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I am playing 5th Edition.
Greetings everyone, I have just started really playing D&D. I've gotten very much into it already and I have already played a mini-adventure, starting a new campaign with a few others(Not DM'ing), and DM'ing for a small adventure for my friends at my home.

I had recently had a wonderful idea for an adventure, but I need help. You see, I want to tack on a few character creation rules to help make the game more fun by adding in more species. The problem is that I'm not sure if these rules are fair. So, I'm asking for help to see if my rules are too restrictive or not.
-Fade out-

(We can do the Mature stuff in the PM.)
Vlad flashes a look at his relative to keep his hands off his new bride then quickly looks as his loving wife. His eyes speak love and kindness as he looks into her eyes. He then leans in and kisses her tenderly on the lips. His mate's lip taste like honey to him and it draws him deeper into a world where she is the only thing that exists in this world.

His passion subsides quickly and breathes, "Our room... Now..."
"They will. If they don't I will make them." He says protectively. He then takes her hand and leads her inside the massive building that resembles a castle more than a manor.
"Get away! Stop Whispering at me!" I yell, swinging my walking staff around at what can only be described as ghosts or spirits.
Vlad looks at his wife and nods. "That is acceptable."
I wonder around, using my walking staff to find my way around.
He eventually goes to bed.
"If you want to ask everyone to leave, that is your choice. I don't want to undermine your power." He says holding her closely to his chest. "Besides, this is your home...."
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