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I am a very fun bubbly person that loves green day, alternative rock, criminal minds, my little pony (mostly the older gen but the new one is fine) love Panic! At The Disco with all of my heart I like to say random things like fish or cows. I am always looking for new friends and I can guaranty I will be a great friend even if I don't know you that well. my email is if you need to contact me in any circumstances and it can be in an email and/or chat on google. Dank memes, that is all

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@Alisdragon911hmmm, ill find somebody to (*singing*leannn onnnn) bump into.
@Alisdragon911 Who did we bump into? Is this decided yet?
@Alisdragon911 Jessica, violin in hand, followed Maori until they both bumped into the first person that got in their way.
"Oh, hello, do you know where we can find any instruments?"
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@LordofthePies Fantabulous
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Name: Lillian Porter
Gender: Female
Age: 27

She is 5’4
Not seen in photo: Black jeans and brown laced boots that go up to her knees.
Powers: Fire manipulation/Fire summoning
Backstory: Lillian was born to Jackie Rivers and Austin Porter, real estate agents. However, when she was fifteen her mother died of an epileptic stroke. Her dad, distraught over his wife's death knew he couldn’t take care of her and give her a healthy childhood without help. So they moved Lillian's grandmother in. However, Lillian's grandmother was a witch. And some of the boys at school were not keen on the emo culture that Lillian had been used to for years. What was grandma's solution to stopping bullies? Give her fire powers without her consent of course! While the spell did give her awesome burning tree tattoos on her arms it also gave her control over fire as well as being able to summon it.

Other: She knows how to use average defense weapons, (like police grade pistols and a combat knife she's not Chuck Norris).
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