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Hunter sheathed his pistols, reluctantly agreeing with the girl. He followed her, still soaked in blood. Stopping by the marines corpse, he grabbed the man's pistol and placed it in his free holster. Again he rubbed his hand through his hair, the blood clumping parts together to look akin to demon horns.
Picking up a sword from another dead guard, he began using it as a cane. Clink, Clink, Clink, the sound went, as he walked after the marine girl.
In the low light inside the prison, he now looked more demon than man. The shadows added to sharpening his more sinister features, and the smell of freshly spilled blood seemed to envelope the air around him. Stepping forward, he gave an overtly polite bow to his captain. His new weapon was hungering for some new blood.
"And who might ye be, walking along with the cap'n?" Hunter casually asked, wiping his blade on his coat which seemed to give it a red sheen.
All those who worship the false Emperor shall be eradicated from this galaxy. He who is not of Daenizen blood cannot claim to channel the spirit of the almighty Xythaen, praise be unto him, and as such could never hope to rule the his children.
@6slyboy6 Edited my stuff to make the Dreadnoughts smaller, and the planet as just a planet.
Yeah... I used 40k logic for my nation.
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