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Rose YashiaRyu and Raiden Yashia

@joshua tamashii

"just be yourself and considerate of her. She doesn't trust new people easily"
"Alright, alright I get it" said ryu sighing " no I do not want a babysitter nor do I need one so if I catch you following I will come after yousaid ryu causing a light laugh from Rose and a chuckle from Raiden "it's so cute how offensive you seem about wanting to do this yourself...I promise you WON'T catch me following you" said rose

"I am serious about this don't follow me" he said flustered
"Ryu go talk to her I will make sure rose doesn't do anything to embrace you and your crush" raiden said having a hars time to keeping a straight face as ryu left to go see Amelia.

It was easy for Ryu to move through the crowd over to the same table as her as he looked at the food "you kinda look you wanna talk?"he asked

Amaya VanIsis And Cecilia

@joshua tamashii@Lugubrious@hatakekuro

"Yes I haven't meet anyone else from team powder keg other then Flew just now. I am so happy to finally meet you amaya spoke of you on more how adorable you are..I am guessing your the mascot for the team now ."said Cecelia

"Oh have I been saying it wrong. I am sorry I never have a issue with names on anyone. So it's fleo, fleo,fleo,fleo,fleo"said amaya repeating the name so she can make sure it was correct


How's everyone here doing so far?

Getting random internet disconnections and dealing with three kids crawling all over me to see my phone while waiting for a response
Waiting for a post about Dalton
Rose YashiaRyu and Raiden Yashia

@joshua tamashii
"ryu was hitting on Amelia earlier"said rose as ryu looked around before answering "I was making friends not hitting on her alrigut" he said
[Color=salmon]" let me give you a tip alright. Amelia is a celestial type mage her wings aren't for decoration, her wings hold some very powerful spirits that will destroy you with she wishes it in a if you want to get to know her here's your tip don't tick her or her guild leader parents off if you wish to actually grow old"she said

" I know I saw her matches and unlike you and dad I don't have the over bearing anger that comes out of the blue of you both."

you don't know how to talk to her without somewhat scaring her" rose replied
Raiden laughed at lucus's reply "luckily Rose put the fear in nearly any male that wanted to even be a friend or boyfriend I never had to worry. If Elyse happened to bear the Yashia attitude and strength in won't have to worry about that* he replied before seeing Elyse talking with another girl "You need to keep close watch of any flare of emotion that comes from Elyse cause she might not have your or her mother's known magic but her emotions could tie into some sort of magic...that is how Rose's started to pop up suddenly after a bird she was caring for was accidentally killed by a neighbor kid. I seen her mother move the shadows but I never knew rose could even make a so called "imaginary friend till I saw the eyes in those was actually scary..Rose wasn't much old then Elyse at that time. So you need to keep close watch over Elyse's emotions...I pray she doesn't grow the temper like her Mom" Raiden added

Amaya VanIsis And Cecilia

@joshua tamashii@Lugubrious@hatakekuro

"Dalton! There is my adorable fluffy ball of adorableness...How is Nolan...oh that reminds me...Dalton I want you to meet someone I think you might a friend.. Cecilia," said amaya looking around as she saw the female exceed originally occupied with her saucer of fish she had grabbed. She was currently sitting on Joshua's shoulder taking her time enjoying her fish.

The exceeds ears twitched when Amaya's call snapped her out of her happy place. She soon saw Dalton as she nearly dropped the n saucer. "Oh my god...your right amaya there is another one"she exclaimed happily as she jumped off Joshua's shoulder landing next to Dalton "Hi I'm Cecelia...I'm Amaya's partner...she told me about you."she said happily.

"Oh Floe...this is Cecilia. She said she was in the desert near that battle we all had with that s rank rouge wizard. Our first mission with all of us there."said Amaya
@hatakekuro all amaya knws is after nolan's and jpshua's team match nlan has had fan girls none stop
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