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Like the cow of norse mythology feeds on the salty ice of Ginnungagap, so too do I feed off of salty rejected applicants.


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"Daga not need big words to speak truth.”


Daga'oxeraqu Encoqoja


• Daga
• Bloodfoot




Feet of The Hare
Daga is an extraordinarily fast runner. For a man who rejects all technology -- such as guns -- this comes in handy pretty often. Aside from his sheer speed, Daga is one of the most in-shape long distance runners you're likely to meet this side of the Mississippi Delta's remnants, and a skilled climber.

Hide of The Toad
Daga spends his days either gathering food or standing in the desert watching the patterns of sand falling out of his hands. All eccentricities aside, this demonstrates an individual with either an unnatural constitution or willpower, or in Daga's case, both. Aside from his ability to take a beating, this manifests itself in his uncomplaining attitude towards being caught in the elements, be it scorching heat or freezing rain.

Eye of The Crow
Among the Wandering Tribe, the occupation of a newborn babe is decided by The Great Spirit, who usually decides on Hunter for boys and Berry Picker for girls. When Daga was brought to the tent of the elders, the elders were told by The Great Spirit that Daga would be their tribe's next Shaman. As such, he was raised in the wilderness by the Shaman before him, and taught the skills of his people's mystics, which is referred to as "Spirit Sight"; Looking into a realm that is not ours.


Daga is odd, but not as odd as he seems. Many of his "strange ways" are the cultural norm for a shaman -- Sleeping outside, eating only sparse vegetation, and intensely meditating to see the future. He is the odd one out in nearly every situation, and as a result he tends to keep the lowest possible profile for a man wearing a hyena pelt, keeping to as few words as possible. Aside from the jokes others have at the strangeness of his ways, there is a visible shellshocked weariness to his face some quickly pick up on. He always seems as if he is only half-listening and half-aware, as if one ear is here and the other listens to the spirits. Aside from the additional distance this creates between himself and others, his language barrier presents another wall -- His knowledge of the English language is downright primitive, compared to the only shabby knowledge of his people's linguistics. This is another reason he tends to keep his words short.


Daga was born Encoqoja of the Wandering Tribe, where he remained for a year before being sent to live with the shaman Skyturtle. Ironically, his first name meant "Favored Son". Raised in the wilderness by a seasoned druid, Daga's early life involved foregoing a formal education, social interaction, and the close family dynamic of the Wandering Tribe in favor of spiritual training. When compared to the odds of achieving normalcy he was dealt, Daga seems almost ordinary. His teacher, for example, wore a dried gourd on his penis, mud all over his body, and a live turtle strapped to his back. Comparatively, Daga eats with his hands, listens to animals, and talks to trees. Some men in Blackfinger do stranger.

After being trained to his master's extent and going on a spiritual rite of passage where he earned his true name, Daga'oxeraqu, or Bloodfoot, he was allowed to leave the safety of his master's familiar cave into the world. In the tradition of his people, he is a wandering medicine man sworn to aid the wandering tribesmen he comes across in the form of blessings, vision guiding, and exorcisms. His travels have most recently lead him to Blackfinger in search of his stolen cactus seeds.


Healing Staff
A wooden stave with a few feathers and a small piece of deerskin stretched in the crook of two small branches. Daga claims it heals sicknesses.


Retrieving stolen goods from a local bandit.


Definitely interested, though I've got a few questions for different characters in mind.

1) With no machines to press thousands of pills a day, how far back has medicine gone? Is there still surgery? Are medical textbooks/unexpired medicine still used? Is losing a limb a death sentence or a segue into a cool Furiosa arm?

2) Do inner cities use old world drugs and alcohol, or is everyone shooting up newfangled apocalypse juice?

3) How mutated/different are the flora and fauna? Are we just dealing with hardy desert descendants or did mutation make things all alien?

4) How much of a common law is there?
@Lucian It's one of my favorites! I still follow Ralph Bakshi's facebook page, mostly because he treats it like a tumblr and shares cool gifs/samurai jack trailers/ebay posts for ralph bakshi stuff. Wizards and Adventure Time are the RP's biggest influences, arguably because they share a lot of themes. Gold and I are currently working on the base-work for worldbuilding, but if you're interested we could always use another creative mind and dispute tie-breaker.
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