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level: 4
day/time: day 2 - morning
Location: Platform City - Tetris Castle Gardens
Interacting with:@LugubriousSlayer
Mentions: @Holy Soldier’s NPCs,@Bright_OpsLuigi

Naija had never been to a funeral before and felt rather out of place among the others who had known Mario personally, all dressed up in dark mourning attire and paying their respects to one of the greatest heroes to grace the land. She looked out of place too, her skin gray, her hair and scale made outfit the color of ash and her eyes a flat burning orange, a reflection of the energy that flowed through her veins instead of blood. Whatever mental block had restricted her knowledge of the song necessary to take Energy Form had vanished when the dawn had risen to greet this day of mourning. In a way it was convenient that she had a form the somewhat matched the black attire of the others, even if it made her look like a monster at the same time, because Naija did not have money to buy a suit and was not about to steal to get some.

The ceremony itself had been beautiful and somehow reminiscent of how things had gone on her adventures, learning so much about people after they were dead was par the course for Naija. The difference here was that she had briefly known the man who was being remembered. She managed to get lost in the music and speeches for a while, seeing so much life, a real civilization in the flesh, was enough to distract her for a while. Till the nagging guilt returned.

She sat some way near the back, letting the more deserving sit closer to the front as she stewed as she thought about the events of the previous day, her hands and wings occasionally faintly glowing with a power that rasoe and fell depending on what stage of grief she was currently cycling through. Her mood was not helped by her nervousness around so many people nor the… urges, that this form brought with it. She wanted to break something. Lots of things.

She thought of the debriefing, how Guile had berated Luigi for being to blame for his brothers death, how Luigi had raged back in retaliation about the backstabbing general. She had interjected that She was the one who had been put in-charge of that part of the mission, that Luigi had been on the other side of a mountain range following their contacts plan when Mario had fallen. Then team assignments had come and Naija was relieved to be relieved of command and instead put in the support group on her own. It was almost freeing, no one to command her, no one to command, just her and her wings swooping in to help those in need. She had been quite good at that in the mission itself.

As a distraction she decided too fill in the gaps of her knowledge of those who were left. She had traded words with Samus, Luigi, Hapu and Quina but not with the well dressed Slayer or the armored warrior James. Seeing as she could not see the latter at the moment she approached the soul of Dandy, politely coughing to get his attention as she hovered using her burning wings.

”Hay. Sorry to bother you but you looked like you were a bit like me: kind of feel out of place at this thing and unsure of what to do. That last bit might be me though, never been to one of these before. Never expected to go to one ever really, it's kind of thing I read about in the ruins of Aquaria and never expected to experience first hand. Also I thought it might be a good idea to get introduced to everyone I am going to be supporting now that we aren't rushing headlong into a fight. It’s Naija by the way, in-case this form confused you”
@Holy Soldier so I made that change to shield casting once every two rounds. is he good for approval? Also are you going to do a summons kind of thing like the first time round(though with our chars already in the city obviously) or do you want new chars to be volunteers or something else.

@Alphas when Taric is approved I will make a post with a slightly altered bar plan, with Taric in one just in view of the funeral for any chars who think it would be odd to attend the funeral itself to hang out with. They can come admire the view.

@Nerevarine Taric and knuckles should arm-wrestle
@DracoLunarisThe only thing I don't like is "1 cast per round." Because that's not a long enough cool down time especially when the second round is usually the response round.

fair point, I basically want to restrict it so I can only shield on target per volley of enemy attacks but still have it be common enough that i can move it around to use the other abilities or worrying if i should save this for a more deadly attack. because that is what the invulnerability spell is for. is once every 2 rounds better?

Yes! Every bit of yes! I've never even actually played League, but I fucking LOVE Taric! Also, you're now officially the resident support main. Lol.

Edit: I forgot to mention, but Fox will probably bring drink of his own... maybe. Haven't decideded yet.

Yup, at this rate bravo squad will be my own personal team I send out on missions to help the others or something

If fox is bringing drink then he and Naija and anyone who'd wan't to join could hang out in a corner of the funeral for a bit bing miserable so we catch the next weekend ending of the funeral scene. Because the other problem with being in a bar rather than a funeral is it's my idea, so i would have to write why Naija was there when she dos not know what a bar is. of have money to buy drinks with. I should get her that girl a dictionary and a part time job at some point.

Probably going to have to redo the tone of this one. or not. it depends. I am in that mood where I think making a drinking like a fish joke with Naija, a random pub and the funeral would amuse me no-matter how dumb that would be for the narrative. unless some other chars want to go to a bar instead of a big ceremony.

@Holy Soldier - char submition

@Holy Soldier

Naija will competing in the smash arena.
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