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15 Feb 2017 18:05
Current I'm about ready to bash my head on the table. The kid next to me in this class doesn't know basic computer functions and oh my god I'm dying.
14 Feb 2017 19:11
I hate Valentine's Day. It reminds me that I'm so alone in the world and that a majority of my "friends" don't really care about me.
9 Feb 2017 20:42
My goal for weights class. Be able to get strong enough I can build and lift set pieces without dying.
9 Feb 2017 17:52
Spotify uninstalled all my music from my main playlist. I've resorted to the Hamilton Playlist
6 Feb 2017 4:08
I now realize that I have got some serious shipping issues....
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I'm the amazingly awesome (and insane) BOOKSMUSICANIME! I am a she so don't get confused 'bout that.

I'm a HUGE gamer.
That's all you should know.

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No one's interacted with Veronica and no one has interacted with Nikki and I don't wanna make a repetitive post with Veronica.
Annabeth's grey eyes looked right at Harley's face. "That would be the best option we have." She said putting her knife back into its sheath. "I'm Annabeth. Annabeth Chase." She stated, offering her hand for Harley to shake. If they were gonna be stuck together then they may as well know what each other's names are.
I suggest some cyclops monsters or some spider monsters.
Kat sent Noel a short glare as she took measured steps to join Anna in the pool. She didn't trust him as far as she could throw him and knowing her weak self it wouldn't be very far.

"T-Thank you...for being so nice to me. No one's ever really taken a chance to be so nice to me. 'Specially since my powers can be unpridictable." Heather mumbled, her eyes were still closed but her face was light pink.
"I'll be fine. I mean I don't chance walking to go open the door if someone were to knock." Comic said, giving Zorin a goofy, close-eyed smile.
Hey everyone I'm sorry I haven't made a post yet. I know exactly what I want to post but I'm so tired and drained that most of the time I just kinda go, "I'll reply here soon." I promise once I have some sort of motivation I'll make my post
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