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@Ashevelendar Gotcha, but nevertheless I'll put them all in a group convo and see who are still available and want to play.

@Pyromaniacwolf Roughly speaking I dislike their high magic capabilities. I'd ask you to lower it to average. Diplomacy isn't that big of a weakness but I see how being carnivorous would be a good weakness for such a race! When a spot opens up for you (if ever) I'll give a more detailed opinion probably.

@Kangutso That's okay. I know you're still active so I won't autodrop you.

@everyone I'm starting work on the next post now. This means about 1-2 days remaining of the deadline depending on how beat I am after work. Any inactive players will be immediately purged without a 4 turn wait.
@Ashevelendar No need, this is my only "active" RP at the moment.

@Pyromaniacwolf Well, okay. Post a general draft, I'll tell ya what I think. Something tells me there'll be wolves, lol
Other than that, maybe a tiny bit jumping the gun yeah but if the holding list is basicly inactive members I guess it's not too far fetched.
Giving everyone who seem inactive a few more days to post, then I'll start replacing inactives with people from the holding-list.
It's a shame people sometimes don't say if they're going away.

@Kangutso; no probs, I'm at least glad you're letting me know you're still here!

@Ashevelendar; the holding-list is quite full. I'm keeping it at 10 max, so once it goes down to 9 I'll put you in nr 10 if you're still interested.

Currently waiting for:
- @Polybius
- @LordZell
- @Voltus_Ventus
@Cyclone What? :(

If anyone wants to dropout just say so and I'll just go down the waiting players. No need to kill this RP this early! :))
Where is everyone o:
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