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Current No idea why my Sonic the Hedgehog x George Harrison Yaoi RP interest check isn't getting traction.
12 Sep 2016 4:59
Like the cow of norse mythology feeds on the salty ice of Ginnungagap, so too do I feed off of salty rejected applicants.


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In From Sleep Awake 11 Jan 2017 3:57 Forum: Nation Roleplay
Tremendous WIP for a while. Here's some mountains.

@6slyboy6 Correct. Either one works for me, though the latter would be preferable if you have a place in mind and not a specific shape.
@Willy Vereb
By multicontinental, I didn't mean having islands across a channel, I meant going across the continents. There are no multicontinental nations because there are only two continents. There seems to be some confusion so let me reiterate these points.

• This world, like many others, has boats. They can be used to take you places like a horse does, but on water. Cool, right?

• The boats cannot, however, take you around the world so quickly that you can have territories around the world. I would say sorry, but Monkeypants seems pretty okay with that.

• You can get from one continent to the next. The easiest way is from the maroon land to the olive land. The second easiest is from the tan land to the moss green. That is because the distance is the shortest.

Also, I shrank your claim so I could add to the moss green nation's port. I'll fix it when I get home.

I wanted to get rid of as much of the unclaimed land as possible. If you'd prefer to keep your dudes as a relatively simple people, have their main cities/villages where you wanted them originally, and the rest of their land is "peasants" who don't pay taxes or necessarily identify with your culture, but still know/fear/obey your rulership.

Everything not colored is up for grabs.
Everyone's claim was real small, so I tweaked them. If anyone has any problems with their claim, let me know. Olive's mine!

Bad News: Roleplayerguild is being weird for me, and I can't so much as open the Nations RP forum.

Good News: The final sheet is not that different from the preview. Until I figure out how to post the OOC, here's the sheet.

Eastern continent is Lyria, Western continent is Sikth, the English language is Common, there are two moons.
That about covers the base worldbuilding.
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