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"You must look within yourself to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self reveal itself." - Prince Zuko
20 Apr 2016 5:19
I think I might have a great way to keep these bots out of our land. #BuildAFireWall #MakeRoleplayerGuildGreatAgain


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Before I put together a big interest check and waste time writing out a nice OOC and whatnot, I'm curious to know if anyone would be interested in joining an RP based off the book series/TV show (The Magicians, in case you didn't read the title), more than likely set at Brakebills. However, including some Hedge stuff would be fine, too. I don't want to spread too thin, unless we end up with a larger group as that tends to lead to less interactions between people. As a warning, I have not read the books, so any GMing will be done with information from any wiki I can find as well as the show.

If we can get a group of at least 4 people, I'll more than happily write up something pretty and get us started.
@Emuxe *Pops in* Would like to say that this looks interesting, and that I am currently brainstorming a character for this. Some Q's:

What are society's views on cross-race relationships? If they happen/are possible, what is the result of the offspring? (Not necessarily wanting to make some cross-breed, just curious what a Fae-Treant would be like)

What is the extent of a Fae's affinity for magic? Is it typically just nature-based magic, or does it extend to other forms? What about Elves?

Under Nephilim's header, you specify that Humani are blessed by Raziel. Does that mean that humans are the only ones that are capable of being blessed?

Armor/weapons enchanted by a dwarf's runes. Is that restricted to only enhancing strength/protection, or can it have different enchantments? Like a sword of flaming, etc.?

I apologize for the probably unnecessary questions at this point. I am really interested in this, and see so many possibilities.
Natalya Ivanov

Location: Gymnasium
Interacting with: @Archmage MC Light

Natalya shuffled her feet in the silence following her "demonstration". It could have been worse. Now, everyone at least knows exactly what she is. That was the point of their little exercise, right? Sure, she couldn't make things disappear, but could she even handle such a dangerous power? As others stepped up to show off their ridiculously dangerous abilities, Natalya felt a sudden wave of relief. She would never have to worry about accidentally blowing up someone she loved. Or, in the case of their token robot, not even know what it feels like to love someone.

Perhaps her and Seven shared more than just a birthplace. It had been so long since Natalya felt love for another individual. When there are stronger emotions than love, they can often overpower an individual. Anger. Regret. Sadness. Shame. She wouldn't ever stop loving her brothers and her sister, but surely that love has been replaced over time. Her Dmitri and his beaming smile was no longer an image she recognized. Instead, it was replaced with a face of fear, of desperation. She couldn't help but imagine the questions that he was asking himself: Why did she leave me? Why isn't she here to protect me?

Because she ran.

Natalya felt a tear roll down her cheek. The mere thought of what she had done sent her emotions spiraling. In an attempt to control her emotions, she began to fidget with her arms. She needed a distraction. If her mind were to wander much more, she would end up in a ball on the ground.

"Hiya. Why are you so nervous?"

Natalya jumped as she felt someone touch her shoulder. She quickly wiped off her face and turned to greet the pale-faced girl, Light.

"Oh, I'm not nervous... Deep in thought, I guess you would say," she said. Her voice had broken slightly, even though Natalya had tried to conceal her emotions. Hopefully the girl didn't push the subject. All it would take is a second, and her voice would recover. This interaction was just what she needed. Someone who was genuinely happy.

"Light, yes? That is a pretty name. I meant to ask: In your dress, you have only bombs? Did the explosion not harm your face? Is a "toon" some form of alien?" She hadn't purposefully bombarded her with questions, but they had just sort of slipped out in a desperate attempt to distract the girl from her emotions that slowly faded from her face.
Natalya Ivanov

Location: Auditorium
Interacting with: Seven @CallsignCorsair - Quami @LokiLeo789

Natalya was thrown off-guard at the sound of her mother tongue. She would have taken the time to respond to the synthetic in her primary language, however her train of thought was lost as the crowd around her began to shuffle. Instead, she defaulted to the language she had been speaking for several years now: "Yes, that was a joke. I would much prefer to be called by my real name: Natalya." Their conversation, while potentially interesting, quickly died off as they were joined by others. The first to arrive was an extremely pale woman with blue hair. She showed a keen interest in both Seven and Natalya's... quirks... Along with the pale girl came another foreign looking boy, who had covered half of his face with some sort of eyepatch. Perhaps it had something to do with his "Metahuman-ness". Natalya could only dream of being able to cover up her hideous mutilations.

They were also joined by the young, extremely casual man who had challenged the delinquent earlier on in their introduction. His response of adding some color to their "unit" earned a chuckle out of Natalya. "That introduction gets points for uniqueness, I'll give you that," Natalya said, her accent ever-present. At this point, it would only be weird for her to try masking it.

"I suppose this is where everything gets interesting, showing each other our abilities," said the boy with the eyepatch.

Interesting was perhaps a bit too tame. Natalya would have preferred the word "disturbing" or "immoral". However, she was beginning to see a trend in these other Metahumans. From her extremely brief conversations, she had noticed that not many of them appeared to feel the same way as she did. In fact, it seemed to her that the majority of the Metahumans felt the opposite. The only logical conclusion she could come up with was that maybe they didn't all come to knowing their abilities in the same way she did. Perhaps, to some of them, the powers that they possessed truly were gifts. Unfortunately, these were the cards dealt to her, and there's no exchanging them.

Location: Gymnasium
Interacting with: The students in the Gym

Inside the gym, their professor, Constance had gone on about what they were supposed to do, how to behave, and pretty much every other boring topic she could think of. Natalya had tuned out for the majority of her speech, opting to just follow the lead of other, more responsible students instead. Fortunately, their professor hadn't called them up in any particular order to "demonstrate".

The extremely pale girl was the first to volunteer. She introduced herself as simply Light, stating that she was a "toon", whatever that meant. She demonstrated her rather strange ability by pulling out an active, circular bomb from inside her dress. The bomb went off with a small explosion right in the girl's face. Natalya was still stuck on the fact that she had pulled that object out of her... Dress? With a quite speech and a bow, Light left the spotlight and allowed another student to take her place. Natalya made a mental note to ask Light what exactly she could do, seeing as pulling bombs out of a dress couldn't possibly have been the extent of her powers.

Up next was the kid with the eyepatch. He introduced himself as Seong Jin Park from Korea. His powers were the ability to create illusions. After demonstrating it on a single student, Natalya was left entirely unimpressed. Perhaps it would have been more impressive if it were used on her. How could she know if his illusions even worked?

After Jin came yet another foreigner. Though, to Natalya most of these people were foreign. Naomi from Singapore, who could "convert matter to energy and back again". After watching her demonstration, Natalya was left quite dumbfounded. Perhaps it was her lack of education, but someone shouldn't be able to make something completely disappear with a simple finger touch. "See how easy that was? Now someone else try. Go go," Naomi said before leaving the center.

"Well, it's now or later, I guess. Better get this over with," Natalya said quietly as she made her way slowly to the center of the gym. "My name is Natalya... Ruslana... Ivanov," she hesitated slightly on her middle name, "and I'm from Moscow, Russia. I have these gross arm things. They kind of stretch out a little, and unsurprisingly smell like fish. Uh..." Natalya hadn't actually thought of what she was going to do in her demonstration. She looked around the gym for anything that she could use to demonstrate before settling on the ceiling above her. "Oh, I can climb pretty well with these."

Natalya quickly made her way to one side of the gym, where the walls were covered in posters and advertisements. She latched her left arm firmly onto the wall, followed by the other arm. She steadily made her way up the wall, leaving the posters covered in a slimy residue. She found the edge of the ceiling, where the weaving of rafters was now within arms reach. One arm after another, she swung through the entirety of the gym. It was quite a strain on her arms, but fortunately she would recover relatively quickly. After climbing back down the wall, she met back up with her peers.

"Oh yeah, I also have gills." Natalya pulled up the side of her shirt to reveal several thin slits along her ribcage. Natalya gave the crowd a quick, awkward bow and returned to her spot among the others.
Natalya Ivanov

Location: Powerbound Academy Auditorium
Interacting with: @Ashevelendar Alexis Hunter, @CallSignCorsair Seven

"I have a query: Why does that organic female wish to incite agitation from her superiors? What does that organic male exactly mean when he names her a 'bitch'?"

Natalya turned to face the voice directed at her. It's electronic origin nearly through her off, but then she realized where she was. It was simply another freakish non-human thing. Despite the significant height advantage that the android had, she felt incredibly relaxed in his... or its... presence. Perhaps she felt like the droid simply wasn't capable of judging her based on her mutilated body. Natalya couldn't help but let out a little giggle at his overly formal question. Before Natalya had a chance to respond to the android, the "bitch" in question decided to pipe up once more.

"Thingy. Why don't you let this organic deal with one idiot at a time ? This organic has no patience for idiots, " she said.

At this point, she seemed to have agitated many others in the crowd. Another girl had stepped into the fray and voiced her opinion, again siding with the majority.

"Poor girl; I think she just wanted to make friends. Doesn't look like it's working out so well, does it?" For the first time since she had arrived, she made her voice heard by more than just the lady at the front. Natalya tried to hold in her accent, but it somehow managed to slip out. It was probably for the best; her American accent was awful.

With the situation now diffused and the headmaster back on track, he finished answering any lingering questions. He told the students about the available clubs and what exactly the "STC" was. With the first part of their orientation concluded, the students were instructed to follow one of the professors outside to the gym, where they would show off whatever they could do.

"Well, looks like it's time to show the world just how weird we really are! Sounds like a blast. Would you care to join me... Robot guy? I'm sorry, but I don't know your name. You can call me 'Octopus lady' if you want. Or, 'The Kraken'. That's what the scared little children called me when they found me curled up under the bridge." Natalya forced a smile at the half-assed joke. Sure, she was called "The Kraken" several times, but more often than not it was by the newspapers speculating about the disturbance underneath the bridge. She had never actually scared any children. Well, never scared any children intentionally.
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