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Haha, I'm still waiting for my response as well.
Hmm, this seems like something for me! I've been craving for some ecchi RP. I'm definitely fine in playing as the girl.

I'm interested in the vampire mistress one. Guardian angel is also good. Monster girl one is also good though I don't know about MGE or Monster Musume. Maybe I'll play a harpy. I'd like to hear what your preferences for monster girls are.
Victoria Luxemberg

Victoria looked at her new surroundings when she passed through the gate. It was quite similar to the big room she was in before, so this must be the IDEC base of this world. She noticed Youmu being given the black box the Entertainer talked about before. She decided to leave the object with her, as it just seemed to be a bothersome thing to carry around. The girl seemed to be the serious, responsible type so she shouldn't lose the thing.

Victoria followed the soldier outside, and when she was greeted by the sight of a lush jungle filled with the melodies of birds and bugs, she clasped her hands together on her chest and said, "My, how beautiful!" It reminded her of her old home, and if it were to have a beautiful shining lake in the middle, then it would just be like the forest they Undines lived in.

The soldier explained that the world's name was Razelia. He also gave some directions, whether to go to the capital or the port town. She had no idea which one she should choose so she turned towards the swordswoman, smiled, and said, "Well, where do you think we should go, Youmu-chan~?" She couldn't help adding the suffix as the girl was simply a cute, short little thing.

Lilac de Blanc

Lilac was glad to hear her partner's positive response to her request. It seemed she and him shared the love for privacy. And she certainly preferred a quiet roommate over a bolsterous one.

Soon enough, they arrived at their room, numbered 235. It was quite spacious, and Lilac was pleased by how everything was. For how expensive the academy was, according to the masses, they clearly gave the students the high-class treatment they deserved.

She listened well to the explanation of the dorm rules given by the volunteer. She made sure to pay attention even though it was quite similar to the rules laid out to her back in the first year. Still the same curfew hour. She had to remember to not forget the time when she did her nightly visits to the library.

And then, she was handed the elective class sheet that she had to fill, to decide which two classes she wanted to attend. She looked at the list and her expression quickly turned into that of annoyance. There wasn't any particular class she felt like she wanted to attend. If she had the choice to not take any of them, she certainly would. She was only here to study magic after all. She didn't care about anything else.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Marth expressed his desire to join the monster hunting class. She frowned even more when she realized her partner wanted to attend the most physically demanding, tiring class out of the list. Did he think she look like the type that would like to run around, chasing after monsters?

Turning to look at him, she replied, "No." with a flat tone, as if the matter was unnegotiable. "As you can see, my body isn't exactly the strongest, and I'll just make a fool out of myself if I apply for that class. I'm not really fond of the other classes as well but at least they won't tire me as much. I probably will just take music and painting since they seem to be the most suitable for me."

Lilac de Blanc

The two druids then started the ceremony. As they ordered, Lilac held her hand above a pedestal, with her hand over her familiar's. Then, the druids began chanting some words she did not understand. She figured it must be some sort of ancient tongue, something that already existed, unchanged, since the first sacramentum was performed. And then, as they finished, she felt a tingling sensation on the back of her hand, as the seal of sacramentum formed on her skin.

She looked at it closely. She wasn't the kind of person who was fond of tattoos, but she had to admit that the seal was quite well-designed in the aesthetic department.

With this, she was now officially a mage.

"Well then," she looked at his familiar, still with that impassionate and cool gaze of hers, "I suppose we now go to our dormitory room now."

Like the others, two volunteers offered to carry their bags and luggages to their room, which Lilac was certainly thankful for. She could finally be free of that annoying physical task her body wasn't suited for.

As they walked, at first Lilac stayed silent. But then, she decided to use the opportunity to lay out some ground rules with her partner.

"As you well know, our two rooms will be side by side with a sliding wall separating them. We will share the bathroom. So, since I am a girl and you are a boy, I have to insist that you do not open the wall before knocking first. Same with the bathroom. Of course, I will do the same as well."

She said this with her stern voice, but she couldn't help to blush a little from the topic she was discussing. She was always shy about this matter. Back in the first year, she had to share the showers with other girls. And even though they were all of the same gender, she was still shy of showing her skin in front of them. It didn't help that they thought she was really cute and they loved to touch her soft and gentle skin while they were showering. For Lilac who never had any close contact with others, it was a nightmare of embarrassment.

So now with only one other person to share her room with, she hoped that she could finally get back to the leisure bathing time she was fond of when she was still living in her parents' house.

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