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In Deep Ground Online 25 Mar 2017 8:11 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Moe's current outfit. Got short shorts underneath, because no one wants to see her boring panties.
In Deep Ground Online 25 Mar 2017 7:29 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Purple Heart Arcade

Huh? Who was this nosy goody-two shoes? Tilting her head upwards more, Moe’s first instinct was to shoot a death glare and tell that person to buzz off before they got a fist sandwich. Her magenta eyes softened, however, when it turned out that it was nothing but a blondie who was even more bored than Moe. After all, you had to be either hella desperate for friends or hella bored of life if you made it a thing to pick up randoms in arcades when you couldn’t even fuck them.

Oh, no, apparently, she was just happy she ‘won’ a cute plushie that probably cost more in change and effort than it took for the store to purchase from a warehouse. Amazing, and was she trying to show off how popular she was with boys, implying that she literally had no girlfriends to hang out with? Moe snorted, before peeling her face off from the machine.

“Yeah, you look like the type to have boys all over you,” the pink-haired girl remarked flatly, “and piss off all the other girls with your popularity. Don’t care enough though. The arcade’s giving me a headache now, so why the hell not?”

Hopping off her chair, Moe brushed a few strands of hair out of her face, before a cheeky, toothy smile emerged, one fist raised up to her new acquaintance. “Name’s Yumekawa Moe. Whisk me away, sweet prince. I hope your treasury is great enough for a princess-size meal!”

Free food always served as useful bait for the carnivorous being that was Moe, especially when her parents were both Spartan niggards.
In Deep Ground Online 25 Mar 2017 7:16 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Name: Moe Yumekawa
Age: 14
History: The Yumekawa family had always been about competition. Her father was merely a middling academic with an above average score in Deep Ground Online, but through vicious backdoor agreements and cutthroat business deals, Yumekawa Fitness is now one of the largest health and fitness corporations worldwide, filled with sweaty macho men getting swole and 40 year old housewives trying to burn off body fat. On the other side of the spectrum, Moe’s mother was a competitive kickboxer, only recently retiring due to injuries. With such strong-willed parents on both sides, Moe’s childhood was filled with both loud, violent arguments as well as loud, violent love-making scenes.

It became obvious to her at an early age that love was a war she didn’t want to get into, and though she did want to become a princess as a young girl, what she wanted more was to become a princess that could snatch away the prince from some random tramp on the streets.

As she got older, that interest in being a princess faded, but working out and practicing martial arts never did, and Moe went into Deep Ground Online as a small demon child, quickly joining up with the Scarlet Harleys because beating the shit out of real players was way more satisfying than exploding Dissolutions.

Sure, rising to the top was fun, but so was kicking others down.

Personality: Cheeky and aggressive, Moe’s primary personality point is her absolute lack of empathy and her love for simple answers. A friend has crippling depression due to bullying in school? Either suck it up or break a bat over those bullies’ heads. Her cousin wants relationship advice about a messy relationship? Stop dawdling about and fuck the dude already. She’s foul-mouthed and direct, never bothering to hide her intentions or hesitate when it comes to getting what she wants. After all, there’s just so many things to enjoy and so many things to work for. Lazing about is for losers and backpedallers.

A meathead brute in the form of a 14 year old girl, Moe has yet to fully deal with the suffering that is puberty and adolescence.

Avatar Class: Rogue - Ranger
Avatar Title: Mauve Night
Avatar Level: 3
Avatar Guild: Scarlet Harleys

Other: Currently uses a level appropriate hand gun, enchanted to increase accuracy.
In Deep Ground Online 25 Mar 2017 4:41 Forum: Casual Roleplay
And I'll post tonight, just to show off my superior speed.
Help? But it was definitely looking like the rest of the group had things settled down now. Hiraku almost felt a little sorry for the giant angry teddy bear, who had more or less been unable to do anything. Ensnared, set ablaze, punched, and then cut? The real monsters were truly the members of the Miura Youth Organization, and all things considered, the blue-haired youth already felt like he had done a good job. After all, he had alerted everyone to evacuate from the area that the teddy bear came from, talked all about what to do and what not to do (even though that was ignored), and TECHNICALLY kept Aoi from doing anything too reckless.

God knows what sort of hijinks she’d be trying to involve herself in if he wasn-

His yellow eyes blinked. What. She wanted to get somewhere high?


Hiraku knelt down on one knee, before patting his shoulders, motioning for her to sit on them.

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