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Alison Twiddle

"Master... Why must I train with that... Thing...? It is a repulsive creature with no sense of restraint or decency! Why force me to fight such a vile... eunic!"

Her face is red with embarrassment and fury at the thought of having to square off with an individual who is so whorish they'd be willing to allow anything into their holes. This was a violation of her code of sensibility and cleanliness!
Ken Styles

Finally his classes were over. His feet nearly drag across the ground, making his way to his dorm. Once in, his body drops his bags and robotically moves him into his room where collapses onto the bed on his chest, his head off to the side so he can breathe. This day was far too long and draining for only 3 hours of sleep the night before and quickly the young man drifts off into the world of dreams.
Alison Twiddle
She squeaks when her queens sharp words lashed out at her and Alison bows in respect. "Sorry Mistress... I merely wished to aid the Master. Please forgive me..." She was right, this kind of behavior was not becoming of a woman, let alone a knight of this household. This would have to change.

Her gaze then sets upon her Master as he converses about the priests speaking with Fallen Ones and her lips press together. Even she could see this as a bad omen. She thunks things over in her mind, analyzing the situation. When her Master had suggested finding out more information, Alison had a choice. "Master, if you wish, I may proceed to acquire said information? Or should I remain here by your side to protect you?" Her mind thinks frantically, staying here would be the most prudent of choices since she can cast the best protection spells. However, not knowing what the enemy is up to scares her. Her mind is conflicted.

Then the door bursts open as the final member of the House enters, crass as ever. "Honestly, have you never heard of respect for your Lord and Lady?! How can you be so disrespectful and so brazen?! Have you no shame in your language?!"
Ken Styles

Ken settled down in his chair and takes off his backpack and pulls out every material he needed and then immediately slaps his head with his face. There was his map... He should have known that he stuffed it into his bag earlier last night. "I should have checked my bag you moron..." He mutters to himself before dragging his hand down the center of his face and then getting out the rest of his study materials. This may be his first day, but he is intending on making the most of it while he can. He sees the young man next to him and taps his shoulder to get his attention. Once it is give, Ken reaches over with his further hand for a hand shake. "Ken Styles. Nice to meet you." He whispers so as to not disturb the rest of the class. His hair is ratted from having to rush out the door. The scars on his arm shows. Scars from a broken past. A past that he's sooner forget about rather than think about any longer. They are a deep pain for him, but he smiles warmly anyways. After all, what's the point of dwelling on the past in pain, when you can make others happy in the present?
Alison Twiddle

The knight nods quickly and swiftly follows her Master's orders, "Yes my Lord, wise as always." Al slight smile cuts across her lips as she drops most of the stock and reinvests it into more lucrative stock. This was her life, Giving to her lord what he wanted. She is about to ask him about another stock that caught her eye when she stops, seeing his pensive expression. She knows it all too well. His desire for companionship with "Video Games". She had tried them once upon his request before, even once gluing the controller to her hands to play with him, but she knew that she was inadequate for his needs and then steps back a little and invests the stock for him.

"I have place the stock into the Bronze Foxes Gamer's Guild Inc. Merciful Luna, that is a mouthful." She looks up from her phone to see her better walk in, the queen. "H-hello M-Mistress... A beautiful day it is." Alison quickly bows to her Mistress as was expected of her in her presence. A higher rank is something this knight always aspired to be, but in this state, there is no way for her to get the title she wants. And why shouldn't take a long time after all she...

She contorts her face again when that thing lays herself across her Master's desk. This was too much now. This was the straw! She pushes the horny creature off the desk forcefully. "The Master doesn't need this this morning you harlot! If you wish to be a whore, then go and fraternize with a football locker room! I am sick and tired of your inconsiderate and lewd behavior! Remove yourself from this room at once and let the Master retain a peaceful morning!"
Alison Twiddle
As her lord sat across from the young King of an proto rival House, The young girl flicks through her phone, gauging her own and her King's stocks closely. Her eyes vigilant even though the information is only seen at a glance when she stops. Something interesting has caught her eye. Promptly she leans closer to her King and taps on his shoulder for his attention.
"My lord, there is something you must see." She raises the phone in her hand so that both have a clear visual view of the display, showing a slight dip in a particular stock. "The stock for Cadwell Confections are dropping. Shall I sell their stock before the price becomes too low?"

She awaits her Master's order. Her primary interest is the success of her House. She knows more than any other that money is the only thing that these pathetic mortals will listen to. Even Fallen Ones and Devils are not immune to its' allure. Her task is to accrue as much as she can muster for herself and her Master. Of course, his stock takes priority over her own and has more than once needing to borrow from said Master again, needing to rebuild her wealth from the ground up. Her lord? He shall never come below at least a year's worth of living money.

She then looks up and her face contorts a bit in disgust. Pan... That over sexual harlot. Always wanting her master to put out for this creature every time "it" shows up. She watches as the thing flirts with her Master.
"Pan, back off please? The Master has a very important decision to make regarding his financial growth. Please be a dear and back of... Now..."

She watches as this thing pushes off the desk and a cold mist shoots out of her nose. Pan has always gotten on her nerves, Ever since she was accepted, these two never truly got along. Like cats and dogs they fought and the still do even now.
Name: Alison "Twi" Twiddle

Age: 18


Evil Piece: Knight


Magic: Ice, Protection, Personal Buffs

Notable Magic:
Cone of Cold: Out of her hands comes blast of ice that she usually uses to create slides for herself or for creating barriers.

Freedom of Movement: Using magic, she doubles her speed of movement, Cannot be combined with Haste.

Haste: Increases her speed by half, Cannot be combined with Freedom of Movement.

Blue Ice Barrier: Summons a large wall of blue ice to protect anyone who needs it.

Ice Skin: Coating herself in a layer of blue ice, it works as personal armor.

Skills: Fencing, Jousting, Accounting

Anglophobia: From watching so many movies with British people being villains, has has developed a fear of those from there.

Papaphobia: After hearing about what previous Popes have done in the past, she has developed a fear of the Pope himself.

Sacred Gear: Jég Atya's Blade: A transforming sword that can convert from a longsword to a lance at will.
Sword Form

Lance Form

Bio: Born in Texas, her life was very pleasant and peaceful, living with the church, until in day when an older boy attacked her and tried to rape her. Even though she was victim, she was receiving partial blame for the event. So one day she joined a mission trip to bring back her purity. However that was not to be, and she was raped by the trip leader, saying that it was "God's will" for it to happen. She did not return with the group and eventually stayed with a group of Fallen Angels. They too took advantage of her and used her whenever they wanted. This made her cold and unfeeling. Once when a group of devils raided the compound, those who used to be her "friends" made her stand in front of them naked as a shield. After she was truck, she began questioning her motives and quickly joined with the demons to keep herself alive. From there she grew attached to her rescuers and eventually made herself useful by becoming an accountant for the club.

Likes: Finance, Numbers, Subbing, Cold showers, Being in self-control

Dislikes: Perverts, The church, Rapists, Lairs, Idiots, The boy who tried to rape her
Kenneth Styles

Another sun rises and another day Ken wakes up, but this time, with a start. He looks around frantically and quickly calms, realizing that he is safe. "I forgot... I'm in my dorm... I'm... home..." He contemplates that notion for a bit until his stomach protests his train of thought. "Right, food first. Then I can think about this more..."

His feet hit the floor and guide him into the kitchen. From there he scans the options that his roommate had already provided. "Well, there's not much, but I can make something out of this..." His hands get right to work, making a seasoned breakfast of eggs in a toasted sandwich with cream cheese acting as the mayo. He savors his food fully and then quickly cleans up after himself before going back into his room and putting on fresh clothes. He looks in the mirror and smiles in gratitude. "You've come a long way... But you're not done yet... Keep going..." He says to himself and then his eyes set upon his clock.

"Fucking Hades! I'm late! He scrambles all over his room, gathering his supplies as quickly as he can, and stuffing them into backpack and then rushes out the door. He dashes down and corridors to get to his first class, English 101. He makes it inside the main campus when it all dawns on him, "FUCK! MY MAP! I LEFT IT AT HOME!" Just as frantically when he ran into someone hard, making both fall on their asses hard.
"Ah! Fuck! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!"
"Oh, it's okay." A female student smiles and stands up slowly. "Trust me, I know that feeling. What class are you looking for?"
"Ah... I don't know the room but I do know the subject. English 101.
"Second floor, Room 223, right hand side.
"Thank you so much! I'll have to repay you later! Lunch maybe?" He pauses, did he just ask someone out?! No, he can't have... But he just did... How is this possible?! he braces himself for the oncoming denial.
"Sure! I don't have much today!" Wait... What...? No... He must be hearing this! He must be!
"Ah... I'm sorry, but could you please repeat that?"
"I would like to go out. How about we meet after first period in the garden?" This was it! Ad date! An actual date!
"Okay! Great! I'll see you then, then!" He runs off, his heart racing like it was the engine of a Boeing 747. A fucking date! How could this happen on his first day! This has to be a fluke! It must be! No! Now is not the time for that! Class! Have to get to class!
He rushes in just as the class begins. Thankfully the teacher only lightly riffs on him for being late and allows him to take his seat in class.
Name: Kenneth "Ken" Styles

Age: 19

Exclude the tattoo.

Magic: Wind, Debuffing, Healing

Notable Magic:
Cure Wounds: A minor healing spell that can treat cuts, bruises, and sprains.

Whispering Winds: Ken blows cold air onto an allied target to heal them from afar; slightly less potent than Cure Wounds.

Stalling Blast: A strong current of wind whips past Ken and slams into the opponent, slowing their movements.

Bane: A spell that causes a minor curse that hinders the afflicted from fighting effectively.

Cancel Curse: Ken touches an ally and removes a status effect or a minor curse from the ally.

Cooking: He can come up with excellent meals with the barest of ingredients.

Acrobatics: He can easily climb trees and jump over things such as fences.

Polearm Proficiency: Ken has taught himself how to use a polearm for defending and attacking as well as to help him with anything acrobatic.

Computer Programming: Since he is minoring in Computer Programming, Ken is fairly proficient in it and is learning to hack the codes of websites for Christian groups.

Sacred Gear: Quetzalcoatl's Quarterstaff; It grants the user access to Wind and Healing magic as well as the Raging Eagle Armor(Boosted Gear)

Iatrophobic: Fears doctors as if they themselves were demons.

People Pleaser: Ken tends to do anything and everything to make people like him, even if it ends up hurting him in the end.

Monophobic: He is afraid of being alone without having something to preoccupy his time. If there is no noises, he starts to slip into a quivering wreck.

Bio: Born in Texas, Ken was raised in a Christian home for his entire life and everything was wonderful. That was until he was caught one time, accidentally tripping and falling onto a younger girl in the hall way of his church into a compromising position. It didn't help that she was crying and saying that Ken had hurt her. From there the church accused him of rape and wanted to send him to the police, when the Pastor, wanting to save his and his son's reputation, opted to send Ken to a boarding school in Maine to be "Cleansed of his sins". The result was years of psychological and emotional abuse followed by constant "Purification" sessions, focusing on Bible versus being played on a loud speaker while each person was locked into an isolation chamber. The trauma triggered his powers derived from the Aztec Deity Quetzalcoatl. It comforted him and gave him sanity. When it was discovered that Ken had this power, he was then taken to a new facility, intent on robbing the boy of his companion. Thankfully, the contract had ended and Ken was sent home, broken and still being accused of rape. From there, he left home with a camper's pack, some money, his school records, and things that he would need living on the road. Months later he turned up in Seattle and applied in Renfield College, majoring in Literary Arts and minoring in Computer Programming so that he can create visual novels on his own. He is now bunking with another student and takes an active role in the College community by participating in numerous clubs and activities.

Likes: Video games, World Music, Culture, History, Computers, Eating, His friends, Snakes, Birds, Cooking

Dislikes: Doctors(And everything to do with them), Christians, Laziness, Being alone, Being left behind, Jerks, Posers
@VitaVitaARThen if that's the case, can I be a lone wanderer and we can develop why he would join the Order of the Iron Roses?
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