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@hatakekuro all amaya knws is after nolan's and jpshua's team match nlan has had fan girls none stop
Rose YashiaRyu and Raiden Yashia

@joshua tamashii
"We might as well cause after all how long has it been since we been able to enjoy a event such as this. I remember the last time I was at a event like this was when we were last partnered up years ago"said rose with a smile before she looked around before she noticed the moving boulder of muscle moving through the crowd [color=salmon]"I see father made it. I am surprised he is actually dressed up."[/Colorsaid rose

"Have I ever told you why I hate things like this. First off ,I have yet to find a tailor that can make me a tux that Actually fits and will not rip with every movement I do but I did find a nice robe tailor that I believe did a good job"said raiden when he got near his daughter and granddaughter. He was for the most part taller then most the guests and more built for sure.

"Honestly, I probably would be better off back in my robes then this tux. I see not point in it nor do I care for the restrictions of movement"said ryu seeming to come out of no where as he stood next to rose with his arms folded

"I am just happy and surprised you both came to this function and actually look good and don't worry ryu I am sure lucus agrees he hates restricting clothing"said Rose keeping a eye on Elyse,more making sure she didn't leave the ballroom out of the blue.

Amaya VanIsis And Cecilia

@joshua tamashii@Lugubrious

Amaya looked around when a familiar smell of dust hit her nose before she saw who the smell belonged to with a big smile "I am very happy the other female of Powder keg is actually here. "Now all we need is Lucas and Nolan with his newest Exceed partner and my newest partner"said Amaya sweetly before nodding. She was kinda in the same boat as Floe with not wanting to be in crowds. "We don't mind if you tag along...Oh this is Joshua Tamashii, he is part of our guild. I have been hanging and doing missions with him when team powder keg is god knows where cause our ash slayer is too popular with girls or for his old team anymore...oh I need to see if Nolan brought Dalton. I want to see if the exceeds know eachother"said Amaya first talking to Floe before her mins did it's usual trailing off on to a side track of thought.
Exactly rose left in more unusual standards as she examines to lucus when they meet since he and those of the rider's blade were once part of a dark guild
<Snipped quote by Lunarlors34>

Riona while not a fire wizard disguises her magic since she can alter how it looks, to appear as fire based magic. Hence why Riona states her magic is Rainbow Fire, instead of what it actually is. It's a way to hide bits of her past life in case anyone might know who she is by what her magic looked like when she was in a dark guild.

You do realize rose was part of a dark guild and loves to keep her other side I mean magic use to a very tiny minimum and even made her own family believe she died and she even killed her mom but she is meh when it comes to fake guilds as they are nothing but annoyance to her magic

Rose Yashia

@joshua tamashii
"Alright Alright hun we will go.."Said rose accepting elyse's hand as she smiled happy to see elyse so excited about this ball as she followed lucus getting in the cab.

Once they wereat the ball she nodded and replied back to Elyse's exciting remmarks about everything. She enjoyed events like this every now and then because hey they were not the normal everyday thing and she wasnt the type to always dress up.. it was good to have a change ever ynow and then. "I do not sense my brother or father near by so I am guessing they are not here yet" she added looking around not seeing many of the guilds here just yet.

Amaya VanIsis And Cecilia

@joshua tamashii

[color=skyblue]"Maybe but this is just one night and this night is not about me or anything"said amaya blushing at the compliment beore she nodded taking his hand as she let joshua lead the way and into the cab.

She looked around at their surroundings
[color=skyblue]"truely beautiful"/color]said amaya
"and hey its free food and should be yummy enough since i heard the royal family is suppose to be here which you can exxpect the council to be here as well"she said as cecilia crawled out of her bag floating to the ood table as she wasnt going to wait on eating as she didnt plan on dancing
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