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The Story, Abridged

It began in 1988, the closing years of U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The relations between east and west are at their lowest ever. A missile pact was never made, a Reykjavik Summit remained a failure for Reagan, and a cornered Soviet Union responded with an arms buildup. In the event of war, the United States secretly developed a super virus that would incapacitate the Soviet population with fevers in the event of a war. It is thought that without a fieldable army, the Union would be forced easily into unconditional surrender and dissolution. They are, in fact, somewhat right about the inevitable outcome.

June of 1988 brings the flashpoint, as Soviet submarine Arkhangelsk sinks a US spy submarine in the Arctic Ocean. Enraged, the United States decides the best bet is a quick and painful strike across the Soviet Union in order to cripple them. A mixture of biological warheads containing the Mad Virus and thermonuclear warheads of varying megatonnage are loaded into silos across the United States and Europe. Submarines quietly lay in wait on both sides of the Pacific and Atlantic as the orders are still in the chain of command. July 8 marks Armageddon, the day the bombs fell.

The US launched first, missiles began to rain far and wide in the Soviet Union. The first target hit inn the war was Vladivostok. No nuclear weapons targeted it, but the Mad Virus was released there. From Arkhangelsk to Rostov and Omsk to Yakutsk and Sevastopol to Nikel the bombs flew. Many were intercepted, radioactive debris raining a new type of hellfire on the people, but a few hit their exact marks. Soviet missiles were fired in retaliation, a red wave that crashed across the United States and Europe. The dice had been cast, and everyone had rolled the Devil’s Eyes. It was now game over, or so we had thought.

Radiation lingered, and that Mad Virus that would cripple the Soviets did work well. But it mutated with the radiation. Nothing could kill the virus as it swept with the radioactive fallout. The Soviets had the last laugh, as the virus the west made to end the east had turned a manageable result of thermonuclear war into an unmanageable horror show. None were spared the ravages of the Mad. Those who infected either died slowly, became crazed beings with the minds of rabid dogs, or became immune. The final was so rare it is estimated that only one in ten thousand became immune.

Cities that once held people and joy now only hold the Mad, and the radioactive animals that prey on them. Only the strongest survive…

Yet, even as this brave new world dies a slow death, there is always a candle in the darkness. Beyond the lands you called home, on a clear night with good atmospherics, you can pick up a signal from far beyond the horizon. It rarely deviates, any night you tune in you can pick it up. A soft, husky voice of a woman comes through the airwaves, discussing the events of the day, how many were hurt or dead after something called The Spiders attacked. From Winter of 1990 to the Spring of 1992 she never wavers.

Yet in early May, her final broadcast came across the waves:

"...dangers of I-82. Never take that road. If there is someone out there, somevhere, listening now...get pen and paper...this down: 46°36′N 120°30′W. This is...last safe places in Washington. Yakima. The City of Dream, they like to say...tsk...well. This is...medium to say goodbye, my father used to say, you don't understand something until you can explain it to your grandmother. Hah...ah... Good night everyone, God bless you all. Good luck. And...ah. as Texans say: Come up and see us some time."

You are a survivor, either from far away or close to home. The City of Dreams is never too far away, you just need to try to get there. Whether near or far, there are adventures to be had, friends to be made, enemies to kill, and a world of its own to explore. Please be literate, please be open minded, and please be yourself! No need to try to impress me, I'm just a faceless. If you have some interest, feel free to PM me directly here on the Guild, or pester me over on Discord @ Zona#7264
Whoa, hey now lords and ladies of the Guild, I'm Zona! Yes, after the book Zona. It's an invigorating read if you ever watched Tarkovsky's masterpiece take on Roadside Picnic! So, let's begin in the beginning, I was born on a farm in an unincorporated community in the Sahka Republic, now part of the Federation of Russia. Normally I'm kinda grumpy and old, but I think it makes me unique and adorable. I live on a homestead in the United States now, where I pursue the art of creative writing and dabble in gardening. Mostly I take care of my adoptive parents, and raise a little cash by canning goods and baking. When I'm not here in my gas mask and trench coat, I'm probably infront of my stove or curled up by my coal oil furnace enjoying a read. I'm an outspoken nuclear proliferation advocate, even though I write in the vein of dystopia and have some lovely post-nuclear wonderland! To boot, I'm also a very big fan of the European Pop artists coming to surface these days, likes Kovacs and Caro Emerald. I still follow sports, when possible. I'm a massive Volgograd Rotors fan still, I still remember the 1988 promotion to the Soviet Top League! I also follow American football, and do so love Mister Mayfield on the Browns. And yes, I have his autograph!

So, on to the more gritty details about me. I have been roleplaying for almost twenty years now! I have seen people come and go, and remember all my favored partners over the years. My first experience with roleplaying was in 1999, while I was attending university in Volgograd, we had a lecture from an American professor who brought a Dungeons and Dragons game with him. While showing him around town, we ended up at a friend's house trying to make a party in one night. It was so much fun, the month flew so quickly and I was so sad to see him go. So we exchanged emails, and he introduced me to MUD's. So, from 1999 to 2003 all I did were MUD's! In 2003, however, a thing called SecondLife was launched, and we quickly converted to SecondLife. From there I threw my roots out, from AOL to Yahoo, and even Furcadia for a time. I also did some roleplay on Star Wars Galaxy, RPGateway, RPHaven, Reddit, Skype, and Kik! But, most recently I've found myself comfy with roleplaying on Discord, it's so easy to keep 1x1's organized.

And finally, my interests in roleplay are so varied and inconsistent it isn't even funny. Being such an oldhead, I can honestly say I've tried to all, and can probably give you a detailed list of things I hate with a fiery passions and generally dislike, but let's be positive here! My #1 LOVE in a plot is a post-apocalyptic or dystopian style setting, doesn't even need to be modern as well. Whether it is from the bombs or from zombies or a global ice age, maybe magick put the sun out, a la Arx Fatalis, I love it all! I also enjoy medieval fantasy worlds, especially when they are nonlinear and my characters can go at the pace of their choosing. Honorary mentions are also slice of life roleplay, as well as some types of futuristic sci-fi that are nonlinear in nature and don't require me to roll 1d100 (I hate d100's, I never get below a 70). I do play some canons, nothing new or anime based, just saying that now. I do a mix of 1x1 RP's and group RP's, both of which I actively look for somewhat daily. I enjoy making posts in a speedy, yet detailed way. Normally I kick out one paragraph, but can easily go up to five, it just depends on my mood and my interest.

So, thank you so much for taking your time to read a little bit about me, as a reward here is a picture of the only child I probably will ever have!
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