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Freyja Leden

"Very well then, I'll leave him to you," Freyja replied back. She couldn't help but smile a little at Brock's horrified expression. It was something she was quite familiar with, as new students would certainly be unfamiliar with how the doctor was. She was a great doctor indeed, even if she looked like something out of a horror movie.

"Now that's over..."

Freyja looked back and saw that there was a game of dice going on, with Akiko being one of the participants. She hoped she wasn't gambling anything with that, and she doubted that she was the kind of person that had the aptitude to being a good gambler. Speaking frankly, she was too hot-headed. Gambling was a game of tricks, where being predictable could cost you the game.

Well, it wasn't really her business. There was no rule that said that students weren't allowed to gamble. And so, she decided to just return to her office. It had been quite tiring after all.

Victoria Luxemberg

Victoria noticed right away the skull burning with a green fire sent by her by the now-pissed off lady. Green fire was certainly something peculiar, as normal flames were usually red or blue if they were hot enough. So she decided not to show off by dousing it. Instead, she shattered herself into multiple puddles of water once more, letting the skull through harmlessly. The wall behind her however became the victim, as it melted and crumbled once the skull made contact with it.

Victoria noticed Youmu having her own battle with the lady's companion. She wanted to help her but it seemed the ghost girl was the type of person who wouldn't appreciate her duels being interrupted by outside help. Besides, she had her own fight to pay attention too, as the lady was now chanting another incantation. A glowing green line appeared where she stood.

A barrier? Or maybe an attack spell instead? Victoria didn't know as she had no idea how the magic of this world worked. So the only thing she could do was staying in her liquid form, ready to scatter if the lady sent another spell at her. She should observe her first until she saw an opening she could exploit.

Freyja was visibly annoyed with Brock's response to her chastisement. And so, when she replied with "You didn't even aim it at her! You aimed it at the ninja! It wasn't self defense!", she did so with a scowl on her face. At times like these, she wished she had Mako's abilities to put fear in her students.

And speaking of Mako, she would be perfect to handle him, she thought. He seemed to be the kind of student who didn't really give any respect to his teachers. Mako should be able to break that ego of his a little.

Suddenly, he jerked his hand off of her grasp, before firing another heat wave towards Akiko. Luckily, it simply fizzled away, thanks to his weakened state.

OF course, this made Freyja even angrier.

"Freyja, if your intent is to mete out punishments, I suggest keeping those two separate for now. Mako can deal with the girl. Given his outburst, I'll take the boy myself later."

She was about to give Brock some more tongue lashing before Daler interrupted her telephatically. It seemed he offered himself to deal with the boy, while the girl could go to Mako.

"Very well, I shall entrust him to you," she replied back by just thinking about it, knowing that Daler would be listening to her thoughts.

She was then interrupted by another teacher, this time it was Dr. Maxwell. He expressed his displeasure that she had stopped the fight when it was just getting to the good part.

She couldn't believe this guy. He really put forward his research over the wellbeing of the students, it seemed.

"We've already seen enough," she replied back via her own small microphone. "And you will have more chances to observe them in detail once they have their classes. No need to take a risk by allowing them to battle freely, especially when they just arrived and they still didn't have good control of their abilities."

After that, Asa rushed to the field and announced that the match was over. Freyja sighed. The entire thing seemed to have ended in a failure.

...Or not, as one of the students came forward and showed the flag on her hand. She had sneaked by and stole the flag while everyone else was focused on the incident.

Freyja immediately put both of her hands to stifle her giggle, which soon turned into a laugh. She simply couldn't help herself. She found the situation really funny as it came out of the left field. She had caught her off guard entirely.

"A-apologies," she said once she regained her composure, coughing a little to put her dignified look as a teacher back, "I too did not notice you stealing the flag. Let this be a proof that not every fight is about who's stronger. Anyone can be clever enough to put the stronger opponent at a disadvantage even though they're weaker themselves."

She smiled at the girl. As an architect, she had a firm belief that brains trump over brawns and she was glad that she had proven it to everyone present. And she was even happier when she saw her pupil Ryuuto approaching her and introducing himself to her. He also saw the worth of her cleverness, it seemed.

"Alright Asa -- who's been hurt, and are they hurt enough to need immediate intervention or can I go back to bed?"

Freyja turned around to see that Alexis had made her entrance. As usual, she was an odd one, but she was the best healer that she ever knew. Knowing how often fights broke out in the institute, a person with skills like her was an absolute necessity for sure. Asa explained to her about Brock's wound. She glanced at the boy, noticing his horrified expression. She couldn't help but to smile a little at that.

Metel Illuvahyn

Metel certainly didn't saw the blond man's response to the kiss coming. If she had, she would've stopped the punch for sure. Quickly, she came to the old man who was now lying down on the floor, She crouched in front of him and asked, "Are you alright, sir?" while giving her hand to help him get up. Unbeknownst to her, she was giving him a nice view of her black panties as she did so, thanks to how short her skirt was.

Before the old man could take her up on her offer however, she heard a gunshot being fired from behind her. She reflectively turned around to see the orc falling down to the ground also, with a little bullet mark on the floor beside him. She heard from the centaur that it was the inquisitor girl who did it, and now she had left the guild to go Goddess knew where. She said to the orc that she intended to chase her as she really wanted to give her a piece of her mind for her attitude. However, the orc, after standing in his feet once again, said that there was no need for that, as he considered her leaving a victory already.

"I agree with him," Metel said, interrupting their conversation. "I don't see you getting through her for sure." She turned to the centaur. "You just have to avoid that kind of person and stop troubling yourself with her attitude. No one is wounded and she has left so this is the best outcome." She explained her reasoning.

Her opinion was somewhat backed up by another woman who just arrived, a swordswoman of sorts judging by the large blade she was carrying. She really said her piece in a philosophical way though, catching her off guard. Most adventurers weren't like her for sure.

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Well, Freyja herself didn't have any martial art training as well.

But she compensated by having the threat of microscopic bombs sticking into your fist if you punch her.
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