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25 Aug 2016 0:38
Current If at first you don't succeed, crush it.
18 Jun 2016 2:47
Hugely cutting down on my RP load due to stress, general apathy, and restarting work on Monday. It's becoming too much of a chore.
16 Jun 2016 17:20
I return to work Monday after over six months of medical leave. This is going to be weird.
4 Apr 2016 3:13
Off getting surgery done April 4th. Wish me luck!
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4 Mar 2016 4:40
Is it a bad thing I'm thinking up character ideas before I even find a game for them? Inspiration is a fickle mistress.


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@Shoryu Magami It really depends on what kind of writing you're going for. What you're describing mainly applies to stuff like Arena, which I haven't really dabbled in since I was younger on another forum, but for a story driven game? Having the involved players talk among themselves and determine the outcome is usually the best solution. It keeps a fight scene from dragging out from a lot of repetitive back and forth and it can lead to an honest assessment of the character skills and their advantages and disadvantages. By walking through the scene and what would likely happen via PM or IM, you can streamline the process and make it into a collab that reads excellently and the outcome is unknown by the rest of the RP.

I'm experimenting with dice rolls for some mechanics and it has flaws, for sure, but so far, it's the only viable alternative to players having a gentleman's agreement about the outcome.

Again, I realize Arena is entirely a different beast that is entirely about two players writing out a fight and seeing who would win via a multitude of back and forth factors, but I'm just trying to illustrate that isn't a one size fits all solution because not all writing is the same.
So, that was a thing that just happened.

This games is turning into a dramedy out of the gate.

Its been good but the heat in summer is killing everyone around me XD It's so famn hot here, I'm glad I was born in the equator that humidity and heat doesn't bother me too much XD

Meanwhile in the land of the Wildlings, I had to drive through mountain roads in a whiteout condition blizzard today el oh el.

I'll swap with you. ;D
Hey gang, I am back to work after my surgery recovery period, so if it seems like I am ignoring the OOC, I'm not! Just being a productiveish member of society.

As for colour recommendations,

Why not this?

EDIT: Y'know, I was trying to do a colour that blended like a troll, but thst looks nice. I may steal that.

I will post after Fox and Roze do their thing :)

Also, I am starting a 2nd character sheet tonight. A bastard Spellsword and adventurer from High Rock.

<Snipped quote by POOHEAD189>


I suddenly want to see a stealth character with Tourette Syndrome.
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