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15 Feb 2017 18:05
Current I'm about ready to bash my head on the table. The kid next to me in this class doesn't know basic computer functions and oh my god I'm dying.
14 Feb 2017 19:11
I hate Valentine's Day. It reminds me that I'm so alone in the world and that a majority of my "friends" don't really care about me.
9 Feb 2017 20:42
My goal for weights class. Be able to get strong enough I can build and lift set pieces without dying.
9 Feb 2017 17:52
Spotify uninstalled all my music from my main playlist. I've resorted to the Hamilton Playlist
6 Feb 2017 4:08
I now realize that I have got some serious shipping issues....
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I'm the amazingly awesome (and insane) BOOKSMUSICANIME! I am a she so don't get confused 'bout that.

I'm a HUGE gamer.
That's all you should know.

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*starts chanting to summon the Magikarp*
"No I-I can cook!" Heather insisted, scrambling in her head to get herself to function. "I-I could make spaghetti with homemade sauce." She stuttered out, trying to hide her blush behind her hair.
Oh lordy! I'm so sorry for just vanishing. I got busy with finishing up the quarter and then we have family over right now so I've been spending time with them and such.

Soooo soooo sorry
I will summon the magikarp again.
Huh that's odd
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