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I probably should have responded to the rose mobs question. Seeing as your near R'lyeh you could have all the sea horrors come from there, the place is infested with them after all so some of them could escort her when/if she comes out to greet you. Also you should totally ignore​ the commentator, give in to your curiosity​ and embrace the madness within the sunken city.

or perhaps the most despicable beings in the known universe: anonymous 4chan users.

Location: Outside the abandoned castle
Interacting with: Fox McCloud@Etherean Fire, Gwendolyn and Brigan @Holy Soldier
Word Count: 1,095
Seed deployed: none

This was certainly going better, with their greater numbers the heros were making short work of most of the corrupt Valkyries, Naija had succeeded in healing team two’s wounded, delivered a blow to the surprisingly durable hat thief and thus giving Luigi an advantage and fox had cleared out the chasers with an impressive set of kicks. Actively looking behind her to avoid the valkyries attacks it was the first time she had actually gotten to see another hero fight and it showed her a world of combat techniques beyond projectile spam and ramming part of your body into a foe. Fox’s quick and deadly combos were incredibly impressive, everything in the ocean paled in comparison and that made Naija slightly worried that she wasn’t going to be able to fight in melee as effectively as her allies when she eventually remembered the relevant transformation tune.

”nice one Fox! You have got to teach me to fight like that some time”

She stopped now that there was no longer a need to escape or outpace someone, impressed by her stolen wings ability to keep flying without tiring all the way from the castle in the north and during the hot pursuit. She observed the battlefield once more, there were only 5 Valkyries left over from the 30 that had originally escorted the demon king. The battle was 11 vs 6. They could do this, they just had to find a way to hurt Odin and creatures that big always had some kind of weakness. Even if they could resist normal attacks there was always something in the environment or their attack patterns that left them vulnerable, exposing some kind of weak spot. So Naija hung back, watching their foe for any openings when the sapphire Valkyrie arrived demanding her identity and explanation for her armor at spear point.

Having not expected the threatening from someone she thought was with them she was totally unprepared for the spear jabbed in her face and didn’t really have anything she could do without being skewered, here CQC skills rather pathetic in her default form. At least she was asking questions first rather than skipping straight to stabbing, so naija raised her hands in surrender and tried to explain herself.

”uh hay. I'm Naija. I’m with them”

She carefully indicated to Luigi and the others.

”As for the wings I got them from an infected crow lady. The scientists of the council gave me this pre-infection medicine thing called a vaccine which stops you catching the virus. Or automatically cures you when you get it. I’m not entirely clear on the concept. I mean I threw up earlier but apart from that I’m pretty sure I’m fine. I hope. Actually speaking of I am not sure how contagious it is, maybe you should stay away from the plague birds”

Naija rambled before noticing two things about her interrogator. First the crown/tiara she was wearing and second the ring on her finger. Now there was nothing to say that it was The Ring but it would be good to find out if it was.

”Are you the princess we were sent here to help? The one with the ring for the cauldron?”

It was at this point, after he had been glaring at the fair Valkyries back as Naija yabbered on, that the generals chronic backstabbing disorder engaged and he made a grab for the woman he had just sworn fealty to.

”look out miss!”

Naijas defensive reflexes of ‘there is a giant dangerous thing trying to hit us: get away from it!’ kicked in and she reached past the spear and grabbed the princesses arm then furiously flapping her wings tried to drag herself and the princess up and out of the way of the reach of the big ugly brute. She would actively try and toss the princess out of Brigands reach if his arm got too close, trying to get her out the way at the expense of her own escape.

If they managed to get away she would yell down at him, her face red with rage.

”What the heck are you doing Brigan! You were with and talking to her just a moment ago, you even asked us all here to help protect her, what are you trying to punch her out of the sky for?”

Whether or not her pulling the princess up was successful it was going to be difficult for anyone to ignore Odin's new attack as he pulled off his helmet and devouring the life force of is fallen warriors. Here was the most obvious physical of the virus yet, the man's face twisted by foul magics, and the deformities only grew as he devoured his minions, his musculature swelling grossly underneath his armor. At least she assumed he was deformed, seeing as his daughter, the regal valkyrie she had tried to save, was quite beautiful.

In a way that was almost certainly coincidental he reminded her of Mithalas, god of the Mithalan, who had devoured his own children/worshipers and grown corrupt and monstrous as a result. A cursed being whom Naija had killed by dropping poison bloated mutates into his mouth when he tried to suck her into his ravenous maw to devour her whole. She wondered if this king had also been forced into his corruption by vile underlings as Mithalan’s priests had done, inducing their gods madness while seeking immortality. At any rate, the death of Mithalas might be the same as Odin, throw something dangerous into his vacuumous mouth. Hopefully either her allies had something like that or they could use one of the Valkyrie's magical flasks. Of course they could always just shoot the demon in the face now that he had foolishly removed his helmet but they might only have a short opportunity to do so, as now that he had devoured all the phozons he might don the helm once more.

She was going to communicate this, but then the world caught fire as Odin fired streams of fireballs out his eyes, that seemed to home in on the unfortunate heroes, burning their way towards them and the ground, igniting the battle field. The once calm forest was engulfed in flames of destruction, swirling and devouring the vegetation, consuming the wood as Odin had consumed his minions souls. For an aquatic lifeform fire was still new and terrifying, an untouchable wraith that destroyed all it’s lapping tendrils could reach. No matter where Naija had ended up, she was going to feel extremely threatened by the billowing soul birthed flames that threatened to consume the world and would try to get up and away from the fire into the relative safety of the open sky.
I have a super busy Saturday this week so I won't be starting writing till at least Saturday, so any delay in the npc creation won't be a problem.
No one can resist the charms of a Kitsune! Not even a fanatical soldier! Surrender to the Floof! Surrender, and all shall be well!

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