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27 Mar 2017 2:04
Current rip necrodancer butt.
27 Mar 2017 1:54
I might finally change my avatar to a different butt. It's time to embrace 2B.
24 Mar 2017 18:35
The bitch is back. That's me. I'm the bitch.
20 Jan 2017 20:29
People being all "Oh god Trump" should stop that and be like "Oh god Trump's cabinet" because yo seriously.
16 Jan 2017 15:02
The Tales of Berseria demo is like the perfect summation of why those games are ass. Prolly still gonna play it tho cuz I'm also ass.
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Look, I got lost on the way to getting some jajangmyeon and it'd be foolish to leave now.

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But it's not "pandering" if a character just happens to be Black or gay, and if he has more traits to define his personality than just being from a certain demographic. So even though ME1 still has bad writing and is a game for poopooheads overall, no one is being hypocritical for "forgetting" the Black and butch-lesbo characters in the first game, while lambasting Andromeda for seemingly doing the same thing. The fact that you can't see the difference, @Dynamo Frokane, proves that you're approaching this debate at a laughably superficial level.

Having played a bit of Andromeda, the only real pandering is their laughably atrocious trans 'character'. Their token lesbian and gay crew members are less "HEY I LIKE THE MEN" than their attempt in ME3 but at this point they don't deserve medals for crossing the finish line well after the fact. But then, when a certain subset of people are desperate for any sort of representation they flock to it, like they did with Dragon Age Inquisition's trans character and one note flamboyantly gay character. Are there better options out there for people that care about representation? Yes. But not so much so in the AAA scene. BioWare has carved out a niche for themselves only now their diversity and representation is finally being shown for how shallow it actually has been.

Local Man Ruins Everything.
I'm more amazed by the fact that anyone thinks ME was ever good, and that 3 or Andromeda somehow defiled the series' glorious legacy or some shit.

Most of what @Fabricant451 says about the mechanics of horror is correct and all, but just because the Reapers are "unknowable" doesn't mean this was an artistic decision. Honestly BioWare's writers are so incompetent, it could just as easily be due to serendipity, not a conscious choice, that the antagonistic force of the story just happens to match up with some Lovecraftian tropes. Looking at how clumsy and awkward this passage is: ...

<Snipped quote>

How many times can one incompetent buffoon of a "writer" say the exact same fucking thing over and over, just in slightly different words? Well, five times per paragraph, apparently. Jesus Christ. This actually hurt to read. Never mind the fact that it's Telling instead of Showing us that the Reapers are "unknowable"; the prose is just fucking dreadful in so many ways.

To be fair, and it's not like it's going to change anything but still, in the game that speech is broken up after almost every sentence by the player. And a lot of the game is asking variations of the same thing instead of getting to the point. You know. For immersion or something.
I'm in.
Metacritic has its flaws, but I think it's safe to say that EA's board is not happy about this.

Then maybe they shouldn't have let an unproved roster of C-Team developers handle the development of a franchise so beloved.
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