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Come on lazypants, you didn't wait like 2 weeks for me to post to come with the excuse of "I haven't had the time" ;))))
(translation: pls post i luv u)
Np I'm still here. I think :D
@Lady Selune LOL
Well you can go and try it :D as for greek fire, it'd probably be a thing but since we don't really know how it was made it'd have to be discovered or something? I mean this -is- a fantasy so you could also try to go for some magicians.

@Cyclone Hahahaha BABBIES and FIRE. Better yet, ALCOHOL and fire. What could go wrong?

@Bright_Ops Druids are either blessed from a God(ess) of earth or nature, or they channel magic through life and nature and the earth itself. Shamans are either blessed from a God(ess) of the spiritual world or sight. Or shamans can channel their magic through the spirits of the departed or the very soul of the world (not nature itself). Think of it like... A shaman can peer into the future or see far distances by tapping into the cosmic winds that flow around the planet. Or they can talk to their ancestors (much easier if the ancestors were also of shamanistic beliefs and/or had a shaman aid in their burrial) to gain insight from the spiritrealm.

It's a bit like... Say, Warcraft druids and shamans. Although not as extreme in throwing bolts of moonfire, lightning or fire. That'd be extremely high levels of druidism/shamanism. Something the two have in common however is that they're both connected to the world either through the world's soul or nature. As such they can, at also very high levels, maybe even control the weather itself and/or shape/change the very world.

@Dogematix Glad to hear you weren't upset with me, hehe. I always try to include other events and/or happenings if it just ends up being a single paragraph from my side explaining how well your action turned out, but this time I was just too beat.
Turn 9 is live.

Also I see an error already but I CBA fixing it right now. Looking at your morale/growth, Cyclone. :^)
Turn 9

The Iceborn


The Maerinum

@Lady Selune

The Antari

@Murtox No post found. 3 turns until auto-dropout without word.

The Children of Artemon


Clan Oreborn

@Kangutso No post found. Ya know the drill.

The Lycan Covenant


The Orc-Grave Swamp Enclave


Kingdom of Morg'Talren

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