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13 Apr 2017 2:47
Current Without chaos there is no order, without order there is no chaos
12 Apr 2017 1:17
No more cookies, its already been figured out
12 Apr 2017 0:51
A cookie to whoever understands my title and picture


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In Gemstone Warriors 27 Apr 2017 11:27 Forum: Free Roleplay
Jarek slowed down a bit as Collin yelled out to him. Gem party? At least there's more than just me. But that doesn't rule out a trap. Jarek continued to walk, not sure about this blonde guy who had addressed him. The guy seemed too eccentric for all this cloak and dagger stuff. Curiosity and pure hope for answers was all that brought Jarek to this place.
In Gemstone Warriors 25 Apr 2017 3:26 Forum: Free Roleplay
Jarek had managed to get dropped off in front of the hospital like building. He disembarked from his transportation and made his way down the path as everyone else started to walk inside. I guess I'm not the only one to receive an invitation. Jarek continues down the walkway, eventually catching up to the others inside.
Lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, whatever tickles your fancy
Draconis continued walking down the street with the others, listening to the others, contributing when he can. From the sounds of it, Jydens other side still torments him even now and Argus could read minds? Or was it just Jydens mind? Before he could think any further on the subject, a girl with a familiar face nearly ran into them. He looked as she walked by seemingly forgetful of last night. "Hey, weren't you in the forest last night?" He says to her before she gets too far away.
Maybe an eclipse? I know it kinda involves the moon, but not in the usual sort of way...
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