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Current When someone asks you who your best friend is and you're like "what are these 'friends' you speak of?"
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One day: "Man, no replies..." Few Days Later: 1,874,980 new replies!
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I wish you could advertise yourself as a roleplayer. Like "Hey! Looking for a role play and someone please love me..."
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I'm so sorry, but moving is taking longer than expected. A few more days of little activity!



So, my name is Cherrywitch, but call me whatever! (Cherry, Cher, Cherry-kohai, it's pretty open.)

What's your personality?
I consider myself fairly laid back, and a lot of people like me for some reason. I'm highly sarcastic and well... Weird. I kid around a lot and love to play. I can be awkward and pretty confusing at times, but I'm very imaginative and friendly! However, I'm sort of a 'dandere.' I'm really shy, even virtually, so you kind of have to come to me first if you want to chat or something. Heh, sorry about that. ^^

What do you like?
Yes, I am a weeaboo and proud. I'm addicted to anime and especially love the comedy ones. I'm also a gamer chick, and my favorite video game is Mortal Kombat because it was the first I ever played. I also have a strange liking towards mythology, especially from Asia.

How are you roleplay-wise?
I am a fandom/fantasy role player for the most part, but will also play futuristic topics if they interest me or dark-themed modern roleplays.

I've been on other rp forums before, so I kind of know the ropes. I'd consider myself an average writer. I write at my worst about four sentences and at my best four paragraphs depending on my mood and what I'm given to respond to. My grammar could be better, but it's pretty decent in my opinion. I play both 1x1 and group, and I'm always open for new roleplays! If you're interested in me joining one, don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite... Maybe just a nibble. :3

Sadly, I can't be on too much, what with real life and all. If I do get on, it should be about 2 hours during school days and twice that on weekends.

(Yes this is my intro post. Did I forget to mention I'm incredibly lazy? Whoops.)

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@GarlandDaHero its cool, I've been buried under school work too until today. ^^" I feel your pain.
Niflheim Sokolov

The Violet Reaper
Location: Alleyway
Interactions: @FallenTrinity

Niflheim tensed. Should she trust him? Maybe his power merely seemed menacing. It wasn't right to judge something just by how it appears. Still, why did she feel so cold in it? It was practically radiating with evil. It just didn't make sense, why would others have experienced this at all? And if they did, where were they now? The thoughts made her shudder, and the questions made her head hurt.

But... this may be her only chance at becoming strong enough. She tries so hard, training until she practically faints but the improvement seems to be minuscule. This could help her, she could become truly powerful as an S-class. She could make a difference in the world.

Tentatively, Niflheim replaced the scythe upon her back and rolled up her sleeve to reveal plump blue veins in her arm. "... Alright. I don't mind the pain. Don't misuse my trust, it is very hard to get." And you still don't fully have it She thought. Violet Reaper turned her face away, not wanting to see what this 'injection' looked like. Hopefully it would be over soon.

Kaminari Hotaru

The Firefly Maiden

As she played her purifying spell on Heaven's Note, a strange boy ran up to her babbling about something relating to her exorcism powers. Hotaru was confused, making her song slower and weaker for a moment as she tried to understand.

Then, just like that he ran off, shouting to stop him if 'something went wrong.' Hotaru hadn't a clue what he meant, but figured it must not be something she had to worry about too much.

Her eyes shot up to the bear as a stuffed limb was sliced off, falling to the ground with a soft thud. From the open hole where the appendage once was stitched, a bug like shadow crawled out, swaying in the wind.


Heaven's Note was put sloppily back in her belt as she pulled another ofuda out. Hotaru had used so much energy already, an exorcism might... well, she couldn't worry about that now. She had to put every last drop of spiritual strength she had left into this talisman!

The priestess held it between her palms, whispering a prayer to the paper slip. A golden light emanated from her palm into the ofuda, the talisman itself beginning to glow bright like a ray of sunlight. She put the piece between her index and middle finger, the paper seeming to be made out of the heavenly light as her brown eyes focused on the creature. Hotaru waited patiently, so she would be able to accurately hit it.

"Evil spirit, I banish you back to the realm from which you came. Leave and do not return!"

Hotaru threw the talisman, it looking more like a glowing orb as it shot directly towards the shadowy bug, as if magnetized to the evil it harnessed. As soon as it touched the spirit, it would shine even brighter, almost blindingly as it attempted to banish the spirit.

In Comes the Mayor!

"What? What do you mean you let Charlie send the letters?! He's only been here for a week!!"

On his cellphone, a shorter, slightly chubby man went huffing down the halls.

"Does he even know who he sent it to? WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE HIT SEND ALL?!"

The man, circles under his eyes and flushed tired cheeks came to a stop outside his office.

"Susan, I'll call you back. I'm going in now."

As soon as his pudgy thumb hit the end call button and he whipped some sweat off his forehead, the Mayor jumped almost a foot off the ground as he heard crashes from inside his office. Hans' face paled, body twitching in shock.

"Oh, Dear God..."

The mayor slowly opened the doors, face lacking all emotion as he watched the chaos.

"Yeah? Well that means you can sit on it and spin!" Shouted Violet in response to Jayce's lovely mention of her mother. The gang leader didn't have time to reply to the cheerleader, too busy snarling at the feisty male.

The mayor's brown eyes followed the blur of a skinny boy being thrown across the room, who quickly crawled away into a corner after he promptly landed with his back on the floor after hitting the aggressive Jayce.

Then, spikes tore through the mayor's beloved office making his jaw drop in an inaudible scream.

"...The insurance doesn't cover shadowy mutant spikes, I don't believe..." He muttered weakly to himself.

The mayor stomped in, grabbing the second boy in Richard's hands and pulling him away.

"No throwing people!"

He whipped the tarot cards away, making Violet jolt up in her chair. "What the hell?!"

"No card reading! No cursing!"

He then went to Jayce, pulling the cigarette from his hand and snubbing it out on the floor.

"No smoking!"
"Jeez. Buzzkill."

The mayor, exhausted, plopped into his office chair and put his head in his hands with a quiet groan. He wasn't paid enough for this...

Finally, he managed to raise his head with a sigh to look at the group before him. A bunch of misfits, they were! Oh, he had a headache... Hans' dug into his drawer for aspirins, downing them without water and taking another deep sigh.

"...Alright then. My name is Mayor Stephen Hans. It's... a pleasure, to meet you all." The mayor took another glance around the room, stifling a wince. "If you read my letter, you know why I called you here. There is a great evil that is plaguing our city, and soon it could consume us. The Voodoo Man is someone controlling these recent outbursts of villains who are attacking citizens. The only way to fight them is with our own generation of mutants... "Generation X." You will all be paid for your services in protecting the city, but the only catch is.... you have to work together."

Unsurprisingly, Violet was the first one to jump from her seat and oppose this. "What? Hell no! Why should I have to work with Octopussy over there?!" She paused to point accusingly at Jayce. "Uh uh, fuck that." The white haired woman crossed her arms stubbornly.

"Well, then, you can leave. We need all of your collective powers, and that means working together. On your own, none of you can defeat Voodoo Man. You need each other."

Violet clicked her tongue in distaste.

"You will all have code names, so we won't call you by your real names in public. Here's the list." He put a stapled few papers together on the desk.

As the heroes flipped through to see their respective hero names, a call came through. The mayor answered.

"Hello? What, at Grove Park?! Oh no!"

Hans slammed the phone down, standing bolt upright from his chair. "Generation X! There's no time! A villain has appeared at the Barbecue Bash in Good Grove Park, there's children there! Please, you must hurry!"

Max's black eyes widened at the mention of children, and in a blink of the eye he disappeared. Teleporting as fast as he could to the park, his main goal was to get the citizens to safety.

"Eh? Already? Alright, I'll burn them to a crisp!!" Violet pounded her fist into her hand excitedly, going to the window and flashing a wink and a peace sign at the rest of the group. "See you guys there!" And off she went, rushing down towards the park.

Their first villain! Let's see if the heroes can handle it...

Go get him, Generation X!

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Okay, I believe that's everyone, so I'll start working on a post for the mayor and my characters. But it's just before spring break and I have tests, so don't expect it until, like, Friday or Saturday.
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