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22 Feb 2017 0:42
Current Also, we should be celebration 62 months of sobriety for Amy Winehouse.
16 Feb 2017 6:24
Thanks for the nightmare, Scumbag Brain.
12 Feb 2017 16:39
@Spud - You should be find so long as you have underwear or shorts on underneath. Can't speak for specific law in your jurisdiction, however.
7 Feb 2017 3:24
It'd be kind of cool to have a sanity meter, and see what fills and drains it.
5 Feb 2017 16:54
Not sure why Adsense advertises Jimmy John's when there isn't one in ordering distance.
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Real join date; May of 2009.

Retired from modship. Not going anywhere.

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Trello does not seem to be currently functioning. Apparently private.

I can't make the board public without making it searchable, and I'm not in the mood for randoms showing up to vandalize it. I have to add people by e-mail.

Edit: Invite link now posted on Discord.
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