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27 Dec 2016 20:28
Current RIP Carrie Fisher.
8 Oct 2016 7:29
Congratulations to the people that told the person talking about suicide to end it. The guild has hit a new low tonight.
3 Oct 2016 23:17
Getting my night in the quarter started. Boozing up.
3 Oct 2016 21:49
New Orleans is definitely the right place for me. It is sleazy and seedy, but it's a grand old dame.
6 Aug 2016 2:22
Messed up day. Stopped a dude from assaulting a kid though. #Baltimore


Real join date; May of 2009.

Retired from modship. Not going anywhere.

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In Spiritum 17 Jan 2017 11:39 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Been busy. Want to get something moving, but also super busy/super tired as work s getting intense right now.
Hey I promised a sheet in a week time but I have been ambushed by take-to-home work. Is this going on somewhere?

I was just thinking that. I don't think so. I mean, we had a couple people interested, but I don't think we can sustain.
And now I'm off on Mechwarrior Online, a side of Minecraft and a lot of a rather racy game that I probably won't mention unless further poked about >.>

MWO was my crack for a year, but now I'm content to wait for Battletech to come out. Actually, I'm a backer on kickstarter. MWO is just...I honestly was done when the Warhammer came out and it basically sucked.
In Nom De Guerre 13 Jan 2017 11:33 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Cool. I need to find pics, and I'm terrible at it.

I do have a profile on Martin Bergfalk, but I am not sure I want to post it rather than have it go through on the narrative. I needed to specify how and when he massacred Jews and how he got wealthy, which actually wasn't hard to put together.

I am hoping to get some posts up this weekend, and this is on that hit parade.
It sounds sort of like a group dropbox, but a little more organized I guess, but not so much as a whole forum.

Way more organized than a group dropbox. You'll see. It's a bulletin board.
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