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28 Apr 2017 10:16
Current Got dragged into karaoke. Spent the night singing Backstreet Boys. I wanted it that way.
28 Apr 2017 2:10
I need some more 5e in my life :/
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27 Apr 2017 11:06
My Grandfather's in the hospital, again. Expect slower replies
26 Apr 2017 12:11
Late reply, but thanks for the writing tips @Everyone who helped!
25 Apr 2017 15:23
What is a good cure for Writer's Block?
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If you're here because I viewed you, I admittedly just like clicking people on the status bar randomly.

Call me Jerell.

17 / Leo

I like to play video games. I also am a fan of comics, action movies, and anime. Pretty geeky if you ask me.

My favorite genre is High Fantasy, although I also like other flavors of medieval fantasy, as well. Steam/clock/cyberpunk is cool too. Sci-Fi, well, it depends...

I also DM Dungeons and Dragons 5e and I'm always looking for players. Also down to play some DnD 5e myself.

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Interested. Might run a cleric of sorts.
As an aside, I'm not actually planning to make an Average One. Just getting a better grasp on how powerful our Masters could be.

Sorry for the doublepost
@Cu Chulainn That I don't believe so. Rin is in the top thirty mages in the association's history and she was born with that talent. You'd either need to be very old, or have done something big to get that sort of magical power. At most I believe two would be sufficient for a character. Three seems to be pushing into expert territory.

An elemental affinity basically dictates what element or elements your magic circuits are attuned to, and your affinity to an element is, in a way, affected by your origin. So for the most part, magi are born with said talent.

This is based on research and implying multiple sources into one undeestanding. Judging from this all, I don't think an affinity is gained from experience, but from having a knack for magecraft involving said element.
Yes you can a run of the mill mage. Waver wasn't anything to write home about.

By average one, I meant someone with all five affinities, Rin Tohsaka being an example.

"Those capable of manipulating all the five Elements receive the title of Average One and are very valued by the Mage’s Association."
Can Masters be Average Ones?
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