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The problem was the chain. It was always the chain, where this fight was concerned. See, when the chain pulled tight going forward it was under the pressure of the spear. So, when the spear began to be retracted – and lifted – so too did the chain itself. Friction, the result of the pressure destabilizing which held it in place. Call it whichever of those things you wanted, since both had an equal impact on what happened. Regardless, the chain pulled back and lifted in exact timing with the spear, until it touched his body. As soon as that link of chain touched his groin, it stopped moving. The resultant action of that caused the spear to just slide along the metal of the chain, never actually touching his body. Beatdown knew that would happen, but apparently the other didn’t fully understand what was going on.

Of course, this fight wasn’t much of a fight – and Beatdown was growing tired and weary of everything happening. It wouldn’t be much longer, though, and he’d be in the position he needed to be in to ensure a victory – all he had to do was wait out and survive one more attack. Could he do it? Well, if the man’s current prowess was any indication, then yes. Yes, he could. Easily. He prepared himself for what would likely be another spear-thrust, shifting most of his weight over to his left leg and tightening every muscle in his body.
Sure thing.
So, I feel first and foremost the question that every reader of this might have is what is already in mind and in the works?

Currently the plan is to form an ever-evolving, Nation-style roleplay. Though individuals are more than allowed, and in fact encouraged to integrate themselves into the world - groups of five unique individuals will be the ones who control the most territory and have the most influence and power on the World Stage.

Currently we've gotten a concept for a group outline designed and ready to be put into place on launch. Our goal is to create a persistent story that involves everyone who could possibly want to join.

What level of writing and talent are you speaking to? What genre and style?

All levels and genres. We're not going to be picky and say only this can come in, only this can do this. Everyone and anyone is welcome, as long as they intend to further the stories we're building together. Obviously the better players will be the ones who end up holding the most influence and control ICly, but everyone is welcome to join us in our world - regardless of writing level and skill.

What is considered canon appropriate?

While we would, of course, prefer custom characters and groups - canon is whatever you want it to be. From mundane, every day humans with base technology all the way up to groups capable of using their technology or their magic to terraform worlds to be suitable for their lives.

A bit difficult to apply one's self, mind and energy without the general of this.

Understandable, we're currently in the process of finishing up the systems and we're hoping to have enough interest to launch the program early next week.

Even if unofficial to the point of, "We have nothing set in stone as of yet.", the opinions of those involved already provide us outsiders much appreciated insight.

Very true. We're hoping to have ideas and input from the general community here, too. Right now, groups will have to go through an acceptance process in which a member of the RP staff will approve or deny groups as official based on our guidelines. Characters will be approved or denied with a similar guideline - but will be far less strict in comparison. Groups, being the most influential people in the RP, will have the option of beginning with a planet, a large ship, or whatever other type of livable entity they can come up with. This will be known as their territory. They have full control inside of their territory as far as stories go.

Territories will have 2-3 "crucial" places. Places that are so intrinsically important to the group itself that they're high-value targets. If another group, or even an individual, wants to capture that territory they can attack those crucial points via a judged-fight system. If they attack, and the judge determines they won, then they gain that point - and the losing group loses that point. If a group loses all three crucial points, they no longer control any territory and become nomadic by nature.

I hope that managed to answer some of your questions, and if there's anything else you want to know you can find me on the Discord, or post the message here.
Beatdown watched idly as the man took his steps forward, wondering if maybe he was finally going to fight him like a man. Of course, he wasn’t. Kids and their weapons, though. They couldn’t move past them. He was beginning to think this man would be completely useless if the fight became about fists and feet. Even with him in armor and Beatdown only wearing a pair of ripped up, faded out blue jeans. Fists would still give the other a clear advantage, but he chose to employ his weapon like a coward hiding behind his friends. Well, there wasn’t much he could do about that. So, he watched the man begin to thrust his spear toward his chest. Of course, Beatdown still had his arms lifted and was preparing to fight the man if he got close enough.

His left hand immediately reacted and started to swing out to grab the spear. It didn’t work. The spear retracted and targeted his thigh before the left hand came into place. Immediately he realized he’d fucked up, and now he was about to lose the use of his leg. He braced himself for the pain that was about to come…but it never did. He wasn’t sure why, until he felt a weight like someone pulling at his right arm – and immediately he glanced down to check.

His laughter rang throughout the quiet arena, as if those remaining were quiet in anticipation. What was he laughing at? Pure dumb luck, obviously. See, when his right hand lifted into position, the chain still wrapped around his hand left the excess hanging out before it, pointed toward the ground. And in the man’s rush to cause him injury, he’d neglected to take it into account. So, when the spear thrust forward to his thigh the chain was hanging in the way. The tip traveled halfway through that link, before becoming lodged and pulling the chain tight – which resulted in the tugging at his arm.

It wasn’t intentional. Hell, he hadn’t even thought it would be something to work – and he took no time to react to the second thrust, believing the first to be the true attack. But, it did work. Luck was on his side in that moment, and he couldn’t hardly believe that himself. Now, though, the spear was wedged between the links of the chain – and he wasn’t quite sure where to go from there. Except to keep tension on it and try to pull the spear from the other’s grasp. Believing that he’d finally get the man to let go of his cowardly ways and fight like a true warrior.
The only clear thing happening here was his opponent clearly giving humans very little credit in their capabilities, and misunderstanding time-frames and timing in and of itself. He didn’t step forward and then crouch. He crouched AS he stepped forward. It was not an additional step, but the same steps already undertaken. The fact of his body crouching mid-step, and his arm being pushed outward not just above, but in front, of his head is what made the block entirely possible. Brennus seemed to assume that all humans are weak, fragile things. That their minds and bodies don’t react on pure instinct in the heat of the moment.

If Brennus was truly the warrior he claimed to be, then he’d have to understand that simple concept. For Beatdown, this fight wasn’t one of thought – where each option was weighed carefully and then undertaken after a far too long thought process. For him, fighting was second nature. Every move he made, every endeavor undertaken in the heat of combat, was muscle memory. It was instinct. That made his reactions immediate and definite. Not superhuman, no, but the movements of someone highly trained and skilled in combat for more than most their lives. Some people just didn’t understand that concept. Didn’t understand how muscle memory, how instinct, how reaction works. That’s fine, those people could be taught if they were willing to learn.

For Beatdown though, he’d learned it a long time ago. Throughout hundreds and thousands of battles fought and won by the blade and the fist. This man, though? He was a coliseum fighter. He fought for audiences, for the glory of his name. He didn’t truly know what it meant to be faced with death. He didn’t know what a true fight was, and he clearly didn’t begin to fathom what true, bred training in life-and-death situations bred into a real warrior.

So, Beatdown shifted back to a standing position, before taking two steps backward as the spear began to pivot. This put him at a range in which the man would have to fully extend his arm all the way outward just to make a minor point of impact on the most outward part of his body. Meanwhile, he inspected his forearm – and reminded himself that he was glad the shackles remained. It’d caused the sliding of the spear backward to lift a bit, and instead of a deep gash formed a shallow cut on his arm. It stung a great deal, but the blood loss was minimal and the cut itself barely a nuisance.

“Are you ever going to truly fight, or are you going to just keep trying to poke me with your stick? I’m growing bored with your ignorance, child.”
So, Brennus could react quickly when faced with adverse circumstances. It was about time he showed some fuckin’ mettle and decided to take the fight seriously. As Beatdown advanced, he slid the haft of his spear backward in his hand. Of course, that held its own faults. You couldn’t jerk backward on something already in a downward motion without losing some of its forward momentum. Fortunately, though, his left arm was still in a lifted position – considering it never lowered past mid torso. As the haft of the spear slid backward, his forward momentum continued – and at the same time he contracted his torso and let his knees bend just a little. With a single, last step forward, he too reacted quickly.

His body stopped, his knees bent into perfect ninety-degree angles. That, alone, would be more than sufficient to make the spear pass just above his head, and scantly causing it to miss his shoulder. Though, it never made it that far in its travels. As his body dropped downward, his left arm continued to lift upward – the back of his forearm slamming into the wooden haft of the spear – halting it immediately with a resonating thuuuuuunk of wood on muscled flesh. With the cut halted, the man apparently considered himself ready for another thrust attempt.

Honestly, the cowardice of the fight itself was beginning to wear thin on him. From his position, he shifted and stood up straight once again – bringing his hands back up to an orthodox stance, left hand extended forward. Right hand pulled back, chain curled around his knuckles and his grip tightened and prepared for whatever strike came next. That would, apparently, be a thrust aimed forward at his throat. Another pathetic attempt at the same thing again. When would this guy learn? Probably right now.

The spear halted only an inch from his throat – as his left hand snapped closed around the wood and then twisted, pulling the spear around and holding it. With the blade pointed behind him, and the wood at his thigh, he began to pull – pressuring the man to other move forward, or try to counter-act his pulling force. Should the latter happen, he’d simply bend the wood around his thigh until it snapped – the own man making it possible to hold it in position for that very maneuver. If he came forward…well, then he’d finally be on the right path to proving himself someone worth contending with, rather than a coward who preferred to hide behind his tools.
As soon as the strike to the spear missed, he turned his whole body to face the other’s once more. His footwork was impeccable, shifting forward with his steps. By the time the diagonal slash came toward his face it was too late to really strike his face. Instead, he let the haft of the spear slap against his shoulder, and slide up until the wood rested against his neck – trapped beneath his collar. It didn’t matter though, he continued forward. It only took a couple of steps to put him into striking range – and once there his right hand snapped upward – traveling between the wide-gripped hands of his opponent.

The result of that was an uppercut, not one with a lot of power behind it – it was just a testing strike. A set-up for a larger combo, but it was targeted and it was going to do some damage if it landed. The most effective block would be to move the spear-haft into place to block, but it’d break under that pressure. And moving it that far, with the wood trapped beneath the metal of his collar - which wasn’t intended just a happy accident - would be nearly impossible. In the same motion as the uppercut, though, other parts of his body tensed and prepared to move in for further strikes – though what those might be even Beatdown hadn’t yet decided.
The other man advanced behind his shield, moving two-steps forward to come within spear-range – already prepared to thrust. It didn’t take much for him to turn his body to left and bend his lower torso backwards, which allowed the spear to bypass the point of entry for a clean stab, and simply slide along his gut. A small, trickle of blood flowed from the cut – but it was nothing he couldn’t manage. He’d suffered worse bloody noses in hand-to-hand fights. Still, though, that this enemy managed to draw blood was a sign that he should begin taking this fight seriously.

That meant making it an actual fight, instead of a coward trying to pig-stick a roast ham for his dinner. The easiest way to do that was by dropping his left hand from the elevated position it went into to facilitate his bending motion and give him balance. This motion of his hand, which would be a downward thrust of his palm against the wooden haft of the weapon, came at the same time as a side-step inward, which moved him closer to the other person. At nearly the same time, however, his right hand came up and his wrist slammed into the wooden section of the spear immediately behind the metal broad head.

The end result of the maneuver was the resounding craaack of wood breaking, as the haft of the spear was snapped clean in two by his pretty impressive strength. Though it was probably a certainty that the man would quickly try to recall his spear toward him, it didn’t matter – because even if he pulled it back there wasn’t enough time to get it completely out of the way. The haft would either snap about a foot back from the tip, where his hand originally smacked and latched onto, or it would break a bit closer to the end – because pulling it back would simply make his wrist hit the broad-side of the spearhead.
In World-Killer 15 May 2017 11:20 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Name: Lysander Telos Korvein
Alias: The Archetype, The Soul Sage, Shadowlord.
Apparent Age: 27
Actual Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Humanoid, Soul Hivan
Classification: Mercenary
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 210lbs
Hair Color: Varies
Eye Color: Varies

Character Tier: High
Character Affiliation: The Mystic Dominion
Character-type: Critical


Visual representation

A man of rather modest size and weight, Lysander is often underestimated based on how he looks. Unassuming because of his average build, his true strength is far belied by the nature of his body. Not the muscle-bound brute most people seem to become, Lysander is a lithe creature. Long, flowing hair falls down his back - though it is often well-kept in a ponytail to avoid disastrous sight-coverage. Born of the Soul Hive, he has inherited several genetic features that - while not individually specific to his kind - most creatures do not have.

The pointed ears of the elves and the sharply down-turned nose are just two of these identifying traits. They’re also the most visibly apparent. Dark eyes seem to shift colors constantly, depending on his mood and the powers flowing through him at the time.

His normal attire consists of a pair of loose pantaloons and a dark colored, loose-fitting shirt without sleeves - revealing the definition of the muscles in his arms. Covering his shirt is usually a piece of metal armor, which comes to a rest just beneath his waist, ending at a bluntly curved edge. A dark, long-sleeved coat sets over both of these. Over the arms of the coat is a pair of very durable, nearly indestructible vambraces covered in the ancient Runes of the Soul Hive.


Lysander is a true warrior, who has spent the millions of years of his existence in training against the strongest combatants the Multiverse has ever had to offer. Rarely defeated, he has become obsessed with finding that one, true fight that would truly pull from within him the true force of his own power. Yet to find this, he has long since given up hope at finding such a warrior. That’s the burning passion that drives him to continue existing, when he should have faded from the world of the living so long ago.

At the same time, he is a generous, kind person who has no qualms about admitting it. He has been known to protect people who couldn’t protect themselves, even when there was nothing for him to gain from the act. Many of the wounds that have been inflicted upon him came from those moments of selflessness, when he was trying to protect others and found himself impaled upon a sword from behind.
A man who hates cowardice, and any sign of cowardly behavior, he takes anything remotely seen as cowardly as a sign of weakness and will immediately rip the person to shreds. At the same time, he understands tactics and battle strategy very, very well. Tactical retreats for regrouping, therefore, are not seen as cowardly behaviors.

Abilities, Traits, Capabilities, Powers

The Soul Hive: The Soul Hive exists in a dimension parallel to our own, yet outside of space and time itself. Inside the Hive, there exists only the Hive. A member of the Soul Hive is someone who was born within the confines of its walls, and who - because of their upbringing within it - have gained indomitable control over its nature. With only four such people to exist, Lysander is the last remaining alive - the other three fell to his own blade. As such, the full power of the Hivan world exists solely within his body. Travel to and from The Soul Hive is impossible without the blood of a Hivan as a catalyst.

Inside the Soul Hive exists an axis of power relatively untapped, at least in a general sense. Lysander, himself, has tapped into the energy source and used it to fuel his own innate capabilities. The magic-like energy of the Hive can be used for a plethora of things, though Lysander uses it mostly only to fuel his innate capabilities.

Sage Modes: Those who were born within the Soul Hive have access to powers far greater than those simply invited within its walls. Specifically, the Sage-forms. Hivan Sages are extremely powerful beings capable of manipulating and utilizing magic of nearly any kind, depending on the alignment their Sage-form seems to take. Lysander, unlike most Hivans, has access to both sides of the coin - so to speak.

Transcending Light; Sage form I: The Transcending Light is a powerful force of good, capable of eradicating evil-doers with the majesty of its beauty alone. What defines someone as evil is completely dependent upon the wielder, and with this form of Sage-hood comes the infinite knowledge of all good magic. This means, of course, that the wielder is capable of utilizing various forms of good magic. To achieve this level one must train for centuries and understand better than most the correlation between man and soul.

Descending Darkness; Sage form II: As a user of the Descending Darkness the user understands the torment of the soul and its correlation with the pain of the physical body. The wielder is capable of delivering a nearly impenetrable darkness upon their enemies, and understands and utilizes the darkest of magic almost naturally. The amount of training and pain the user must endure for this to be effective is beyond the capability of most; human and Hivan alike.

Godhand; Sage form III: A Godhand is a Hivan who, after centuries of life, has understand the correlation of all things in the Multiverse, and can see the very convergence of life and pain at every turn. Godhands, when utilizing their full potential, are nearly indomitable warriors whose very existence hinges on the bloodlust running through their veins. While Sage form I and II make their specific sets of magic available while the user is within that singular form, a Godhand can utilize both its predecessors traits simultaneously, while achieving significant boosts to their own physical capabilities.

Additionally, Godhands empower their other traits beyond a natural level - a point beyond even their normal peak. For Lysander, this means that he transcends all bounds of mortality and becomes a creature nearly unstoppable in every regard. Furthermore, a Godhand is capable of seeing - and understanding - the energies being utilized by those around him and, in most cases, can mimic them with perfection. This allows for quick learning of new forms, though the wielder often chooses to forget that which he learns.

Shadow Lord: Once the wielder of the legendary sword Gekimetsu, Lysander has infused within himself the power of the Shadow Lord, allowing him to manipulate the very shadows around him. Once a power only useable through physical contact with the sword itself, Lysander has destroyed the soul contained within the sword and taken its power for himself.

Through this he is capable of manipulating the shadows in various ways. He can utilize them for quick traveling through the realm of Jigoku, as well as harming a person he’s fighting simply by causing damage to the shadows they emit. A thousand things can be done with these shadows, and he has used them for such a length of time that complete mastery is a thing of the past - he has become the master of Shadows and his power over them is indomitable.

Jigoku: Jigoku, in Lysander’s canon, is the Shadow Hell. It is the place from which shadows materialize, and where they converge into one single entity. The Shadow Hell is, because of this natural order, a place where only the most powerful of shadow manipulators can enter and exit safely. Lysander utilizes its living, tormenting nature to the effect of a personal hell dimension. Those he deems unworthy of a warrior’s death are entombed here, tormented for eternity.

The price one must pay to escape Jigoku without the aide of a powerful shadow manipulator, and in the case of Lysander the savior would have to have considerable might, is to leave their physical body behind and exist merely as a soul within the physical world; with no body to call its own. Most would rather suffer the physical torment of Jigoku, than to exist without a form capable of interacting with the true world.

Cosmic Magic: Lysander spent several centuries studying the lore behind cosmic magic, and unearthing its secrets. As such, he is capable of weaving complex spells that utilize the very fabric of the cosmos themselves as a power source; providing him with a nearly limitless source of energy for powerful magical creations that - on a normal basis - could affect a grand scale with the smallest of effects. The full force of this school of magic has yet to be tested, though Lysander has often sought the opportunity to put it to the test.

The Twelve Souls of Vengeance

Lysander, over a great length of time, assembled together the twelve strongest members of the Korvein family, and using his own dark magic wiped them from the face of existence. One by one they fell to his blade, and in doing so he entrapped their souls within his own body. Through this, he gained immense power and additional capabilities that were unlocked dependent upon the soul stolen. Lysander, himself, barely understands the full extent of the powers attained from the Twelve Souls, but he knows his own might hinges entirely upon them - and so he keeps them locked tightly within the very core of his being - their burning souls intertwining and interweaving with his own until it is impossible to see where one begins and the other ends.

Specific traits gained from the souls are, relatively, unknown. Though a healing factor along with advanced regeneration and reactive adaptation have been noted to exist within him since the melding of the souls, other powers may or may not exist hidden deep within the core of his being. Perhaps someone, someday, will push him to his limits and find out exactly what he may or may not be capable of because of these spiritual threads woven together.

Magiweaves: A form of magic utilizing woven threads of energy visible only to another user of the power, the wielder creates effects of magical origin based entirely on the combination of weaves they use. These function much like the True Power does for Rand al’Thor - who gave Lysander the idea to create this form of magic after a chance meeting in Tel’aran’rhiod - but differ in fundamental ways. Whereas Saidin and Saidar utilize only five basic elements within their weaves (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit) Lysander has broken it down further to include such elemental forces as light, gravitational forces, and darkness.

Through this, the actual effects of the power have become nearly limitless in their application upon celestial bodies and denizens of the Multiverse who are unfortunate enough to make him pull this level of power out of himself.

Weapons and Equipment

Shadow Queen Armor

Lysander in his Shadow Queen Armor.

A suit of armor developed and created by the magister Vincent Fiorelli, The Shadow Queen Set is a powerful asset to any lucky enough to have been granted one. Lysander, however, has made a few key modifications. While Vincent’s original set could be worn by anyone, Lysander’s has been personally encoded to his genetic string; making it useless to anyone else who might pick it up. In fact, the encoding is so strong that - should the suit recognize and unauthorized DNA sequence, it will constrict until it crushes the trespasser into a bloody, gory ball.

The suit has several key components, they are:

Skinsuit of the Shadow Queen: While this looks like nothing more than an average, polished opal its true nature is revealed when the wearer of the suit embeds the stone in their skin. While most, not all but most, seem to prefer embedding the stone in their spine - one of the only two places it can be embedded and work effectively - Lysander chooses to embed his in the center of his chest.

Despite the metallic, rigid way the suit fits on Lysander when it builds itself from the polished gem and forms itself into whatever shape and composition the wearer wants, it is crafted from a material the creator; Vincent Fiorelli, crafted on his own. Called Fiorellite, the composite material is extremely durable and utilizes magic Lysander didn’t really care to pay attention to or read about to be tremendously durable.

Energy used against the suit is absorbed and dissipated as harmless nothingness at an extreme rate, while physical weapons are usually destroyed on contact.

Spines of the Shadow Queen: Utilizing its vast stores of energy, the Suit forms for itself weapons dependent upon the wearer’s preferences. In Lysander’s case, this usually means a larger-than-average buster sword much like the one he trapped Gekimetsu’s soul in, as it was his main weapon for more than sixteen centuries and one of his personal favorites. However, the possibilities of weapons available to the wielder seem to be - from the extensive testing Lysander has put this capability through - limitless.

Stealth Capabilites: The main use of the suit, aside from being pretty damn effective armor, is stealth. The suit hides any energy signature the user might have from being seen or felt by enemies. As such, when wearing the suit the user is hidden from the metaphysical eyes of would-be combatants and attackers.

Energy Absorption: The Shadow Queen Set contains the potential for endless magic, which allows it to absorb energy of nearly any kind and repurpose it for various methods. In most cases, the energy is used to extend the capabilities of the suits inherent defenses or the attacking Spines. In Lysander’s case, however, the suit’s capacity for Endless Magic is instead used to fuel his own innate traits beyond their normal limitations - as well as keeping his physical body fully functional long past its natural usefulness would be exhausted.

Destroyed Energy and Cloning Systems: The opal uses the energy of stopped assaults or broken attempts at magic to fuel itself, which creates a seemingly endless cycle of power. However, when the opal takes on too much power it splits off and forms a perfect clone of the wielder - albeit a slight bit weaker than the original. The number of clones is untested, and their proper name is “Soul Jars”. The created “Soul Jars” are flesh and blood creatures, and think nearly the same as the original copy. They are not NPCs, and instead are simply exact copies of the user themselves.


So this is a little (ok completely) off topic from what you guys are talking about, but Guru's post just reminded me that I don't have a mentor. I'm supposed to have one, right? And if yes, is anyone still available?

I'll teach the boy!
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