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Current Minor family emergency. Posts may be limited.
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I'm a special little bean! :3
26 Mar 2017 3:43
Might be absent this week, having a group of friends over for spring break!
13 Feb 2017 2:11
One day: "Man, no replies..." Few Days Later: 1,874,980 new replies!
27 Nov 2016 18:34
I wish you could advertise yourself as a roleplayer. Like "Hey! Looking for a role play and someone please love me..."



So, my name is Cherrywitch, but call me whatever! (Cherry, Cher, Cherry-kohai, it's pretty open.)

What's your personality?
I consider myself fairly laid back, and a lot of people like me for some reason. I'm highly sarcastic and well... Weird. I kid around a lot and love to play. I can be awkward and pretty confusing at times, but I'm very imaginative and friendly! However, I'm sort of a 'dandere.' I'm really shy, even virtually, so you kind of have to come to me first if you want to chat or something. Heh, sorry about that. ^^

What do you like?
Yes, I am a weeaboo and proud. I'm addicted to anime and especially love the comedy ones. I'm also a gamer chick, and my favorite video game is Mortal Kombat because it was the first I ever played. I also have a strange liking towards mythology, especially from Asia.

How are you roleplay-wise?
I am a fandom/fantasy role player for the most part, but will also play futuristic topics if they interest me or dark-themed modern roleplays.

I've been on other rp forums before, so I kind of know the ropes. I'd consider myself an average writer. I write at my worst about four sentences and at my best four paragraphs depending on my mood and what I'm given to respond to. My grammar could be better, but it's pretty decent in my opinion. I play both 1x1 and group, and I'm always open for new roleplays! If you're interested in me joining one, don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite... Maybe just a nibble. :3

Sadly, I can't be on too much, what with real life and all. If I do get on, it should be about 2 hours during school days and twice that on weekends.

(Yes this is my intro post. Did I forget to mention I'm incredibly lazy? Whoops.)

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@VitaVitaAR ... I... I guess not...?
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 23 Apr 2017 3:20 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Nice big post for ya guys as an apology for the wait! ^_^
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 23 Apr 2017 3:20 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Niflheim Sokolov

The Violet Reaper
Location: City W, Main Street
Interactions: @chukklehed@Archmage MC@Animal@FallenTrinity@Polaris North

As she watched the two heroines be swatted away like flies, a deep and annoyed huff left the Ukrainian woman. One of them had certainly done damage, which helped as a target, but otherwise they should have stepped aside.

Niflheim gave a slight jump of her shoulders as someone spoke to her out of nowhere, she turning her head quickly to see the speedster Flash Forward at her side. The chest, huh? That's what she was going to aim for anyhow, but she appreciated Flash's help.

The Violet Reaper turned back to the matter at hand and lowered her head as she glared at the giant, bringing her scythe just slightly behind her as the flames seemed to bubble around the blade. "Charge." Niflheim had been training a whole new set of skills that she was dying to try out, and this pest would be the perfect guinea pig. The only issue is it would take a minute or so to charge up...

Luckily, Flash was on the case. Watching him speed off, she gave a firm nod, and gripped the scythe tight. Just a little longer...

But, the Reaper's now hyper sensitive ears picked up something. A... howl?

Niflheim flung around, baring the pole of her scythe to just barely block foaming fangs from reaching her jugular. From the corner of her eye, she noticed one of the same beasts leaping for the giant. Were they wild? Either way, they had broken her concentration, and that pissed her off.

The woman's hair flicked in the air, the atmosphere around her boiling like lava. The blade of the scythe swung around at a blinding speed, knocking one from the pair of wolves off to the side. The second wolf would receive the blade in its scruff and under its shoulder, swiping it multiple feet into the air.

"Spin strike."

Next, the purple haired woman had joined the mutt in the air, bringing the scythe around and slamming it into the wolf's chest cavity. The scythe was swung in a circle twice before the wolf was flung into its companion on the ground, causing a small crater from the impact.

When she landed, even Niflheim seemed surprised. In training, that attack was never so powerful... it must be from that serum. Her golden eyes flicked to one of her gloved hands in awe as she raised it, as if she would be able to see the newfound strength radiating from her palm.

But, the wolves were up again, albeit dizzy and in pain from the blow. Niflheim clenched the fist she had been gazing at and spun away. She did not have time for this, there were bigger matters to deal with!

Ripping the long skirt from her belt to show the skort underneath, the now more free moving Reaper raced forward. Her speed, her senses, her strength, her durability— everything was so much more powerful and easier to control! It filled her with euphoria, of such freedom!

The Reaper raised her scythe and leaped into the air, bringing it around across the weak point of the giant's chest in full flame, ignoring whoever else was in the way.

Vivilyn Trainer

The Pumpkin Witch
Location: City W, atop building on Main Street
Interactions: @FallenTrinity

"... THATS IT! I can't sit here any longer! Cmon, Broomy, let's see what's taking so long."

In her lovely pink witch-styled outfit, Vivilyn sat sideways upon her sentient charmed broomstick and flew gently above the fight. Flames, electricity, blurs, and all just from a few people! Yeesh, no wonder she was only B-Rank.

But, something caught her eye. Most of the handful of people there were on the ground, fighting as they should be. But one bozo was walking away from the whole thing! The Pumpkin Witch wasn't any Guardian or Lightning Princess, but she didn't just leave! If you're going to show up, you oughta do something.

Who even was this guy? Vivilyn certainly didn't recognize him, but hell was she going to give him a piece of her mind.

The Witch swooped down onto the building, landing with a 'hup' behind him on the rooftop, leaving her closer to the edge.

"Hey, buddy, what are you doing here? Are you a hero, or what?" Vivilyn called out accusingly at Jayce, taken a few steps forward, arms crossed against her chest (or lack thereof.) "If you are, you aren't doing a very good job. Even I wouldn't show up to a fight just to leave. That's low."

Broomy floated nervously behind her. It was as if he could sense something off with this person...
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 23 Apr 2017 1:54 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Btw, I'm halfway done with my post for Reaper, but does anyone want interact with Pumpkin Witch before I put the post up tonight or tomorrow? Just so, you know, I don't have to make two separate posts?
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 22 Apr 2017 2:22 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Ah jeez, already! >_< alright, I'll have a post by Monday. Reaper will unleash her new skills, muahahaha.
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