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Happy New Year, Everyone!
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I Have Returned To The East! Get Your Game On!
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26 Dec 2016 16:26
Humidity Can Be A B*tch Down South >:(
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It's Your Move!
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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


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The name's Angel, "Rae", or "Marya", whichever seems fit, and I have been a roleplayer for five or six years. Born and raised among the Eastern timezone of the US, although my family roots are Polish, German, and Irish, it does explain why I mysteriously speak in European accents 😋

Anyway, I am an eighteen-and-a-half year-old Catholic, working/volunteering as a student aide for my school's guidance department. I have a fascination in Mental Psychology, Earth & Space Science, both World and American History, and even the Arts! Ironically, even though I am a graphic arts person with a very creative mind, I can't seem to draw my ideas on a piece of paper. 😋 Instead, I express my ideas through writing and graphic designing on my laptop or cellphone (which I use most of the time).

Sadly, I am diagnosed to have a rare mental condition called Aspergers Syndrome. When it comes to fandoms, I tend to get overly-obsessed with them whenever I happen to mention them, or think about them. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; when I lose interest in a story within play, I may highly recommend a new story that will keep me interested, so bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea that I don't know about. If it doesn't imply in any of my lists, I might not be swayed into any kind of idea you have in store, unfortunately.

Anyway, onto my Hobbies and Interests.....
I love Music very badly. Music is my life(-line)! It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it. Those include:
(Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Fall Out Boy, DA Games, etc.)
(Avril Lavigne, Blink-182, Bowling For Soup, Miley Cyrus, etc.)
(Lady Gaga, Kesha, Alex Deluxe, Photronique, Katy Perry, etc.)
(Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, etc.)
(Kid Rock, Florida Georgia Line)
(Epic Rap Battles of History, FalconShield, Noble Beast, Ladies of Rap)

Did I mention that I can sing and rap? I can do both, alright!
I have an account on which is an online karaoke station where you can sing with others or sing the song yourself.
This is my account if you want to listen to any of my songs. Only the favorites! Please "heart" and follow me!
My Rap Studio!

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The she-elf had her luminous eyes closed, even where she heard Kili calling her name once more. She couldn't talk to him; not yet. The anger she felt will soon manifest into something dangerous, and for that, she had to keep herself isolated from her godsons. Remaining in the mountain, but kept her distance from them. She watched from above, as soon as the-elf noticed Kili enter the armory.

He's still making them look for it, she inwardly observed, when she took notice of Kili still looking around. Just watching. However, for him to fall to the floor, Saeril couldn't stay. Gracefully, she let go of the ceiling and glided down to the floor, crouching beside him, while her wings folded behind. She didn't allow them to turn into her cloak. Using the strength she had, she managed to easily pick her godson up, holding him close against her chest. One of her arms underneath him, and the other under his knees, tucking him close against her slim body. Standing up with ease, Saeril unraveled her wings, and flew to the quarters inside the mountain. It wasn't too far from the armory, and the she-elf was determined to allow Kili to get his rest. It was dusty within the bedroom, but with her flap of her feathers, she managed to blow that dust off the bed.

Tucking him in, Saeril didn't leave his side, not so much as flinch from the spot. Stroking his hair, and moving a few strands from his face, she sat in the spot next to his sleeping form. It was a big bed, and far from a royal bedroom. But the bed was big to take two partners. She will be here when he awakens, like she always did. And he loved for that.
Fili was, no doubt, tired from where he stood, but he kept up a good fight to stay awake. He was allowing Kili to go and, though temporarily, be free from the intimidating prescence of their uncle. No beast, no man, will hurt Kili in any way. All he could really give his brother was a slow smile, in a way to reassure him that his older brother will be okay. "Thank you", he said to Thorin, thankful that he could temporarily listen to reason on a short-term notice. He gave a tired smile to Kili, before he willingly turned around and contunue the search.

Saeril had herself clinging to the armory's ceiling; her finger-cuffs allowing her hang upside down with her wings stretches out. She was nearly preccupied with the thoughts of Thorin's behavior, her godson's current status. However, hearing the distressed call of Kili, she didn't move .
Vivienne narrowed her eyes once again, before that smile of hers made itself known. Watching them leave with Abigail, all the pirate could do was glance at the now deceased body of Elizabeth laying nearby. True, the pirate began to pity the girl for losing someone dearest to her, but now, once of the most fearsome of pirates had taken her as a prize. Like I'm afraid of some locker, she thought to herself with that smile remaining. But that one look to the lifeless body made her lose the act of carelessness. Captain Ned Low now had the New World's most expensive of riches; not to mention a person of an even higher class upon his vessel. She needed to get to Vane, all the way to Nassau. But first things first, she needed to find a way out of this bloody cell. It was going to be nearly dawn, and the longer she sat in there, Vivienne was up to the point of passing out in sleep upon the floor.
Vivienne's own smile faded, as soon as he did. Just a frown, once she noticed and heard the sound of a slap coming from Abigail. Did her new captor just hit her? The pirate lass' gaze only stared at the tall, masculine, and nearly beefy visitor before her; the bars of her cell seperating herself and them, the faint smile making itself known again. "My interest?", the brunette asked him rhetorically. "That girl?", she gestured to the direction where Abigail was held. "The gold?", she narrowed her eyes at him. It was like a up-close encounter with this guy. "Vane? He's around. Just not here", she simply responded nonchantedly, and surprisingly, darkly in a whisper.

Vivienne then suddenly snatched the front of his shirt, and pulled; so fast and strong, his face hit the steel bars between them. "Beware of the beast, my friend. You tell Captain Low that we'll see him soon", she warned him menacingly before finally letting her grip fall from his shirt.
Fili allowed his brother to leave, and seek their godmother out, but his heart also skipped a beat, as soon as he took notice of their uncle approaching them, more notably, Kili, who was just about to take his leave. His brotherly instincts were taking effect, and by the looks of Thorin's current status, he just couldn't leave his baby brother alone with him. It became more difficult that Saeril wasn't present. "Uncle", the blonde impulsively responded, really to fend him off from advancing upon his brother. He approached the two, and stood next to his brother, well, a few feet ahead of him, closer to Thorin. Their uncle was unpredictable now, so he had no idea what he was capable of yet. He only wished that they didn't have to experience it. "He's about to collapse. If he doesn't rest, the search for the stone will be ever more difficult. I will continue the search. I won't rest, but let him. As your heirs", the blonde was practically beginning to reason/beg. His brother was on the verge to fall from exhaustion, and rest was all he needed to continue their search. But this was a partial ruse to let his brother sneak away and find Delva. "Please, uncle".
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