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In Woodgrove Castle 20 Jan 2017 13:12 Forum: Free Roleplay
Cyrus grove Enson, King of Woodgrove


King Cyrus was just about to yell as his son ran out of the castle but then he heard the drums. His eyes widened as he rushed to the window of the training hall and looked down to see an army with a flag with a black dragon on a red background. He then looked to see Levi in a fighting position and his beloved daughter and youngest son rushing after a night into the castle. He looked away from the window and looked to his son Avarice who asked who the army was. "No time, so just go and find your sister and little brother as to not get killed. I need to save Levi...and son I love you." He hugged Avarice and kissed him on the head as he did when Avarice was little. He backed up and handed him a sword that was also strapped to Cyrus' back. He turned and left the room hoping his family was safe.

Cyrus breaks into a sprint as he heads to the garden's to behold his son Levi and...Cyrus growled and took out his family's sword, the one that destroyed the Shadow Kingdom. "Levi! So help me if you don't listen to me you will die here!" Cyrus walked next to Levi as his eyes burned with rage no one could understand if they didn't have children. "Dante I swear to god if you hurt my children you will never walk again!" Cyrus hissed with poison in his voice as he said his name.
Catherine Lillasteen, the assassin


Catherine was silent and did not announce her self as the man asked for her name. When he left for the gardens she bolted down the hall and into her room. She quickly stripped and clothes herself with her suit. She slipped weapons into every crevice and pocket she could find and quickly took her black hood to cover her face leaving a few strand of hair to go out of the hood. The attack was way to soon, she through as she opened her window with a creak. She shimmied down the drain pipe on the side of the castle and landed on the ground with all fours. She quickly ran to the side of the castle and peered into the garden over a fence to see the King, Prince Levi, and the man she was stopped in the the hallway. The King then shouts the attackers name, Dante. So he was going to try and kill the king? She smiles under her hood and creaps up a tree to watch the action before jumping in on the action.


Edmond nodded and looked to Cecilia and James as their canoe swayed back and forth. They looked pretty safe, so maybe he was? Why do people even like this? Edmond thought as he freezes as water splashes on his hand. He quickly wipes his hand on his 'PianoMan' shirt. Edmond then turns his head and looks up to Helena. Can y-you help me up?..." Edmond managed to sit up into a comfortable position, but he couldn't shake the feeling of falling in so he stayed on the floor of the canoe. Helena then explained that boats rock some. "That seems right...I have never been on a boat before." Edmond said.
In Woodgrove Castle 20 Jan 2017 11:51 Forum: Free Roleplay
@Overlord24 it's fine! :)

Edmond nodded and turned to Helena. "We'll see through the summer how the counselors can help with are powers. So there's no rush." Edmond wasn't really worried about his powers much. He sorta just left it like that. Helena suddenly explained that it was easier if the first person got in. He was about to object and be a gentleman, but he then looked to the canoe with a question in his eyes as his face paled once again. "A-Alright...i'll g-go first. Edmond walked slowly to the canoe as it bounded on the waves. He gulped and ran his fingers through his hair. He takes in a sharp breath and moved his left leg to go over the boat. He managed to steady the canoe and quickly swung his right leg into the canoe. He falls in with a thump as the canoe slashes around making Edmond feel a bit uneasy. He moves his head over the side to see Helena. "H-Hele! Can y-you help m-me?" Edmond managed to say as he moved a little so she could get in as well.
In Woodgrove Castle 19 Jan 2017 2:32 Forum: Free Roleplay

I don't mean to be rude but your post with Dante didn't make sense. What didn't make sense was that Catherine was thinking about what Dante would do to the King. Catherine didn't say anything about Dante Killing the King so it be pretty silly if your character told some random maid he was going to kill the King.
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