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I am a very fun bubbly person that loves green day, alternative rock, criminal minds, my little pony (mostly the older gen but the new one is fine) love Panic! At The Disco with all of my heart I like to say random things like fish or cows. I am always looking for new friends and I can guaranty I will be a great friend even if I don't know you that well. my email is if you need to contact me in any circumstances and it can be in an email and/or chat on google. Dank memes, that is all

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Name: Johnny Black
Nickname: Jack
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Powers/Skills: Levitation
Species: Human

He is average height
Crush: Gosh golly I just got here
Relationship: Only With Himself Sweetheart
Personality: Arrogant, Flamboyant, Theatrical,
Likes: pop punk music and rock music, cards, Hats.
Dislikes: Rap Music, spicy foods, people touching his hair or hat.
History(optional): Worked in a circus until they realized he didn't use strings in his act and he was actually levitating them.
Other: There is no limitation on what he can levitate but he refrains from lifting anything larger than an elephant as he will get a headache.
Sexual orientation: Gay
@Overlord24 I'm so hyped for roomies.
(Jessica hoping that she will have enough poster space)
Jessica smiled after the cat owner said she could pet the cat who seemed to be named Soji as the car pulled up to the school. As she grabbed her stuff and shuffled out of the car with the other children. When she got out of the car she was greeted with a beautiful victorian house (Her freaking favorite type of house) as well as a loud, theatrical, welcoming comity. So she walked with the group and waited to be given a room.
She just hoped that she had enough space to hang her posters.
this is my character

I am working on a character right now and I would like to join with him if that would be alright.
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