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Ruler, Church Interior

@Beloss@Cu Chulainn

To say that, after the previous night's events, Ruler was not troubled would be an understatement. Given what he had learned of, the war's administrator had been racking his brain throughout the night for an answer as to how to better investigate this.

...granted, the first step towards that would be to deal with that freak and make sure that the man who had killed a Servant wasn't one of its. He resolved himself to do so while the sun was above the horizon today.

Well, at any rate, the second day of the war had come, and with it, a new visitor to the church. The presence of a Servant, an Archer, was something Ruler was of course privy to not merely as a Servant but as a member of the Ruler class. As such, it took little time before the door opened, revealing the Servant who had been assigned with keeping the peace. His eyes flitted from Alex to Odysseus, nodding slightly before he cracked a slight grin.

"Welcome to the house of God, Master and Servant of the Holy Grail War. Servant Ruler, the pleasure is mine."

Time for that song and dance again.
"Hmm. That Crest has to have something in it, don't you think? Well, even if it doesn't, his specs are good enough to where we can outfit him just fine."

The kidnapped magus laid still, his mind suspended in darkness and his body immobile save for the rising and falling of his chest with each passing second.

"Ah, he looks like he's in pain. Don't worry, don't worry, you're safe now. All of your suffering, all of your tragedy, I'll take it. But...for now, you'll have to bear with me. For everyone's sake, I have some things I need to do before that."

Bright, bright, bright. Myriad colors flowed together in the air, an aurora made manifest upon the ground. A hand was set down upon the Magic Crest of the Cartisius as that light cleaved the night apart.

"...And thus I pray, that all tragedies will end."


The Sun peered above the edge of sight once more, bringing light back onto the city. After the dragonslayer had defeated a demon, after a Master had been stolen away into the night, after a Servant had been struck down by an unknown force, all things returned to the light of day.

And so, the war continues.
Something came up on my end, so the time lapse is postponed until the morning.


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