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A name I found unbanned. So I gave it a name-change.

Happy to have found it after a Party Animal restitution I wrote taught me it slays sirenic genders raiding as gypsies evading ... Like assailant, since corsair isnt them till they survive scrutiny, and vagrance. How? Bf and gf are adolescent desecrations of boy|girl scout. I learned to appreciate it as "friend" to be 1st-Person overall. I reminded myself of that, having only deflected my Ranger perspective of it, which didnt succeed as Rival, just a Courtship dexterity. So, now, I can look into it as tactic, and reap misfits, restituted as principles, not adversarily.

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Sorry, guys. I made multiple accounts back in the day and... spammed the chat before it wasa discord. I got permission once before to used a specific account.. I forgot which one it was so I created StreetViper- This name might be the one that's allowed. But I really want StreetViper. It was in honor of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Goodluck without me!
Thanks. I'll add you Sam!
Welcome dude!
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