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28 Dec 2016 20:31
Current update: hand still broken, less so. will be back in a few weeks.
15 Dec 2016 19:17
broke hand, will be back.
12 Sep 2016 4:59
Like the cow of norse mythology feeds on the salty ice of Ginnungagap, so too do I feed off of salty rejected applicants.


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In From Sleep Awake 18 Jan 2017 1:53 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@POOHEAD189 A bit of both? Seeing as none of the countries are self-sufficient, I doubt they would have enough available resources to send young men away to learn tactics/ninja skillz/double sword bullshit. I'd prefer armies have interesting details about stuff they're willing or not willing to do, or perhaps a geographic strength or prevalence of a kind of formation or weapon than a division of "special" soldiers.
@Gutshot The former. I plan on having a little more text than the last iteration of Dungeons and Douchebags, so that the pace isn't so impossible and people are encouraged more to affect the plot instead of have their characters "experience" the same scene in a loop. If there's any interest in this sort of thing, I'm also thinking of using rolls to impact the plot (20s and 1s specifically) in a D&D way.
In From Sleep Awake 16 Jan 2017 18:40 Forum: Nation Roleplay
So, just a quick recap so I can get the final map right. If anybody else is thinking of bowing out, now would be the time.

Going left to right, the current Lyrian players are myself, @POOHEAD189, @Willy Vereb, @Golem, @Gowi, @ethanjory, @Terminal, and @6slyboy6.
And @TheSovereignGrave, kind of.

From top to bottom, the current Siktha players are @Aristo, @The Spectre, @Polybius, and @Monkeypants.

If anyone has problems with their map color/border/islands let me know. If you're not tagged and still interested in playing, write your sheet for a small island nation and if it's acceptable I'll add it to the map according to your sheet's climate.

Nobody is accepted yet because I can't judge your sheets if they're not there, and nobody's shown me a complete sheet. In any case, sheets are due January 22. They don't have to be complete, just complete enough that I understand your nation's schtick and see that you have interesting, original details. I'd rather accept an incomplete sheet with a section on their country's weird hand-shake ritual than a complete sheet of "They're Greek Russians."
In From Sleep Awake 15 Jan 2017 5:56 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@DarkspleenSad react

@Aristo So the two northernmost countries in Sikth are now open if you want something warmer.
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