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I'm not going to be so mean as to kill off a character after they've made exactly one post without any mercy.

While this encounter can be a fatal one if played incorrectly, I'm sure you'll come out of it fine. Given the enemy's situation and orders, this isn't an especially deadly situation.
Tohsaka Manor
???, Abandoned House

It was only reasonable.

Four locations. One controlled by the overseer who represented neutrality, one which stood in public view. As a result, the remaining two could be called the only fallen leylines worth pursuing.

Had Lorelei not considered it, or had she simply been confident that her abilities would be enough to cope? It had been fortunate that she was not even a step closer to the house than she had been at the time of the summoning ritual; were this the case, then those countless Bounded Fields that wreathed the house would have surely cut her off from the world's magical energy.

Ah, regardless, regardless, orders had been given. "Do not attack until the Servant is summoned". "Do not launch an attack on the nodes of the Spiritual Core". No, while his Master was certainly confident in his abilities, there was no such thing as an omnipotent Servant. A Holy Grail War was one in which the dragon-slayer would fight the one who killed a demon king, where the hero beloved by the gods would fight one who slaughtered gods.

In that sense, shooting to kill at the first opportunity might seem to be optimal, or even attempting to kill the Master before the summoning ritual was completed in order to "hijack" it for one's own gain, but those sorts of ideas were counterproductive to his and his Master's goals. While the Servants did need to die in due time, it was far better if...

Ah, that's not important right now.

The Rider-class Servant who had been summoned here would notice it immediately upon being summoned, and as Lorelei Baggett's Marks of the Chosen condensed into Command Seals, she too would notice as she felt them burn.

A Master and a Servant.

The harsh twang of a bowstring rang out as "something" streaked out from within the house, poised squarely at Rostam. Space seemed to bend around it as it flew at a speed that seemed patently ridiculous even by the standards of a Servant; as if it was made of light, the travel time between the arrow being released and it reaching Rostam was so minute that, even to a Servant, it may as well have been zero.

That single arrow sang as it sliced through the air, intent on taking Rostam's life.

@Beloss @Holy Grail
Alrighty, so now that we have representatives from each class, we'll get into the nitty-gritty of things. Namely, those who have approved unpartnered Masters (@Player 2 @GreenGoat @Yukitamas @Breo) should say who you'd most like to partner with and see if the feeling's mutual; if you're waiting on a particular app or none of the current Servants interest you though, just say.

I will say though that, if you're indifferent between a few Servants, to give some preference to Servants by those who only have Servant apps, namely Emperor Norton, Hugues de Payens, and Yukimura Sanada, as that way everyone has a chance to participate.

If you want to just be randomly assigned via dice roll, let me know and I'll work that out for those who want to leave things to chance. It can always be fun to do that, but I won't force it on people unless need be.

At this time, one Caster and one Berserker slot are still open for those who do not have an approved Servant, and we have an entire seven Master slots, so if you haven't applied a Master yet and would be open to doing so, please consider it.

With that all said, the war's now officially underway. If you have any concerns or questions from hereon out, don't hesitate to ask, and have fun.
I'll say that the abandoned house would, in another world, be known as the Tohsaka estate. That was intended to be pretty obvious given the map and the fact that it's one of the fallen leylines and all.

As for what the timeline looks like, make conjecture to your heart's desire.
A map of Fuyuki with some rough landmarks has been added to the OP.

The IC starter has been made. Approved characters can be posted with at this time. Unpartnered Masters can be posted with, but keep in mind the dangers of doing so.

Out of consideration to those who are still in the application process or are waiting for a full roster before they begin partnering, plot developments and the time shift to day two will of course not happen until a suitable point.

Good luck, all.

Try not to die too quickly, will you?
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