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I can probably get a post going soon if that’s cool with y’all!
Echooooo! Echoooooo!

Who’s turn is it to post?
Sorry this one was kinda rushed! I was wicked excited about the idea...

If anyone has any questions, they’ll be answered IC, but I can help fill in here too!
It’s an early morning at the Wigglytuff Guild. The sun gently rises over the horizon, the cotton-candy and orange skies slowly moving into view as dawn approaches. All is calm. All is quiet. All is Loudred.

Oh no.
The silence and gentility of the morning breaks with the uproar of the guild’s wake-up call. It comes without warning, unrelenting, metaphorical sound barriers breaking as guildmates are quickly awoken from their serenity and whisked away from peaceful dreams into the nightmarish existence of -


The vibrating soundwaves of the guild’s overpowering alarm clock echo through the building, enough to shake the guildmaster office room - shaking a cylindrical cone full of coffee, down into a spiral, pouring gently into the waiting mug held by the scrawny, 3-D spec wearing current guildmaster - Breen Torrents. “Thank you, Loudred.” Upstairs, Breen’s wide awake, dangling his feet over the guildmaster office desk, sitting atop it, raising his mug. “The perfect cup of coffee - hours of preparation, brewed carefully, and poured to perfection by vibrating soundwaves. Amazing.” He grins, taking a sip, and immediately spitting it out, tossing the mug behind him.

In front of him, the droplets of coffee drizzle down the invisible force that is (invisible to most Pokemon, but with Breen’s void 3-D Specs, he can see him just fine!) - Guildmaster Wally.
“Oh, right. Sorry, Wally.” From behind him, a lighter pink Wigglytuff perks their ears up. “Yeah?”

This is not Wally. Or rather, not our Wally. They’ll be named - Not Our Wally - or Lolly! You can tell because their fur tone is lighter, they’re gently sparkling (shiny Pokemon!), and they have green eyes. Oh yeah, and they’re a girl.

“No, not… you, Wally. This Wally. Invisible Wally. Who’s currently soaked in coffee, Wally. Coffee Wally, go sit in the corner for a hot sec, I need to talk to Wally. Not our Wally. That Wally…” He holds his head, shaking. “Oh, wolly…”

“So... Do you remember anything about… getting here in the first place? Like, this is great! This is wicked, wicked cool!” Breen walks around Lolly, holding a piece of equipment from earlier, beeping around the Wigglytuff. “I’ve seen some crazy stuff in my time at the guild, but this takes the cake…”

Lolly grabs Breen’s arm, quickly maneuvering around to grab the device out of his hands. “Where did you…” She manages to press and play around with it, before the inconsistent beeping comes out more clearly - the device blinking green. “In the short time I’ve been in… erm, your guild, I haven’t seen anything like this… it’s far more common where I’m from; why, it even runs on Perfect Pears!”

“Pears? Ugh, disgusting, in our universe, we… oh, that’s it, isn’t it! You’re not from around here.... Literally!” He snatches his device back, beeping back around the Wigglytuff. “Of course, of course! I got this device from my dad… he’s pretty keen into all that conspiracy alternate timeline other universe type stuff, but I never thought it was… real… you’re from a timeline and universe not connected to ours… one with… stuff like this! Beeping thing!”

Lolly speaks up, still lost in thought thinking about her Perfect Pears… “Oh! Yes, we have plenty of more stuff like that where I’m from… and they’re all relatively easy to make! Most of which I’m sure you can fashion from this very room!”

“Oh yeah? Like what?”



As per Loudred’s loud and read announcement, every guild member convenes right outside the guildmaster’s office. Typically this is where rescue teams get debriefed for big missions and expeditions, or various other news regarding jobs and guild tasks for the day - in most cases, basic chores.
With the recent weird behavior of what the guild members believe to be THEIR guildmaster Wigglytuff, the guild has been acting up, with Charlie attempting to calm the bustling and uneasy crowd - constant murmurs of rumors, Pokemon talking back and forth regarding their jobs, their pay, any piece of gossip or uneasiness going on with the rest of the world. Bidoof quietly whispering to folks in the back, Swellow causing a ruckus, other Pokemon questioning why they’re even there - when the silence is suddenly broken by a loud, metallic melody -

DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN. Beethoven. The guildmaster door opens. The Pokemon peer around as a figure makes its way out with a large guitar strapped around his body.
DUN DUN dun dunnnnnnnnn….

Breen smiles, tilting his head up from the guitar, flashing his 3-D specs at his awaiting audience, raising both arms. “Goooooooooood moooorning, Wigglytuff Guild! Are you ready to ROCK!”

The crowd is silent.

“Right! Okay! Cool! Probably too early for any of this, really… uh, now I’m sure you’re all wondering why you’re here, what’s going on, who I am, how I’m doing, when I got here… questions, expositions, yadda yadda yadda…” He plays another riff on his guitar.

“As you may have already heard per my last announcement - the Wigglytuff to my right… Lolly walks out next to Breen with a wave, chomping on a perfect Pear. “Is not our Wigglytuff…” DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN. “Where is Guildmaster Wally? Well…” Another guitar riff, and Breen leans against the open space next to him - leaning on the invisible Wally… “Right here! Duh! Get your eyes checked, folks… or get a pair of my glasses, whichever comes first…” DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

“Now, I’d love to stay and chat - but we gotta explain ourselves here - it’s not every day you see a Pokemon from another universe… dun dun dun dun… and an invisible Pokemon stuck in the other Pokemon’s universe… dun dun dun dun…” He smiles, standing back up, playing his electric guitar. “How did she get here? You may ask yourself… this is not my Guildmaster… where does he come from? How do we save Wally? What does this mean? Who is this Swampert?”

“Right! Introductions! He-ll-oo! I’m Breen. Breen Torrents. Swampert. Music enthusiast. Comic-book collector. Lover of dragons. The oncoming storm. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m your guildmaster while we figure out this whole Wigglytuff situation! And we can figure that out right now! I need an expedition team! Okay! Cool! Any questions?”

Everyone’s hands go up.

“As… ex-pected…” Dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnnn….

I’ll have a post up tommorrow morning! (It’s currently 11:00PM in Boston time!)
So, who’re we waiting on for a post? I’m up and willing to write if anyone wants in on Breen antics!
Oh fuck yeah, this means I can have Breen be the leader of the resistance group against the police force.

Be Gay! Do Crimes!
I honestly believe the world has it out for me whenever I get back into wanting to write for PMD - it’s always around this time and then suddenly, life throws something at me like

“Oh, that’s nice, you wanna do something extra? Fuck you.”

And then Breen is trapped inside the guild for another year.
Actually - anyone around the guild/outside the guild that would like to part of the Breen plot point and story line? lol
And yeah! Thus commences my original idea for a subplot involving the Guildmaster and some void stuff - next post will most likely tie up some loose ends explaining what’s going to happen/connections to my post before it (before I disappeared) - and I can put that up today unless y’all would rather be part of Breen explaining in the guild office.
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