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The name's Angel, "Rae", or "Marya", whichever seems fit, and I have been a roleplayer for four years. Born and raised among the Eastern timezone of the US, although my family roots are Polish, German, and Irish, it does explain why I mysteriously speak in European accents 😋

Anyway, I am an eighteen-and-a-half year-old Catholic, working/volunteering as a student aide for my school's guidance department. I have a fascination in Mental Psychology, Earth & Space Science, both World and American History, and even the Arts! Ironically, even though I am a graphic arts person with a very creative mind, I can't seem to draw my ideas on a piece of paper. 😋 Instead, I express my ideas through writing and graphic designing on my laptop or cellphone (which I use most of the time).

Sadly, I am diagnosed to have a rare mental condition called Aspergers Syndrome. When it comes to fandoms, I tend to get overly-obsessed with them whenever I happen to mention them, or think about them. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; when I lose interest in a story within play, I may highly recommend a new story that will keep me interested, so bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea that I don't know about. If it doesn't imply in any of my lists, I might not be swayed into any kind of idea you have in store, unfortunately.

Anyway, onto my Hobbies and Interests.....
I love Music very badly. Music is my life! It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it. Those include:
(Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, DA Games, etc.)
(Avril Lavigne, Blink-182, Bowling For Soup, Miley Cyrus)
(Lady Gaga, Kesha, Photronique, Katy Perry, etc.)
(Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Beyoncé, Ciara, etc.)
(Kid Rock, Florida Georgia Line)
(Epic Rap Battles of History, FalconShield, Noble Beast, Ladies of Rap)

Did I mention that I can sing and rap? I can do both, alright!
I have an account on which is an online karaoke station where you can sing with others or sing the song yourself.
This is my account if you want to listen to any of my songs. Only the favorites! Please "heart" and follow me!
My Rap Studio!

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One job. One simple job: watch the premises of the museum as a night guard. Everything was supposed to be still. Inanimate. Dead. Maybe it was a dream; maybe he was hallucinating. Whatever the case might be, they shouldn't be moving...or breathing.

Sitting on the bench, panting in exasperation within the diorama room, Larry Daley just needed to see something that was explainable, realistic. Heck, everything he was looking at, was alive. What kind of joke was it? Being chased upon by Huns, taunted by animals, and running away from a giant, frisky T-Rex skeleton. What was next? He already lost the "instructions", and his authority for control. After having darts being fired upon by the Mayan miniature exhibit, he laid his eyes upon the now-animated old Western diorama. What he didn't know, was a female face curiously looking back him. So small she was, Larry didn't know that he was being observed.

Annie Oakley has been to many museums before being transported here. Only this time, this was the first night she was even "alive". So, getting the feel of adapting was tough around here. Even though her fellow pioneer residents were already familiar with her, including their cowboy leader, Jedediah. He's obviously been here far longer than she was, and sadly, Annie could only get background info of her surroundings through him. Not that she wasn't happy doing so, but the cowboy had his own agenda: building the so-said "iron horse". Not to mention the other diorama right next to them. She liked Jed, yes; he was like an older brother to her. But there were some things where they begin to disagree over things, like there was no need for a war, or stopping progress with the railroad.

Walking near the edge of the exhibit, Annie was about to say something, but her fellow pioneers acted first: they had Larry being tripped over with their own lassos, landing right into the exhibit.

Full Name: Phoebe Ann "Annie" Moses
Nickname(s): Ann(e), Annie Oakley, Phoebe-Ann, Immortal Annie, The Western Girl, Princess of The West, Mrs. Oakley-Butler, Watanya Cicilla "Little Sure Shot"

Immediate Relatives:
• Jacob Moses (father)
• Susan Wise-Moses (mother)
• Francis "Frank" E. Butler (husband)
• Mary-Jane Moses (sister)
• Lydia Moses (sister)
• Elizabeth Moses (sister)
• Catherine Moses (sister)
• Sarah-Ellen Moses (sister)
• John-Henry Moses (brother)

Known For:
Her incredible feats of marksmanship in Western entertainment; being the key influence to the American cowgirl image; being a pioneer of sexual equality in marksmanship; being America's best-known female sharpshooter.

Hair Color: Dirty, Ombre Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Miniaturized Height: 0' 2"
Humanized Height: 5' 6"

Museum: National Cowgirl Museum in Texas (formerly); Garst Museum in Ohio (formerly); National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma (formerly); The Smithsonian in Washington DC (formerly); Museum of Natural History in New York (currently)
Location Within Current Museum: Old West Diorama in "The Hall of Miniatures"
Occupation(s): Trapper, Hunter, Author, Actress, Women's Rights Activist, Professional Markswoman, Exhibition Shooter

Portrayer: Isabel Lucas (Australian Actress & Activist)

"I'm not afraid to love a man, and I'm not afraid to shoot him either.”
“Aim, and hit it. Not on the first, the second, nor the third time. But keep on aiming and shooting, since practice will make you perfect.”
“God intended women to be outside like men. They do not know what they are missing when they stay cooped up in their house.”

Brief Background + Character Traits:
Though not exactly a product of the Wild West, Annie Oakley only became associated with the Western fold, after her "amazing talent" first came to light when she was only fifteen years old: she beat professional shooter, Frank E. Butler, in a shooting competition that rose her to fame as a renowned international star to royalty, and heads of the state.

Born in the year of 1860 within Ohio, Annie was the sixth-born out of nine children conceived by her parents. However, after her mother lost two in a miscarriage, Annie became the fifth out of the seven surviving children. Living in poverty, she, her five sisters, and one brother couldn't regularly attend school, or earn a proper education. However, at eight years old, right after her father's passing, Annie began working at the Darke County Infirmary, where she, in exchange, received an education, and developed the skill of sewing, while attending to the elderly, the orphaned, and the mentally ill. This experience aroused Annie’s lifelong compassion towards others, until she left at the age of fifteen.

Returning to her mother's home, Annie supported her by involving herself in trapping, shooting, and hunting wild game to sell at local shops and restaurants. She was so successful, she was able to repay the entire $200 mortgage on their family farm. During this time, Annie was approached and challenged by Irish exhibition shooter, Frank E. Butler, in a shooting competition to not miss twenty-five shots. In the end, he lost by one bullet. So entranced by the young twenty-two year-old Annie, Francis eventually courted and married her.

Professionally, for seventeen years, after taking on the stage name of "Oakley", Annie traveled west with Butler, and gave shooting exhibitions to entertain the public. She became so well-known, she became the top earner out of any performer on the Western fold. After impressing the most imposing and famous of individuals, like Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill, Queen Victoria, King Umberto I, and Kaiser Wilhelm II, she quickly became a national celebrity with her name being plastered across both America and Europe.

Aside for her deadeye ability to strike a target, Annie's inner strength helped her survive a difficult childhood, and while her strong integrity, dignity, and propriety served her well throughout her life, she quietly proved to be just as superior to most men in the shooting range. It was Annie's core personality, and combined talent, that captivated audiences, and brought her to stardom. She had a certain reserved elegance implicit in her posture, and she held a clever manipulation to her own image and modesty to make herself very appealing and likable. From her humble roots as Phoebe Ann Moses, to taking center stage as Annie Oakley, this remarkably dazzling folk heroine under the ten-gallon hat, was remembered to be one of America's greatest western legends and icons. So headstrong, Annie's determination was superhuman; as various targets were thrown in the air, she can use five different guns, and shoot every single one in ten seconds. Even better, she could shoot the end of a cigarette, split the edge of playing cards, and leave six holes in them from up to ninety feet away. Expert shooters then and now marvel at her abilities.
[center]Two 200x300 Pictures: One of face-claim; the other of outfit[/center]
Full Name:

Immediate Relatives:
[ list in bullets]

Known For:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Miniaturized Height:
Humanized Height:

Museums: (previous and currently)
Location Within Current Museum:


[center][i]Three Famous Quotes[/i][/center]

Brief Background + Character Traits:

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Mild Action Sequences | Mild Language/Rude Humor | Suggestive Material

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller), a forty year-old divorced father, is hired as a night guard at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. It may have the typical exhibits during the daytime, but there is more to the inanimate figurines when the sun sets: an ancient spell of the magical Egyptian tablet brings everything inside to life. From a huge, frisky T-Rex skeleton, to tiny, stubborn miniaturized people, this wasn't something for Larry to expect on his first night.

Two recently-added, miniaturized figurines (Isabel Lucas & Sandeepa Dhar) experience their first "living" night within an exhibition-feud between their two cultural-differing leaders: the sarcastic, true-at-heart cowboy Jedediah (Owen Wilson), and the theatrical Roman General Octavius (Steve Coogan). Unwilling to cooperate with each other, the leaders each hold extensive intentions of expanding their territories, and while constantly being at war, there seems to be no stopping them from creating further violence upon each other.

However, after the quartet discover a secret behind the source of their animation, their lives are suddenly changed: they change from being two inch miniatures, to five-foot humans; not only did they change themselves, but consequently, they've changed the entire museum into an age of Ancient Egypt. If the night couldn't get any worse: Pharaoh Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria) and his army of the museum's exhibits. Not to mention the quartet's doppelgängers! If they ever want to experience nightlife again, they will have to find a lot of common ground in this hilarious, action-packed adventure!
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