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Current For those uplifting trance lovers,…
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Life shall go on
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Always find myself wandering back here after a while. o_o
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Stargate is the way to go
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Dammit, 9 pages of my favorite manga for the chapter? What a tease. No hiatus..? *Fingers crossed*
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Updated: April 13, 2018
Roleplaying Status: Moderately Active

Nice to meet you. I've been here since before the guild fall.

I'm a 24 year old American male. I'm straight. (Just an fyi I guess? :P )
' Birthday - March 3, 1994 '

I'm not really looking for anybody in particular, but I am looking for somebody who can write very immersive stories, especially in the Medieval Fantasy genre. It doesn't have to be that genre specifically. I just have a slow start in RPs sometimes due to immersion difficulties. I basically like to do 'improv' world building as we go along with our posts. We don't have to have every little detail fleshed out. It makes it harder to get started in my opinion.

Somewhat active at the moment, but I'm in the U.S. Military. So there may be some times where I won't be able to respond other than hiatus reasons. I hope to be around more in the future. I always have my days where I just like to write and think of something to write about. Sadly I don't always have a creative mind, but it's a work in progress.

If there is something else I should add, let me know!

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Raise a happy and strong willed boy! :)
That's a good way to break it down.
Eren Jaeger

"Yes, I understand. Thanks for giving me a chance." He gripped his hand once again, ready and eager. Having been through the terrible ordeals he has, there's nothing left besides giving his best.

Virtus Caelum

After a few minutes Virtus kept training, but Tushar had grown tired. Sweat poured down both their faces. Tushar arms got weak, eventually succumbing to the fatigue he stopped. "I don't know how you can do this so much, it's unreal." Tushar said walking over to a tree by Vivi, almost as if he collapsed to the ground. He looked back over at Virtus watching him continuing to practice and train his body.

Sweat dripped from his chin. His eyes were focused. After a few more minutes he stopped and took a deep breath. He sheathed his weapons letting out a deep breath. His breathing was more rapid, but he quickly caught his breath and walked over to Tushar.

"Not bad for training." Virtus said and gave a small smile, as if he was excited by being fatigued and expelling stupid amounts of energy for no reason.

Tushar rolled his eyes, "Yeah if you're crazy maybe." He joked and looked over at Vivi while she wrote in her journal.

That definitely depends on the partners you find. Some people post 1-6 times a day, while other might post 1-2 a week. :p
All those questions depends on the partners you find. There will always be people who ghost you eventually. It's just how the world works.

It is possible to find someone sit down collaborate. Are you talking about something like sharing a google doc?

I'm in favor of waiting for posts, allowing you feel time to relax and brainstorm, but I can't complain either about the collaborative thing, since I haven't really tried it.
I like to think of roleplaying as collaborative writing. :p
'Just messing around with voice dictation. Brainstorming. Pretty cool stuff. ;) Minimal effort in typing now. >:)'

It was a calm winter night. The wind howled, the air whistled as it blew through the window sill. Trees weaved left to right. The moon glistened, and the stars sparkled. Distant wolves could be heard howling. I took a step, the leaves broke under my weight. I froze in my steps as I was trying to be quiet. "Shit." I thought. The shadowy trees started looking like human figures, I hated that. I felt like my imagination was little cynical, dubious, or evil. Maybe all three. every step I took my heartbeat felt stronger and stronger. I can feel the vein in my neck pulsating blood. I don't know what it is, I have this feeling in my gut, some kind of worry or paranoia. I look down at my hands, and they're shaking. The color of my hands are blue and white. "How long have I been out here? I can't remember anymore."
Eren Jaeger

โ€œAh.โ€ Eren responded and looked around the room at everyone else. โ€œSo whatโ€™s the plan now? What do we do?โ€ He asked curiously. โ€œIโ€™m ready to make a difference.โ€ His fist formed, ready and focused.

Virtus Caelum

Virtus walked further away from the building and into a training area. Tushar ran up to the side of him, "What are you going to work on?" He asked.

"Probably just the swing of my sword for now, then some physical training. I need to be strong." Virtus replied and reasoned. Tushar nodded thinking it was true. Being weak and in the Survey Corps was bad news, most of the time. Technique had a big role to play as well.

"I'll join you." Tushar said, wielding his sword, and starting to practice his swings.

Vivi watched the two for a little bit, "Ugh. I don't want too right now.." She said, "I'm still tired from the other day." She went over and sat by a tree, watching the guys practice. She pulled out a little journal and begun to write in it.
No worries :) take your time.

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