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Student, RPer, videogame and anime fan, movie guy. Also memist, but that's par the course. In other words, your garden-variety nerd. Not much else to say, really.

Yeah, I'm a rather bogstandard individual, sue me.

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Master added.
I should have my Master ready soon, unexpected delays notwithstanding. That said, I have little clue how things will go.

I don't really expect Siegfried to be a very sought-after partner, anyway. He isn't as interesting an app as others here.

Truly, Sumanai.
EDIT: It was bothering me too much so I downloaded the mats and did a patch job on the translation of it. @Breo, check PMs.


...Tfw it's basically the vague S T O R Y bonus we expected as far as proper Skill descriptions go.

Meet Saber 2. Alas, I did not make an original one, but I wanted to write this guy, so...

You don't summon him for his Skills, but hey, his toys are pretty solid in return.

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