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The Scavangers
Asikari, Adusa, and Aba were terrified when the lion pounced on they're hiding place, Adusa the most terrified.
"Thank you." Copi said. Kit was on Copi's shoulder. He made sure Copi hid her necklace. He noticed it was cracked. That was why Copi was weak. He jumped off Copi's shoulder, and ran to a closet, hoping what he was looking for, was there. He found it, opened it, and took a glob of it, for it was artifact clay. It helps restore artifacts. He ran back to Copi, and smudged it on her necklace when the person with cat ears wasn't looking.
Outlands Reporters
"Quiet!" Kc yelled, whispering. "If they haven't already, they could hide. We don't want to lose them." Kc walked in, slowly, trying to sniff them out. This didn't work, because the den smelled like them. She then heard a sound.

The Scavangers
The triple A's(Asikari, Adusa, and Aba) tried to be as quiet as they could when they heard a male lion yell. Just when they thought that they were safe, Adusa moved his paw, and stepped on a leaf. Asikari gave him "the face".
Kit saw the two people, so he started to pat Copi. She opened her eyes, and saw them, too. She stood up. She had cuts from the fall, and so did Kit, just not as bad.
"Hello," Copi said. "Um.., do you know where we can get bandages?" She laughed slightly.
Kit starts squeaking louder.
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