theo. โ€œGood evening men.โ€ He said as he walked past. The guards nodded their heads.

They came up to the door opening it and walking in revealing several men at a few tables. John Blackwood, Erwin DeRose, Vincent Kumar, Jaques Caldwell, Gernot Haas, and a man he had yet to meet, Nikhil Gomez.

The small crowd had quieted as they walked in. โ€œHello gentlemen.โ€ He said giving a small wave to the small group. Several helloโ€™s were said as well as small waves and nods. โ€œThis is Lucio, the newest member to our group.โ€ He gestured over to Lucio. Lucio nodded politely. โ€œTake a seat.โ€ Theo said gesturing over to a chair, โ€œLetโ€™s get this started.โ€ He said walking over to one of the center chairs clearly designated for him.

Okay I'll get replying this weekend, it's a four day weekend for me and I'll have plenty of time to catch up on RPs.
It's totally fine! It's a great post! I'll have one up tomorrow sometime, it's too late for me to post one. :)
Yes of course! :)
I'm the same way! :P

Okay, well sorry to bring that up then! It's good advice though. I'll make do.

Thank you.
Not really anything yet, but maybe a old lover of his comes to town or something, she had killed a werewolf and it was someone from a strong pack or something I don't really know. :P

Or maybe an old friend of sorts.

(Just curious - Off topic)

If you were moving to a new city where no one knew you, but you wanted a relationship, but you were a total homebody and didn't really wanna go out, what would be the best way to do that? :P

I figured online dating would be okay, so I got some apps, but it's just sooo.....lame. No excitement or any kind of personality feel. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out I guess.

We'll see I guess. :P
Okay that sounds fine with me :P

I'll continue on thinking of something I can do for my character.
Sorry for the short post. I'm trying to think of something to add more meat to the post. Maybe I'll start roleplaying some other characters as well, while our characters get to the more... 1 on 1 things.

When it's just our characters conversing my post length really dies down since I'm trying to have a conversation with you. I don't want to be descriptive about things over and over again without progressing plot I guess.

Do you have any thoughts on anything?

Are you still interested in the RP?

Lucio continued to back stroke but had turned to meet up with Anna. He sat up and adjusted himself beside her. โ€œNo idea what this council meeting is about.โ€ He paused for a moment looking at her, โ€œWould you want to join me?โ€ He asked. He figured itโ€™d be okay with the mayor, and if it wasnโ€™t then heโ€™d make sure itโ€™d end up being fine. Nothing was going to happen to Anna as long as he was around.

โ€œIโ€™m not really too sure about what Iโ€™m doing for the rest of the day.โ€
He trailed off looking up at the sky again, โ€œThe meeting is going to take place in the evening.โ€
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